Mart 25, 2021

A Summers Day

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He opened the door and there stood Nicole. He offered to take her coat as soon as she stepped inside. He hung it carefully on a coat hanger and turned to look at her. Her chestnut hair was curled gently around her heart shaped face. The sparkle in her eyes seemed even stronger this afternoon. “So what are the plans for tonight?” She was trying her best to hide the excitement in her voice, but failed.

“Well, I have invited a few of our friends over. There is Alec with his girlfriend Maude, and Katrina said she would bring Mark. That makes us six altogether. I thought we could have a barbeque in the backyard, and afterwards we could play some games.” When he said that, a smirk crept over his lips.

“Great! I’ll start making some salad then, and leave the grill to you.”

With those last words from Nicole he strode off into the backyard and fired up the grill. The neighbours on either side almost choked on their drinks and food when he came out. He just smiled at them and winked. “Great afternoon for a barbeque, isn’t it?” They just kept eyeing him, not knowing what to say. “How is the grill coming long, is it warm yet?” Nicole joined Peter in the yard, and placed the salad bowl on the table. If it was possible, their neighbour’s eyes became even wider. They soon realised that they were staring too much, and slowly turned back to their own activities.

When the other two couples joined them, it became too much for most of their neighbours and almost every one of them disappeared inside. Only those who were curios enough, stayed. But the nosy neighbours didn’t get much to look at. The enjoyed a nice barbeque, ignoring fındıkzade escort the stares they felt on their naked bodies.

Peter looked around at the others sitting at the table after everyone had cleaned their plates and said: “Apparently is getting chilly outside”, he cast a quick glance at the women whose nipples now stood out like small strawberries, “should we continue this inside?” They cleaned the table and moved into the house.

“Anyone up for a drink?” Asked Alec. He started to make the different requests coming from the others. After handing out drinks to everyone and when he gave the last one, a gin and tonic to Peter he sat down beside Maude. They made small talk about the different things in their lives. After the second round of drinks, it became quite obvious that no one wanted to talk anymore; there were other activities on their mind. There were nervous glances shot around the room.

Peter and Nicole ignored the other two couples and focused on themselves instead. Usually both of them were somewhat shy but tonight all inhibits seemed to have vanished. Nicole spread her long legs to give Peter better access. And he wasted no time getting to know Nicole’s pussy better. His tongue went everywhere, it probed in and out of her hole, swept over her clit and he was obviously doing something very right because the moans escaping from Nicole’s mouth weren’t exactly quiet. Her breath now came in short gasps and he took that as a sign to attack her clit even more. This sent her into a roller coaster ride of small orgasms, and when he started to work first florya escort one finger then followed by three more he sent her completely over the edge. He had trouble keeping his fingers in her because her lower body was dancing all over the couch.

Taking a look around the room he saw the Nicole wasn’t the only one recovering from immense pleasure. Both Alec and Mark had kept their women engaged in similar dances. The only sound to be heard right now was the panting from Maude, Katrina and Nicole.

Nicole eager to return the treatment she had just received from Alec. She raised herself from the couch, motioned to Alec that he should turn to face her. She was now sitting on her feet at the floor looking eager into Alec’s eyes. She moved her eyes down his body and stopped by his throbbing dick. I see someone is ready for a little treatment from my tongue? She looked into Alec’s face again. He could only smile at the beautiful girl sitting at his feet.

She continued looking in his eyes for a moment or so, before she started on her mission. She started first with closing her fist around his prick and pumped up and down a few times. When her tongue joined in on the action he almost lost it, he had to concentrate hard because he didn’t want to ruin this. He had waited long enough for this moment, and he didn’t want to disappoint Nicole either. As she starting feeding his whole penis into his mouth and down her throat, he had to give her a warning: If you keep this up for half a minute longer I am going to come, real soon! This didn’t seem to affect her at all. She just continued göztepe escort to suck her way up and down his dick, and her hand was busy fondling his balls. He reached the point where he couldn’t hold on longer, and before he could he even think about warning Nicole he shot his first load into her mouth. The second, third, fourth and fifth followed the first load. He watched Nicole swallow it all, but some had escaped and made its way down her chin. You have something here, he took his finger and scooped up the white substance from her chin and fed it to her. She sucked hungry on his finger; clearly she wanted even more of his cum.

When he had recovered somewhat he took Nicole’s hand, helping her up from the floor and into to the couch, where she cuddled into his arms. They both looked at the other couples to see what they were up to. Maude and Alec had joined Katrina and Mark. And while Mark now was feeding his dick into Maude’s pussy, she was busy giving Katrina a thorough “cleaning” with her tongue. Katrina herself was trying to suck Alec’s cock but it was not easy with Maude doing those fantastic things with her tongue. They were making a nice ring.

She we take this upstairs, Nicole asked, so we could have some privacy. He nodded in agreement and took the hand she held out. “When you want to get some rest there are two guestrooms ready for you upstairs.” He got almost no responses back, since everyone seemed to be occupied with other things.

Up the stairs and the second door to the left, Peter led Nicole. He had anticipated something like this so he had made a big effort to make it as romantic as possible. At this point, he thought, nothing can ruin this perfect night. And when Katrina screamed in ecstasy downstairs, he was sure that no one could argue with that tonight. He closed the door softly behind Nicole.

And this is were we leave them…

I hope you liked this story. If you have any kind of feedback I will be glad to hear from you.

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