Haziran 11, 2020

A Stormy Night

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A Stormy Night
“The storm is approaching the west of the UK and the M5. It should arrive within the next half-hour. All persons should take shelter as soon as possible. You can expect strong winds and heavy rain with possible hail. Travel is not recommended!” the radio blared as Helen drove along looking at the dark cloud approaching from the west.

“I guess we’re not going to make it home tonight Mark. Better stop somewhere along here because I’m certainly not driving through that thing!” Helen said to her son Mark, nervously looking at the ominous dark clouds.

“Okay,” Mark agreed, actually thankful that his mother had decided not to go on.

“We’ve got some sandwiches and drinks in the bag. We won’t even have to go out to eat. It’ll be like a picnic, a picnic in the storm,” she nervously laughed.

Mark couldn’t explain the difference in his mother’s and his relationship on this trip, but something seemed to have changed between them. She seemed to be treating him more like a man than her son. He couldn’t put his finger on exactly what it was, but there was just something different. And he liked that difference! They somehow seemed closer now. And away from home. She had become a different woman. Not just Mum! She seemed more at ease, more relaxed, more adventurous. Why she had even bungee-jumped with him. She would never have done that before. At least he didn’t think she would.

“There’s a hotel with a vacancy sign,” she said. “It’ll be nice to get out from behind this wheel anyway…”

Mark sat in the car watching the storm draw closer and closer as the sky grew turned to a deep purple while his mother went into the hotel. The wind was swirling around the parking lot, whipping clouds of debris into the air and tossing it about.

Then he saw his mother come striding out of the hotel with the key in her hand. As she did, it was hard not to notice the bouncing of her 38D breasts under her blouse. Ashamed of himself, he wondered what they really looked like underneath their covering of cloth. They were big; he knew that by the way she filled out her blouse…

“Got one,” Helen told him pitching him the key as she crawled into the car.

Mark felt another jolt of shame as his eyes dropped down to her thigh when she slid under the steering wheel. He was rewarded with a flash of creamy white thigh before she reached down and huffily pulled her skirt back down. She’d spent most of the afternoon trying to keep her short skirt from riding up her shapely legs and Mark had spent most of his time sneaking peeks over at them.

Hey, he told himself, he couldn’t help it if his mother had pretty legs! He was a horny young boy after all, and she was a woman! A beautiful woman…

“Last time I wear a short skirt on a long trip,” she muttered, cranking the car.

“I didn’t mind,” Mark nervously joked, “besides you got great legs, Mum!”

“Thank you, but they’re hardly what my son should be gawking at all day long,” she fussed, turning into a parking spot. “Don’t you think?”

“Hey, what can I say? I’m a growing boy in case you haven’t noticed,” he smirked back at her, hoping he wasn’t going over the line.

“Oh, I’ve noticed,” she shot back, turning off the ignition. “Better hurry, looks like the rain is just about here.”

And what did she mean by that remark? “Oh, I’ve noticed!” Was there some hidden meaning in it that he didn’t know?

Five minutes later, they were safely tucked away inside their room and had everything stowed away as the first big drops of rain began to splat down in the car park. Looking out the window, Mark watched the big, round circles of water quickly merge into each other and cover the ground with a glistening sheen of rain.

Then he saw a flash of lightning in the distance as the forked fury vented its anger on earth. It was quite a ways off and it took several seconds for the rumble of thunder to finally find them.

“Looks like it’s here,” Helen said, stepping up beside him to watch out the window.

“Yep,” he said, suddenly feeling a strange sense of self-consciousness.

What was wrong with him, he asked as the fragrance of his mother’s perfume wafted over him, and adding a new, unfamiliar sense of intimacy to the whole thing. Then he felt her hip brush up against his for the briefest of moments as she turned and walked over to the small fridge.

“Want some wine?” she asked, pulling out a bottle.

“Sure,” he grinned, walking over to join her.

Standing back at the window with his wine, he watched the flashes of lightning getting closer and closer while the sky grew darker and darker. Mark watched as lights began to blink on outside. They all had a fuzzy, blurry look as he looked out through the rain-smeared glass and the pouring rain.

Lightning darted and danced over the hotel filling the sky above them with a dazzling display of aerial fireworks. The accompanying symphony of thunder added a sense of excited suspense to the whole thing.

“The storm is over Bristol and should last for about another thirty minutes,” the weatherman said on the television set. “But there is another more severe storm approaching just behind this one. There should be about a twenty minute lull between the storms but be prepared for an even more impressive light show when the second cell moves over…”

“I don’t know what it is, but there’s something so, so exciting about a thunder storm,” Helen murmured. “Exciting and frightening. It makes me feel all nervous and jittery inside…”

At that very moment, there was a blinding flash of light outside the window and everything went dark. A half a moment later, the room was shaken by a deafening crash of thunder.

