Şubat 2, 2021

A Teacher’s Tryst Ch. 04

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Saturday morning I wake up groggy forgetting for a moment where I am but then I feel your cock pressed firmly against my now naked buttocks as you didn’t want any clothing separating you from me even if it was only a thin layer. My memory slowly returns. I thought it was a dream but I smile at the fact that you indeed did agree to spend the weekend with me and begin our affair. You had given me so much prior to meeting. Your words encouraged me to open up and explore my sexual fantasies but by joining me this weekend you’ve started to make them more than just fantasies, you’ve brought them to life.

I vaguely remember you saying something to me as I fell asleep and stripping me of the bustier and thong I had been wearing. I push my ass against you rubbing gently but eagerly, my pussy already coming alive at the feel of your hard prick. Juices begin to coat not only my walls in expectation but the shaft of your cock as well. You stir ever so slightly at the touch but continue to sleep behind me, your arm draped over my hip. I reach down to my cunt and start to rub as I rock my hips along your shaft bringing memories of our night together to aide in my first orgasm of the day. I know you’ll be disappointed at me for not waking you but I just can’t bring myself to disturb you.

As I reach climax and soak the sheets you stir grabbing my hips firmly. “You thought I wouldn’t notice you teasing my cock? You naughty girl. Maybe I won’t fuck you today since you don’t seem to need me.” You growl into my ear.

I protest and apologize trying to turn to face you but you hold me in place. You wrap an arm around me and with your other arm you grab your cock firmly at the base positioning it at my dripping hole.

“You didn’t want this? You want to satisfy yourself without it? You’d rather have your fingers inside you than my cock?”

“No. I’m sorry, I want it. I want you inside me. I need it. Please.” I implore as I try to push myself onto the head but you deny me of the pleasure I seek.

“No. I don’t think you do. I think you’d rather me leave.” You torment me with your words and I know you’re looking for me to tell you just how much I need your cock. To tell you what I want you to do next.

“Baby. I need your cock inside me. I need to feel it stretch me open. I need to feel my walls tighten and then release as I adjust to your cock. I want you. Please. Please. Please fuck me.” As I say this I reach around to your ass digging in my nails slightly to encourage you to push your head inside and fill the void I have. I’m trying desperately to let you know this is what I want, what I need. “Bill, I want you to make love to me.”

These last set of words touch you. The other requests were just that but this. This is more. You loosen your grip and your cock although still hard falls away from my pussy. You allow me to turn to face you and you can see the sincerity in my eyes. You refuse to look away and a hand goes to my cheek as you gently rub it with your thumb. “Baby what did you say?”

“I said I want you to make love to me.” I repeat. “I want you to know how much I care about you. How much I need you. Yes your cock is wonderful but it’s you I want.” My eyes are welling with tears and some start to stream down my face. I hope it shows you how much you mean to me.

You can’t take it and you scoop me into your arms holding me tight. “Oh Alexis please don’t cry baby. I never meant to hurt you. I would never mean to do something like that. I didn’t mean it when I said I would walk out. I won’t be the one to leave. As long as you want me I will stay.” You whisper as you kiss my forehead and I continue to sob into your shoulder.

“Bbbbut you sounded so serious.” I stammer. “I can’t lose you. I just can’t.”

You continue to rock and kiss me, stroking my back with your hand. It’s not sexual but so intimate and I wrap my arms tighter around you not willing to break free just yet.

This is not how I had envisioned our morning to start and I hope it doesn’t damper our day. I tell you such and you lift my chin so I’m looking into your eyes.

“Alexis it’s fine. I’m sorry I made you think I would leave but this in no way makes me think less of you. I have no plans on going anywhere. casino şirketleri What we’ve shared prior to meeting and last night have meant a great deal to me and I’m not ready for it to end. As I said, as long as you want me I will stay. Please don’t worry.” With this you add, “Would you like me to make love to you now to show you I’m not leaving?” You say it with an upbeat tone and I know you mean every word you say. You have no intentions of leaving or ending our affair.

“Yes please.” I whimper. “Please make love to me Bill.”

It is completely different from last night’s events. Instead of the powerful man you were then, you are reserved and let me take the lead waiting for my instructions to make sure I’m satisfied. Asking me to lie on my back, you start by kissing me gently your lips soft and warm on mine but pushing them open slightly to allow our tongues to entwine. I moan softly to let you know I enjoy your kiss and I start to rub my hands over your back coming up to cross in a loose hug around the back of your neck. My hands are only there a minute before you separate from our kiss to start trailing a kiss along my jaw toward my neck, the first of many erogenous zones you plan to stimulate. I gasp and let you know what pleasure you’re bringing me. “Oh yes. Mmmm.” I tilt my head back allowing my eyes to close momentarily. Who knew a simple kiss on the neck could drive me wild?

