Mart 24, 2021

A Sub’s Heartfelt Punishment Ch. 02

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In the afternoon on a Saturday two weeks after her punishment and still no word from Mark, Mia looks up into the sky to see dark, thick thunderclouds rolling in out of nowhere. She is in her backyard finishing yard work putting all the tools away that she used keeping herself busy from the memories of that day and her backside. She shivered and stood in the middle of the yard, raising her arms to the sky feeling the energy from the storm surround her and caress her from head to toe making the hair on her skin stand on end. Mia’s emotions are like those clouds in the sky, powerful, churning, and not settling down at all.

She stood laughing as the rain started pouring down on her, drenching her skin and clothes. The shirt clung to her outlining her breasts as her shorts outlined her firm shapely behind. She does not realize the picture she is making standing there with the rain pouring over her like a harsh lover’s caress. Mark watches in rapt awe of this picture. He realized after that weekend of her punishment he needs her as much as she needs the energy from the storm. He quietly opens the gate slowly making his way over to where she is standing. He waits as the thunder gets louder, closer and more intense as she turns to see him. She does as he expects. She turns to see Mark standing in her backyard, opening her eyes wide from shock with him looking so handsome while rain runs down over his body. She smiles softly placing her hands behind her back locking her wrists and hanging her head.

She stays quiet so afraid to make a move. She needs to feel him surround her with his body and heat. The fire inside of her intensifying into a craving pain of need matching the storm above them makes her restless on her feet. She was thinking he has come back to do more punishment even though that thought is not a good one she will gladly take what she deserves from him and love him that much more. She waits holding her breath until his feet come into her vision, wishing she could look up into his eyes and feel his lips on hers kissing her hungrily and greedily as he teases her nipping them with his teeth. She can feel his hands move across her skin touching her everywhere. She shudders and cries out softly as his hands grab her shoulders pulling her into him, molding her cevizli escort tightly against his body surrounding her in his heat. He licks her lips before moving his lips against hers more harshly as she opens to his kiss.

They both moan with the deep kiss as she gathers more energy just as the storm is building in strength. She kisses him like she would not be with him another moment in her life. He pulls her tighter to him groaning as she becomes a part of him in the storm. They are swept away with the energy consuming them from thunder, lightning and rain that is pouring on them. They can do nothing but be swept away with the ferocity of their feelings for each other. He pulls his lips away as she whimpers he gathers her in his arms carrying her quickly to the house. She is trying to get her breathing under control but, as soon as she feels she has he takes her breath away with another kiss that shakes her to her core.

He stands in the house kissing her slowly as he sheds her and his clothes piece by piece until he has both of them nude. He walks with her to the shower to get them warm. Mark wraps his arms from behind enveloping her within the warmth of his arms holding her tightly against him as he places his hands on her breasts. He rolls her nipples around as he places them between his fingers and pinches them. He growls deeply hearing her moans of pleasure and as he slides his erection between her legs stopping to feel her surrounding him in her heat. She places her hand down between her legs to run her nail over the head of him feeling him jump when she applies a light pressure with her nail. They both moan in unison as he kisses her along the side of her neck telling her in a soft voice he loves her. She leans more into him feeling the emotion pouring from him into her. She slides her other hand down his side to place upon his butt squeezing as he moans in her ear softly. Mark bends her quickly growling as he slides deeply into her hot wet pussy. She places her hands on the side of the shower to help her stand while spreading her legs as far apart as she can. She does not think of the storm outside she only concentrates on the storm raging inside the both of them. He whispers to her “I have very strong cihangir escort feelings for you and I could not stay away.” I needed to touch you, kiss you and caress your body all over. Don’t you ever! Do that again. She felt his anger and love mix and boil together as he slammed his body into hers. They both cried out at the same time as the explosion takes them both along in a world of intense pleasure they have never felt before.

He finished their shower by turning the water off, grabbing towels to dry them off with and lead her into the bedroom. He laid down on the bed while she stood looking over his body. Then looking up into his eyes to read what was going on there, she sees the hurt and anguish she caused him and feels her heart tearing apart in her chest. Drawing in a deep breath she makes her way closer to the bed easing down slowly on her knees as she grabs his foot to massage it gently. She will make him feel worshipped and so loved by the time she is done with him. She thinks to herself as she makes her way up from his foot to his calf hearing him moan. She smiles while making his muscles dance under her fingers.

She is creating a song and dance all over his body with the massage. She loves the feel of how his muscles jump, flex, tighten and relax under her manipulation. She straddles his hips, groaning deeply as she feels his erection in between her thighs. She breathes deeply moving up to his stomach, laying her hand flat where his belly button is she moves her hand slowly up to his chest extending her fingers out and applying a little pressure on him as she reaches all the way up to his shoulders. She feels the repainting of an artwork and dwells deeper into herself to redraw all the lines, arches, curves and mountains as she runs her hands over his chest and nipples. He is moaning deeply with every slide of her hands and fingers on his skin.

She asks him to turn over on his stomach so she can massage his back and shoulders. He turns hearing her groan as she looks at his shoulders. She takes her time running her hands up his arms to his shoulders, neck and down his back. She applies pressure with her hands on his back and feels with satisfaction the tension easing from the knotted erenköy escort muscles. She softly kisses him along his spine following it up and back down again. Thirty minutes into the massage, noticing she has a lot of moisture between her legs and hears it when she moves along his body. She lies upon his body to let her nipples slide down his back and over his buttocks. She continues this for awhile loving the feel of her body brushing against his. Her breathing has become erratic as she leans forward slowly up to his shoulders lightly kissing and nibbling her way from one side to the other while rubbing herself against his entire backside. The tension came back in his muscles. She yelped out when he turned quickly grabbing her and rolling her over laying her below him. She feels his hard erection between her hips. She looks into his eyes moving against him seeing the lust and desire there. She knew she would never love a man as she does this one. She leans up to press her lips softly to his using her tongue to open his mouth. She eases her tongue inside to find his slowly caressing the tip of his tongue with hers then sucking it into her mouth greedily. She heard and felt the crack of thunder as the lightning cracked loudly around them. It feels to her as if the storm has moved in doors to the bedroom to wrap them in the energy unleashing it within the both of them. He rolls with her again to have her atop him.

She feels the wind caressing her backside as she slides her body on him. He tightens his arms around her growling deeply as he feels her hot pussy against his cock. He presses his mouth to hers biting on her lower lip then soothing it with his tongue. She moans in his mouth feeling their desire intensify as they match the ferocity of the storm. Their movements move in time with the thunder and lightning. The storm is making love with the sky as Mia and Mark are inside. The stronger the feelings are the more intense the storm gets. The lightning crashes down upon the earth so close to the bedroom window where the couple are wrapped around each other holding on to each other with their heads thrown back as their veins stand out in their necks as if the strike hit them directly irrevocably bringing them together as they have never experienced before. They slowly start relaxing as the storm starts subsiding as well. There was no need for words. If any were said at that moment they would lose the bliss between the both of them. As the storm receded in its wrath, the rain and couple fall silent together falling into a deep sleep within each other’s arms as the clouds were folded within the night sky.

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