“Oh, my Goodness!” Mark heard his mother say under her breath.

“You okay?” he asked her, unable to see her in the pitch black.

“Uh, yeah, just a little more frightened now,” she murmured, her voice coming closer.

Then he felt something soft and giving brush up against his arm, jostling his glass of wine as the air around him was once again filled with the heady fragrance of Lilacs.

“Oops!” he heard his mother mumble, as another flash of light filled the room and Mark found their faces only inches apart.

Staring into each other’s eyes for that brief instant, neither of them moved. But this flash of lightning seemed to flicker on forever as they stood transfixed, frozen in time, the air around them sparking and hissing with electricity and excitement! Mark suddenly had an almost overpowering urge to kiss her! He could almost feel her hot breath on his lips as the distance between their lips seemed to shrink. Then the lightning was gone and they were back in the dark but their lips touched ever so lightly for a fleeting moment.

“Uh, sorry,” she nervously coughed and Mark felt the soft pressure of her breast leave his arm. “Didn’t mean to bump into you!”

“That’s okay,” he mumbled. “It’s dark in here.”

“I’m glad that I have some wine,” she anxiously laughed. “I’d be scared witless if I were completely sober. The wine takes the edge off everything. Speaking of which…”

Then Mark heard the tinkle of glass against glass as she was apparently trying to refill her glass with more wine. There had been something sickly exciting and stirring about their brief encounter. He couldn’t put a finger on precisely what had happened. But he swore that their lips had actually touched. While it wasn’t really a kiss, it was close enough to get the motors running. It seemed that they had been close to kissing, and he wanted to give it another chance as he slowly started shuffling toward where he thought his mother stood. Groping in the dark, he felt a spark of electricity jolt up his arm as his fingers nudged up against something soft and giving. It was her breast again. Even hidden inside her bra, it had a soft pliancy to it.

“Oops! Sorry mum,” he lied, holding his hand pressed against it for a moment before reluctantly pulling his hand back away from it.

The room was suddenly filled with light again and they found themselves only inches apart for a second time. Their eyes met for another brief instant and something dark and sinister seemed to pass between them. The air around them crackled and became unbearably hot. It was difficult to breathe and Mark felt a sheen of perspiration pop out on his forehead!

Then his mother gave out a soft, nervous cough and stepped back. Turning away from him, she stumbled back over to the window and looked out into the stormy night.

What was going on, he asked himself? Something had just happened between them! But what? He could sense the charged atmosphere of the room. He couldn’t put his finger on just exactly what was happening, but he swore something had happened in that brief moment their lips had touched.

And now he had a stirring feeling that was similar to how he felt before he went out on a date. That same nervous, jittery, butterflies in the stomach feeling. He had never felt like this before…with his mother! He felt himself being drawn to her, not as his mother, but by a different, darker attraction! And that overpowering urge to kiss her was growing stronger by the moment…

As he stood thinking about what was happening the television began to blare again.

“…the second storm is rapidly approaching…” Mark heard the weatherman drone on as he saw that his mother was blushing in the glare of the lights.

“Uh, I think I’ll get dressed for bed while we still have some light,” she mumbled, setting her glass down and hurrying over to her holdall.

“Uh, that’s probably a good idea,” he told her, watching her pull a filmy, red nightie out and hurry into the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Wow, he told himself, that gown is so sheer, you can see right through it! What was she thinking? Was that what she wanted? Did she want him to see her body? Or had she just forgotten how sheer it was in the rush to get dressed for bed in case the lights went out again?

This was all new territory for him. He had never thought of his mother like this! And he didn’t know why it was happening tonight. Maybe it was the buzz he had from the wine! Maybe it was the testosterone pouring through his young blood stream! Or maybe the ozone from the storm! Or maybe it was just the excitement of being all alone with her in a hotel room. Or maybe it was storm! Or maybe it was a combination of all of them, but whatever it was, he felt all excited and tingly. All warm and prickly down there…

Then he poured himself another glass of wine and stood by the window watching the storm and waiting for his mother to return.

After a few minutes, the bathroom door opened and he saw his mother stuck her head out.

“Mark, Darling, could you turn the light out for a second until I get in bed?” she asked him. “This is the only nightgown I have and it’s pretty revealing.”

“Uh, sure, okay, Mum,” he disappointedly mumbled, trudging over canlı bahis şirketleri to the light switch and flipping it off.

The shaft of light escaping from the bathroom blinked out just then, plunging the room into total darkness once again. Then he heard the bathroom door close.