You travel further south toward my breasts and as you kiss you ask “Do you like this baby? Does it feel good?”

I break free from my euphoria to look at you as you look up at me, your chin lightly resting on my chest. “Yes. I love your kisses. They’re so gentle. My breasts are sensitive and when you kiss and squeeze them it sends electricity straight to my pussy. Please play with them.”

It’s all the reassurance you need and you continue to fondle and caress my breasts taking your time on each one. The attention you give to them is remarkable. If there was an award I could give you I would. I run my hands through your hair and gently massage in a similar fashion to the way you are massaging my breast. Subtly I’m trying to send signals that you’re making the right moves although I’m sure you don’t need them. You obviously know what you’re doing and it shows as my pussy has been responding by creating and leaking juices since you started kissing me.

Satisfied with the oral attention you’ve given my breasts you again start your descent lower kissing my stomach and reaching my hip bones. You’r hands continue to linger on my breasts squeezing my nipples slightly and I verbally praise your work. “Mmmm yes Bill just like that. I love when you squeeze my nipples like that. Not too hard, not too soft. The perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. Mmmm yes don’t stop.”

You’ve reached my inner thighs now and the heat from your mouth and the coolness of the room leaves me in goosebumps. I’m trying not to lift my hips and rush you as this is the best feeling I’ve had in my life but my pussy has different plans. A moan escapes my mouth but it seems pained and you stop your advances. “What’s wrong baby? Do you want me to stop?”

“No please don’t stop. It feels too good. My pussy is ready for you is all.” I reach down and show you by spreading the lips of my cunt and you can see the sheen of cum already coating my entrance. “See baby. You haven’t even touched it and it wants you. See what you do to me? My body craves you. It needs you you and your touch. Please make love to me. Let me feel your cock inside me.” I need you to see just how much my body desires and responds to your touch.

As I say these words, I’ve locked eyes with you and again you see the mixture of pleasure and pain. You can see my insecurities that you’ll leave and you need me to know it just isn’t so. You come back to my lips and kiss them gently again. “I’m going to make love to you.” You say as our lips break free and with that you position your cock at my entrance.

I can feel the head pressing at the opening of my pussy and I inhale expecting you to enter but you don’t. Our eyes are locked and you start to tease me moving your cock over my clit several times. I bite my lower lip and press my nails into your back showing you casino firmaları I’m ready, imploring you to enter me. As you draw your cock back across my clit and it returns to the entrance of my cunt you say “I love you” and you slowly take me. My pussy resists at first even though it’s dripping wet and expectant. I whimper slightly but tell you to keep going. You pause slightly, so I encourage you on.

“Baby it’s okay. Please put it in me. It only hurts a little. I want to feel all of you. I need it. I want you inside me.”

As I’m talking you’ve slowly pushed the length of your cock inside me until you hit the back of my walls. You stay like this for a moment looking into my eyes and with your arms lying on either side of me, your palms cupping my face you lean in to kiss me so passionately it takes my breath away.

“Wow” is all I can utter as you pull your lips off mine and once again you say “I love you.”

My walls release their grip on your cock with those three small words. I believe you as I look into your eyes and say “I love you too.” I mean every word. You have bewitched me mind, body, and soul, as Mister Darcy from Jane Austen’s book Sense and Sensibility (one of my favorite literary novels) so eloquently stated. It’s true. You could ask anything of me and I would comply happily.

You start your exit pulling out slowly but leaving the head still inside my warm pussy. “Are you ready?” You ask.

I nod but you don’t move and I know you’re looking for a verbal answer. “Yes, I’m ready.” My body betrays me however. I flush under your stare oddly feeling insecure in front of you. I’ve been naked in front of you all last evening and we had fucked last night too but now I feel naked in a new sense. This is so intimate and I don’t feel like I deserve to be this close to you. I close my eyes to break our stare and you stop again. “What’s wrong? Do you want me to stop? I’ll stop if you want me to. Talk to me.”

I reopen my eyes and again you see a secret inner struggle. I don’t know if I should share my insecurities. Will it make you think less of me? Will you want to run? But I decide it’s best. You said you wouldn’t leave unless I wanted you to and I don’t

Again you move up to kiss me in hopes it will reassure me adding words to do the same. “Alexis, you are beautiful. You need to know that. Whether I’m fucking you or making love to you, you are beautiful just the same. Physically, mentally, sexually, you have attracted me to you in all aspects. My body has responded to you in ways I didn’t think were still possible. Please believe me when I tell you that you have nothing to be insecure about. You are perfect.” As you finish you kiss me again then ask “Do you want me to continue or stop? This is up to you. I want to make love to you not to fuck you. I want you to know how special you are. If you’re not ready I’ll wait.”