“Fuck—ouch—” he heard his mother yelp.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to turn the light on,” he asked, his fingers resting on the light switch.

“No! I just stubbed my toe a little. I’m fine,” he heard her say from across the room. “Just a minute…”

“Just say when,” he told her.

“Okay, now,” she finally said.

Blinking in the bright light, he looked over and saw that his mother was in her bed with the bedspread pulled up under her chin hiding her body from his prying eyes.

“Could you be a Darling and bring my wine over here?” she asked, sneaking her arm out from the covers and extending it toward him, batting her big, blue eyes at him.

“Uh, sure,” he said, wondering if the something between them had simply been a figment of his fevered teenage mind. Whatever it was, it seemed to have disappeared, he sadly thought.

Stepping over to her bed, he handed her the glass of wine, trying to catch a peek of her big breasts in the process.

But any opportunity for such an occurrence was quickly snuffed out by a crackling rip of lightning as the room was plunged into total darkness once again. Mark flinched when a blast of thunder followed the lightning, shaking the room.

“I guess I might as well get into bed, too,” he forlornly muttered, groping his way through the dark toward his bed. “Looks like there’s not much going to be going around here tonight except thunder and lightning.”

“I guess not,” he heard his mother murmur from her bed.

Striping down to his boxer shorts in the dark, he slid under the sheets and lay back to listen to the storm. The rain beating down on the room was so loud. The brilliant flashes of lightning were getting closer and the thundering crashes following them grew louder and louder.

Damn! Damn! Damn! He cursed to himself, shoving his hand down into his boxer shorts to his throbbing cock. The close intimacy of their encounters had taken their toll on his cock and it was hard and frustrated. Wrapping his hand around it, he began to slowly work his hand up and down.

“Uh, Mark, Honey…” Mark heard his mother plaintively whine from her bed.

A wave of guilt washed over . What was he doing? His mother was laying not more than ten feet away and here he was with his fucking cock in his hand beating off right in front of her. Could she hear him above the storm?

“Yeah, Mum…” Mark answered her, a touch of frustration in his voice as he wondered what she wanted.

“I’m frightened…” he heard her whimper.” Could you come and hold me…hold me until the storm is over…”

She wanted him to hold her? Was this it? Did she want more? But what if she didn’t? What if it was just like she said and she was scared. Scared and just wanted him to hold her?

Oh, shit, he fumed to himself. Now she’ll know! She’ll know that I have a hard on!

“Uh, yeah, I guess so Mum” he grunted, throwing his sheet off and swinging his legs out of bed. Fumbling for his glass, he found it and quickly gulped it down.

Reaching down, he made sure that his stiff cock wasn’t sticking out of his boxer shorts then he blindly groped his way toward her bed with his arms outstretched in front of him. Suddenly, his knees bumped up against her bed at the same instant his hand brushed against quivering, bare flesh. A bare breast?

“Oops, sorry,” he grunted, pulling his hand away from her breast, feverishly wondering why it wasn’t covered by her gown.

‘That’s okay, you couldn’t see,” she murmured as he heard the rustle of the bed sheets. “Slide in under the sheets.”

Mark’s heart was pounding so hard he thought it might just explode, and the roaring in his head was so loud he couldn’t hear the thunder outside any more. Sliding under the covers, he slowly scooted over until he brushed up against the warm softness of her body as she snuggled up against him.

“Thank you,” she softly whispered into his ear.

“You’re welcome Mum,” he somehow choked out.

The storm raging outside couldn’t compare with the one raging inside Mark’s fevered brain, he eased her arm under her neck and gently pulled her to him. As he did, he could feel her big, soft breasts pressing against his ribs and her belly resting against his hip. Strangely, he could feel the slippery material of her gown covering her now. And he could feel her hot breath on his ear as she curled her arm around him and gently pulled him to her.

“That’s better…” she softly whispered, giving him a little hug.” I’m not as scared now…”

Mark was in a panic. He had a hard on that was growing harder and harder each fiery moment as his mother snuggled up against him. And there was nothing between them but the silky, thin gown. She smelled so good. Her body was so soft and warm pressed up against him as the lightning flashed and the thunder grumbled and growled outside the motel. And every time the thunder crackled, his mother jumped and hugged him a little tighter.

Bending his arm, he nervously ran his fingers down her bare back.

“That feels nice,” she murmured, pressing herself against him harder.

Then his fingers brushed across the little silk ribbon that was tied in a loose knot and held her gown together. The gown had a split down the back all the way from her neck to the top of her arse and was held together by the single satin ribbon. Untying that knot would allow the front of her gown drop away, drop down off her big breasts.

What would happen if it came undone, he tipsily wondered? All the wine he had consumed was suddenly making him feel foolishly brazen. And the warm, soft body pressed up against him was making him grow braver and braver. He could tell her that the ribbon had caught on his ring or something, he told himself. Then he began to gently pluck at it with his fingertips.

Suddenly, another flash of lightning was followed immediately by another peal of thunder making his mother jump. As she did, he jumped, too, jerking on the ribbon and untying it!

“That was close,” he whispered, realizing that nothing now held her gown up but the pressure of their two bodies pressed against each other.

“Yes, it was,” she whispered back, hugging him tighter.

What now, he asked himself, his fingers brushing over the soft, smooth skin of her back? Slowly he let his fingers trail down her bare back until they were brushing over the small of her back just above the swell of her arse cheeks.

“I think I had too much to drink,” she murmured, slowly easing back away from him for a moment. And as she did, the gown went slithering down off her breasts and onto the bed between them.

Oh, shit, he frantically thought! Now she’ll know. She’ll know that her gown is untied—

Expecting her to pull away from him, or pull the gown back up, Mark was surprised when she did neither. What was going on? Numbly wondering what was happening, he felt her ease back up against him! Didn’t she know? Couldn’t she feel it? Was she just ignoring it, thinking it was an accident or something? Or did she do it on purpose? Was she telling him something? Was she telling him to go ahead? Telling him that she was too drunk to stop him, he numbly wondered? This time, he could feel the bare flesh of her breasts pressed against his side as the swollen jut of her nipples digging into his skin.

“Me, too!” he groaned out, wishing he had the courage to touch her soft 38D tits.

Neither of them moved for a couple of minutes. They just lay pressed against each other listening to the storm rage outside. Then Mark felt his mother ease away from him and slowly roll over onto her back.

Was it over, he stormed? Was she done with him? Did she want him to leave now? All these frenzied thoughts swirled through his head as he lay waiting. Waiting for a signal! Waiting for her to tell him what to do. Waiting for something…

Scarcely able to breathe, he felt her hands slowly curl around his trembling hand. Then, a spasm of electricity fired off inside his brain as she slowly lifted his hand up to one of her quivering breasts.

“Touch me…” she softly murmured, laying his hand on her breast. Then her hand moved away from his.

Mark was in an ecstatic fog as he gently clutched at her breast. He couldn’t believe how soft and warm it was as its big, rubbery nipple rubbed against the palm of his quaking hand.

“Too much to drink,” she murmured, gently thrusting her breast up against his groping hand. ” We shouldn’t do this…”

Leaning over, Mark gave her a gentle, loving kiss on the cheek as he fondled her breast with his hand.

As he did, he suddenly found his lips pressed against hers as she quickly turned to face him. He continued to grope and fondle her soft breast as they kissed long and deeply, their tongues intertwining, twisting, probing, searching! It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him! Fighting to hold back the explosion that was building down in his cock, he hoped that he wouldn’t shoot his wad and ruin it all. He wanted to come in the worst way, but not like this! He wanted to come inside her!

Emboldened by the kiss, Mark finally moved his lips away from hers and slowly kissed his way down her cheek onto her neck. Slowly, scooting down as he went, he continued to rain down soft butterfly kisses on her neck and then down onto her shoulder. Keeping his lips pressed against the soft skin, moving lower and lower down onto the slope of her breast, he continued to gently pull and pluck at the big, swollen nipple sticking out of its tip. It seemed to take forever, but at last his lips replaced his fingers on the jutting nub of stiff, engorged flesh. Pursing his lips around the swollen rosebud of hard, rubbery flesh, he gently sucked it with his lips while he tickled and teased it with his tongue.

As he gently suckled her, Mark found his hand resting on her belly just below her breast. Easing his hand down under the slippery silk gown, he tickled the tip of a finger down over her belly button and heard a soft murmur escape from her lips.

The storm outside raged on, but it couldn’t match the ferocity of the one swirling around inside his reeling brain.

How could this be happening, he deliriously wondered? Nothing like this had ever gone on between them and now this? forteen years and nothing even remotely like this had happened between them. But now! Now it was like a tidal wave of passion rushing across him, growing stronger and stronger with each passing second. He couldn’t fathom it, but there was nothing that could stop him now! He would have her! He would have his MOTHER!

Slowly, almost teasingly, he moved his trembling fingers down over the soft smoothness of her canlı casino siteleri belly, moving lower and lower under the gown. Then electricity tickled up his fingers as his fingertips brushed over the thick bush of curls that covered the Y of his mother’s ever-so-slightly rounded belly.