You are the most caring man I have been with and your words sooth me in ways you’ll never know. “Yes we can continue. I’m sorry I’m being so silly. I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you make love to me.”

With that, your cock which never left my pussy begins to piston back inside me filling my empty space again. This time my walls don’t clench so tightly and you are free to move out before having to wait for your release. You move slowly each time not wanting to cause pain or rush things. You’re eyes are locked on mine and never leave. I reach up to your shoulder blades and press slightly pulling you down toward me. I want you to kiss me as your cock enters and exits my pussy. I want to be connected to you in all ways possible. You happily oblige and our lips mash together as you continue to rock in and out of me.

Your pace quickens but only barely and only to ensure you rub against my clit as you take me higher and higher. I can sense you’re close to your climax and you announce as much telling me you’re about to cum. I let you know I’m not ready and immediately you stop, denying your own orgasm to focus on me. You pull your cock from my pussy and start to rub the tip left to right over my clit. I start to squirm as the direct attention to my most sensitive spot pushes me toward my own climax. You press down harder on my nub with güvenilir casino the head of your cock and reach up to take one of my nipples between your thumb and forefinger. You pinch my nipple between the two and my hips can’t help but buck. “Shit! Bill squeeze tighter. Yes!” I lift my hips into your cock as you rub and grip the sheets into my fists as I near orgasm. You follow my demand and squeeze harder on my nipple giving it a tweak as you do. Again my hips buck. “Fuck! Yes. That feels amazing. Don’t stop. I’m so close.” You know it’s true as you feel a new wave of cum leak from my pussy. With this you remove your cock from my nub and re-enter my cunt.

Your movements remain steady, not fast. This is us making love, not fucking. You want it to be sensual not forceful. The hand that was on my nipple leaves and finds a place at the top of my mound. Your thumb finds my clit and flicks back and forth over it. The new sensation is even better than the head of your cock was and I meet the movement of your thrusts by thrusting my hips in unison to further penetration. I announce I’m close, that I’m going to cum and you moan taking my hips into your hands. They clamp down and begin to pull me onto your dick a bit faster and more force than before. I reach down and rub my clit biting my lip as I near release. “I’m going to cum Bill. I’m going to cum all over your cock. Please cum inside me. Please. Let me feel your warm cum inside me.” As I beg for your cum my fingers mixed with your thrusts cause my body to convulse around you and y tightening walls bring you to release shortly after. I’ve stopped rubbing my clit, the sensation too much to bear, and grab your ass to pull you in deeper as you release your load inside me. You shudder as each jet is released but continue to thrust through your orgasm.

You bend down to kiss me as the last wave of cum shoots inside me and I release my grip on your ass to cup your face as we kiss. You break free resting your forehead on mine looking into my eyes. “Thank you baby. Thank you.” It’s all I can say and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for not leaving, for making love to me, for seeing past my insecurities and flaws, for loving me, for giving my body the best pleasure it’s ever known. Thank you.

As you sit up you go to rub my clit and another wave of tremors courses through my body. I reach down grabbing your hands begging you to stop as I’m too sensitive but you continue to rub. As much as you want to make love to me that powerful man has returned and you want me to know my pussy is yours as you had said last night.

I enjoyed our love making, but feeling you take my pussy as you are now sends an entirely different desire through me and I respond accordingly. It’s time for you to be dominant and I fall into line quickly. “You want me to stop baby? I think you like it. I think you want me to rub it harder. Your words say one thing but your body says something differently. Look at how when I rub your clit your hips move up to meet my hand. You want it baby.”

I moan and writhe beneath you but you’re right. My body wants the punishment of your fingers. I give in and let you continue to torture my swollen clit.

“Yes. I knew it. I knew my little cum slut wanted me to keep going. Oh yes. Just wait baby. I’m going to make you cum again and again. But before I do, come clean my cock. You’ve made quite the mess of it.”

Not putting up a fight, I move to your lap and happily take your cum covered cock into my all too eager mouth. As I did last night I swallow your cock until it hits the back of my throat tonguing the shaft and your balls encouraging it to stiffen. To my satisfaction your cock stirs and I know it’s only a matter of time before my sweet caring man turns into the sex craved animal I too love. How did I get so lucky to find a man who can be both and satisfy both of my cravings? I’m not sure, but I’m damn glad I did and I will do anything to make him happy and ensure he stays.

It’s not long before you cum inside my hungry mouth and you pull me up to lay on your chest kissing and tasting your cum on my mouth. You tilt my chin up and again the three small words I need to hear come from your mouth. “I love you.” As you say them you lightly smack my ass and I smile. Both of us drowsy from orgasms, we drift into sleep. I can only imagine what will happen when we wake up but I know one thing, I won’t leave you sleeping this time if I have an itch that needs to be scratched.

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