Trying to keep his cock from erupting, he tickled his fingers through the soft curls and down onto the ridge of swollen flesh that ran down out of the curls. Following the little, rounded crest, he felt it abruptly end at the fleshy jut of her clit that was sticking up out of its little sheath.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” she murmured out as he slowly teased the tip of his finger back and forth across the swollen nub.

His mother’s clit, he numbly thought! He was playing with his mother’s clit!

Flicking and teasing the tiny nub of flesh, he felt her thigh brush up against his rock-hard, primed cock as her legs slowly parted. Then he felt her fingers clutching at his belly.

She wanted to touch him? She wanted to touch his hard young cock? What they were doing was so bad? He didn’t know, but he wasn’t going to stop until she made him or…

Jerking his hand away from her clit, Mark grabbed hold of the bed covers and threw them back off them. Lifting his mouth off her breast, he spun around until they were lying head to foot with his head even with her hips. The bed shuddered as his mother moved and although he couldn’t see it, he knew that he was lying face to face with his mother’s hairy pussy. Just then, he felt her hands find his hard young manhood.

“Oh, God…” he groaned out as he felt her hot lips close down around his throbbing penis.

Futilely fighting off the massive eruption that was about to blow inside his balls, he felt his mother’s hot, wet pussy rubbing up against his chin, coating it with her slippery juices.

“Mother—Mother—Cum! Cum!” he blathered out, trying to pull back so that he wouldn’t cum in her mouth.

But that was not to be as he felt his mother’s long, sharp fingernails dig down into his arse. Pulling on him, she pulled his cock even deeper into her mouth as she frantically sucked harder and harder.

Suddenly, Mark couldn’t stop it! A fiery spasm of pleasure ripped through his young cock making it buck and fire out a massive gush of cum into his mother’s hot, sucking mouth.

Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck, he feverishly thought. He was cuming…cummmming in his MOTHER’S MOUTH!

Suddenly, as his mother gulped down his creamy gush, the lights blinked on.

Momentarily blinded by the light, Mark blinked and looked down at his mother who still had her lips wrapped around his cock as she hungrily sucked and pulled on it. In the bright glare of the lights, his cock continued to buck and jump, spurting out gush after gush of thick, creamy cum into his mother’s mouth. Mark was in a euphoric daze watching his mother’s lips coax out more and more of his liquid treasure, one spurt at a time until there was nothing left for her to take. She had taken it all! Stolen his treasure and taken it for her own.

Lightheaded from the spasms of perverted pleasure that had sparked through his brain, he rubbed his face against her weeping hairy pussy.

Now it was her turn, Mark told himself, reaching out and pushing her over onto her back.

Straddling her, he stared down at the pink rift of flesh peeking out from her hairy bush between her splayed legs. As he did, he saw her spread her legs even more apart, opening herself to him. Leaning down, he reached down between her legs and slid his hands under her thighs. Grunting, he lifted her legs up into the air. Finally, with her almost bent double, he d****d his arms across the back of her thighs. Now she lay with her legs bent at the knees, her feet sticking straight up into the air, the back of her calves brushing against the bottom of his armpit. Her sweet, juicy pussy was tilted up, lying defenseless and vulnerable to his mouth. Inhaling deeply through his nose, he took in a big whiff of the fragrance of her hairy pussy. Enraptured by the scent, he leaned down and rubbed his face in the hot, pungent juices pouring out of her weeping pussy. God, he groaned to himself. God, how he loved the intoxicating smell and the sweet taste of his mother’s overheated pussy. It made him want to take the hot juices and smear them all over his body, baptizing himself in its cloying, clinging sweetness.

Flicking out his tongue, he probed the meaty lips of her pussy apart with its tip. As he did, a trickle of her hot juice leaked out of the opening between her gorged lips and ran down into the crack of her beautiful arse. Gently probing, feeling out the oozing opening of her secrecy, he ovaled his tongue and eased it down into the moist warmth. He heard a gentle murmur escape her lips as he slowly, gently slid his hot, probing tongue in and out of the forbidden secrecy, reveling in the honeyed taste of her arousal. Finally, easing his tongue out of the weeping opening, he teased his tongue up and down the drenched slit finally stopping with the tip of his tongue on her clit.

Flicking his tongue back and forth across the swollen nub, he felt his mother’s lips once again find the head of his cock and gently suck it back inside.

He could feel his mother’s fevered excitement as her whole body trembled from the exertion as she strained and thrust herself against him. He did everything he could think of with his tongue as he flicked, licked, lapped, tickled, and teased her clit with it. His mother’s agitation grew more and more intense, more frantic and he could hear her gurgling out around his cock as it quickly responded to her hot mouth and lips. Her beautiful ass was pattering up and down on the bed as Mark feasted on the forbidden delicacy that lay between her quivering thighs.

“Omm—Omm—Omm—” she groaned out, thrusting herself up against his hungry mouth as her whole body suddenly stiffened. “Unnnnnnnnn…”

He could feel her straining, pressing herself against him as strange grunting sounds escaped out around his cock. Then suddenly, his face was bathed in a spew of hot, sticky juice as it began to run out her spasming pussy. He kept on licking and lapping at her clit as it twitched and quivered under his tongue. He could feel her long fingernails digging into the skin of his back, pulling him down against her as the spasms undulated through her body for the longest time.

At last, her arms flopped out to the side, limply landing on the bed. Sensing the ending of her climax, Mark slowly lifted his juice-smeared mouth up away from her drenched pussy and clit. Lifting his arms, one at a time, he let her long legs lifelessly flop back down onto the bed. Raising his arse up into the air, he eased his fully recharged penis out of his mother’s mouth.

“Mark…” she drooled, a drivel of spit trickling out of the corner of her mouth. “So wrong…too much drink…”

“Mum…” Mark murmured, lifting his leg and spinning off her, making sure not to bang her in the face with his knee as he did.

“My Baby…” she mumbled as she watched him spin around, crawling down the bed and back up between her lifelessly splayed legs. “Wrong…too far…can’t, not that…”

Stop now? He couldn’t. They had come too far. He had to have her.

Her red, silk gown was now bunched up around her waist as Mark leaned down and eased his hands under her thighs. Ignoring her protest, he quickly lifted them back up into the air. Curling his hands around her thighs, he pressed them down against her giant, quivering breasts. The crook of her ankles rested on top of his shoulders, her ankles brushing against his neck as he dipped his hips and eased his cock down toward her drooling hairy pussy.

“So wrong…” she mumbled out, but her hands dove down between her legs and quickly found his hard young manhood. Pushing it down, she quickly fitted the round, tapered tip of the head of his penis into the juice-slickened opening of her vagina.

A spasm of perverse excitement sparked through Mark’s fevered mind as he leaned forward and eased his cock down into the clutching tightness of his mother’s pussy. Oh, God, he cursed to himself. He was in her! His cock was inside her wet pussy! He was fucking his mother!

He wanted to ram his cock into her, take her totally, fully with one lunge. But he also wanted to savor every wicked moment. Take her lovingly so he could treasure and cherish every last second of the desecration. He wanted her to feel him inside her. Feel him slowly entering her sacred chalice bit by bit until he was totally and completely buried down inside the hallowed chamber.

Deeper and deeper into the clinging tightness he went, until finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and lunged forward finishing the defilement and driving himself down into the fiery heat all the way to the hilt.

“Unhhhh!” she grunted out as their groins wetly slapped together and his big balls slapped up against her upturned butt.

Holding himself immersed in the forbidden, juice-filled void, he could feel the soft, warm soles of her feet pressing against the sides of his head and her sharp fingernails clawing at his belly.

Leaning down, he found the soft fullness of her lips as he tenderly kissed her. Then, after the longest time, he started moving, rocking back and forth as he fucked her with loving tenderness.

“So wrong…so good…” she gurgled out, reaching up and locking her hands behind his head.

Looking down into her beautiful, blue eyes, Mark saw a distant, faraway look, as if she were staring right through him. As if he wasn’t even there! But he was, he deliriously thought, working his hips back and forth and sliding his big cock in and out of her juice-slickened pussy. He was there fucking her! Fucking her as the storm crackled and boomed outside. Everything was perfect, he giddily thought. The perfect storm! The storm outside, the storm inside, his mother’s dainty feet waving in the air beside his head as he fucked her with deep, penetrating strokes. And with her pelvis tipped up, he was sinking down into the hot, clutching mush all the way up to the hilt every time. And every time, the head of his big cock delicately nudged up against her cringing cervix as she lifted her ass off the bed, thrusting herself up at him on every stroke.

“This is so wrong…so good…” she gurgled, pulling his face down to hers and finding his lips with hers.

He could feel her trembling again, straining as she thrust herself back against his determined attack.

“Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!” came a loud knocking on the door!

“What the fuck!” Mark cursed.

Pulling back, Mark guiltily jerked his stiff, hard cock out of her drooling pussy.

“What? What’s wrong?” his mother mumbled seemingly in a trance.

“The door—someone is at the door!” he grumbled, crawling back out from between her legs and dropping his feet to the floor.

Mark kaçak casino was in a panic! Who could it be? The adrenaline coursing through his fevered brain was making cogent thought impossible as Mark pushed up off the bed.

There were so many things that could go wrong and explode in their faces, he guiltily thought.

Staggering over to the door, he looked out the peephole and saw a man wearing a raincoat standing outside the door. Who was he, Mark frantically wondered? He had never seen the man before!

Leaving the little chain restraint locked and with his heart racing a thousand miles an hour, he slowly reached down and cautiously opened the door a crack.

As the door opened a crack, the man tried to see inside the room through the crack.

“Uh, Yes…” Mark choked out.

“Looks like the storm is over and we’re just going around checking to make sure that everyone is okay…” the manager said, still trying to see into the room.

“Uh, yeah, uh, everything is fine,” Mark mumbled, a gush of relief washing over him. “Yeah, uh, we’re fine!”

“Well, okay,” the manager said.

Easing the door closed, Mark turned and leaned back against it, trying to keep his wobbly knees from giving way.

“It was the manager,” Mark mumbled, looking over and seeing that his mother was lying in the bed with the covers once again pulled up under her chin. “He wanted to know if we were okay.”

“Oh,” his mother murmured, making no move to drop the covers.

Then Mark glanced over and saw the open blinds on the window where they had been watching the storm.

“Shit! He could see us,” he groaned, reaching up and flicking off the light switch plunging the room back into darkness.

Just then, the soft light of the lamp on the nightstand filled the room as Mark rushed over and closed the blinds.

“Guess we got a little careless,” he said, slowly walking back to the bed with his penis now at half-mast.

“Uh-huh…” his mother murmured, her eyes dropping down to his cock, but making no move to uncover herself.

“Uh, you okay?” he asked her.

“Uh, I guess,” she said, her voice quavering ever so slightly. “Just thinking what would happen if we got caught…”

“We won’t get caught Mum,” he told her!”

“But that’s the scary part,” she whispered. “What if they did find out? I could go to jail or something even worse! So many bad things could happen…”

“But they won’t! No one will ever know but you and me!” Mark declared, reaching for the covers to pull them back off her.

“I’m scared,” she whined, fighting to hold onto the covers as he strained to pull them off.

“Everything will be okay, Mum,”

At last he was able to overcome her and finally rip the covers out of her clenched fists. Jerking the covers off her, he saw that her legs were now firmly pressed together hiding herself from him.

“But, Mum…” he groaned out, clutching at her knees with his hands.

“This is so wrong, Mark,” she whined, fighting to keep her knees pressed together.

Forcing his hands down between her legs, he strained to force them apart as she fought against him. Leaning down, he gently kissed her quivering knee and felt an ever so slight weakening in her resistance as his hands were able to force her legs apart a tiny bit more.

“Please, Mum…” he begged and felt another almost imperceptible weakening, letting the gap between her long, shapely legs widen even more.

“Wrong…It’s so wrong…” she whimpered. But more and more strength was flowing out of her legs and Mark was able to force them apart until at last, they were lying flat against the bed. Now she lay before him spread wide open and completely exposed to him.

“Your so pretty,” he whispered, slowly, lovingly kissing his way down the soft smoothness of her quivering inner thigh. His lips crept lower and lower, closer and closer to the forbidden delicacy that lay between her widely splayed legs.

At last his lips found it and he gently probed the weeping slit, spreading the thick, pink lips apart and further exposing the core of her womanhood. Then, with the fleshy lips spread and open, he slowly moved up to the jut of her clit.

A soft, gurgling murmur escaped from her lips as the tip of his tongue tickled across the jutting rosebud of flesh.

“Mark…No…it’s wrong…” she murmured out, but he could hear the conflict in her quavering voice as her fingers dug down into his hair, pushing, forcing his mouth down onto her clit. “Touch me there…”

Mark’s cock was already hard and ripe again, menacingly jutting out as he lazily flicked his tongue back and forth across his mother’s clit. Finally, as his mother began to writhe and whine, Mark slowly kissed his way up over the thick swatch of fine, dark, soft curls
“Don’t…don’t stop!” she fussed. “Touch me there…”

Ignoring her protestations, he kissed down into the indention of her belly button and kept kissing higher and higher until his lips found one of the big, swollen nipples jutting out from the center of one of her tits.

Gently nibbling and sucking on the sumptuous berry, he looked up over the swell of her breast to see that his mother had her eyes closed. There was a happy look of bliss on her face as he continued to pluck and pull on the big, stiff nipple with his lips. Finally, Mark kissed his way down into the deep valley between her big breasts and then up onto the soft, pliancy of her other breast. He quickly found its jutting prize and sucked it into his mouth. Using his tongue as a weapon, he flicked and licked at it, feeling it harden and swell.

At last, he let the swollen nipple slither out of his mouth and kissed his way up the long slope of her big breast to the juncture of her neck and shoulder. As he did, he felt the bloated head of his prick nudge up against the soft wetness between her widely splayed legs. Then as he gently nibbled at her neck, he felt her fingers on his cock pushing its tapered head down to the delicate, oozing opening of her hairy bush.

“So wrong…” she mumbled out.

Nibbling and kissing his way up her long, slender neck, he eased his penis back into the clutching heat of her wet, clinging pussy. He heard a soft murmur as he kissed his way up the soft underside of her chin. Moving ever higher and deeper, he kissed up over her rounded chin, then on up to the soft, fullness of her lips. When their lips intimately touched, Mark found that he was once again totally immersed in the warm moistness of her clinging pussy. Then as they passionately kissed, tongues warring and sparring, he felt his mother’s hands curl around his waist, just above the flare of his rounded hips.

“Mum…” he mumbled out into her mouth, feeling her fingernails dig in as she began to gently push and pull on him, coaxing him to begin fucking her once again.

“Ummmmmmm…” she breathed out, filling his mouth with her hot breath, thrusting her pubis up against him, trying to get him to start.

Her soft, smooth thighs squeezed against him, rubbing, urging him as her pussy clutched and grabbed at his imbedded cock.

“Pleasssssseeee!” she hissed out into his mouth, thrusting her big tits into his chest, rubbing them against him as her whole body writhed in gluttonous need!

Sensing that need and seeing that his mother’s anguish was at a fever’s pitch, Mark jerked his arse back and began to pound away at her hungry pussy with wild abandon.

“Oh—Yesssssss!” she hissed again, thrusting her whole body at him, rubbing it against him as he hammered away at her pussy in a frenzied, crazed assault.

Their bodies glistening with sweat, they continued to clash against each other. But Mark knew that the frenzied level of fucking couldn’t last. No one could exert themselves at the level they were subjecting their bodies to without breaking something, blowing something or otherwise failing in some way.

He could feel the tips of his mother’s fingers on his arse, pushing down, forcing him down against her as he savagely humped away at her. Her slippery thighs were squeezing against his hips, rubbing against him while she had her back arched, thrusting herself up against the onslaught. Eyes closed, her mouth clenched shut, lips now a red line and her sweaty forehead etched with a frown, she fought on, grinding her big, soft tits against his heaving chest. The muscles encircling her tight pussy were squeezing down around his pistoning peter like a hand in a velvet glove as she panted her way toward the finish line.

Digging his toes down into the bed, Mark jerked his hips back and forth faster and faster. He could feel his own culmination rapidly approaching as his cum-filled balls slapped up against his mother’s pattering arse.

Then he heard his mother gasp and her back arched even more, thrusting herself up against him as her whole body went stiff.

“Oh…Noooooooooo!” she groaned out pulling him down onto her while she trembled and shook.

It was too much for Mark! Jerking his hips forward, he buried his cock down into her clutching, spasming pussy as a giant gusher of white-hot semen spurted out of it, filling the sacred chamber with its clinging heat.

“No—no—no—” his mother cried out, her legs squeezing against his thighs as his arse clenched every time his young penis sent another gush of cum into her hungry pussy. “Can’t—can’t—oh—no—!”

But Mark was in a euphoric daze, unable to comprehend his mother’s moaning protest. They were coming! She was climaxing! He was coming in her pussy! Filling it with his hot young seed! Why was she objecting to the consummation of their lovemaking? She had been just as caught up in it as he had…yet now she didn’t want him to finish inside her? Why? Why?

He felt scorned and forsaken. She had taken him inside her, but now she didn’t want his gift to her.

Feeling total rejection, he jerked his penis back out of the cum-filled chamber just as the last gob spurted out of it and splashed down onto the lips of her pussy.

“What? Why?” he gasped, rolling off her and flopping down onto his back beside her. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she wept, reaching over and pulling him to her.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” he asked, feeling her tear-stained cheek resting on his shoulder.

“No, no, you didn’t hurt me,” she said, sniffing back tears. “I…I’m not taking my birth control pills! I didn’t think that I would need them…I don’t want to get pregnant!”

“I’m sorry,” Mark mumbled, feeling even more rejected than ever. “I didn’t know…”

Mark’s numbed mind was in turmoil. Pregnancy was something he hadn’t even thought about. All he had cared about was getting his rocks off in his mother’s pussy. Those consequences weren’t a consideration at that time. Nothing else had mattered but the consummation of their fiery passion. Now his mother was telling him that she didn’t want his baby!

A baby? A c***d? His c***d? Him a father? It was all too much to fathom! He was too young to be a father! Wasn’t he? It made his head ache just to think about it!

“What…what are you going to do?” he asked her, running his fingers through her sweaty hair.

“I…I don’t know…I just don’t know,” she mumbled sleepily. “I just don’t know…”

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