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A Soccer Mom’s Tale Ch. 01

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Disclaimer – Many thanks go to my best friend Tricia who collaborated with me and was my inspiration for this story. This series will parallel a future series I am working on titled A Cheerleader’s Dad. All characters are 18 or older and are fictional, any similarities to real persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. Please feel free to leave feedback and tell me what you think.

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Rebecca looked at herself in the mirror, sighing softly, “Becky, you’re not a spring chicken anymore.” In truth she wasn’t what you would call young; she had just seen her fortieth birthday recently.

It showed in her body too, though she was not overweight by any means, the wide set of her hips, the soft pooch of her belly, and the slight sag of her 38D breasts easily gave proof of her age. Seeing her naked reflection in the mirror, Becky sighed again as she thought about her life.

Her husband, scratch that, her son’s father, had walked out on them almost ten years ago to this very day with no explanation what so ever. For the months that followed Becky was an emotional wreck, crying every night in her pillow as she wondered why he left so abruptly.

“Mom! Come on! The game starts in an hour and Coach Riggs will be mad if I don’t make the pre-game warm-up,” Andrew called from downstairs.

Snapping out of her reverie, Becky looked at herself one more time in the mirror. Sighing again, she called back, “I’ll be down in five minutes, sweetie! Get your stuff in the car!”

Opening her dresser, she picked out a sensible, if somewhat plain set of undergarments. Soft and comfortable white cotton bikini cut panties with a matching bra, covering them with a comfy, if somewhat tight pair of blue jeans and her favorite sweatshirt with the name of Andrew’s university across the front.

Becky laughed softly as she looked at herself again in the mirror. She certainly looked like a typical “Soccer Mom” with her attire. Ruffling her short, pixie-cut brown hair, she sighed again, seeing a few streaks of grey in it, “No one will ever be interested in you, Becky, you’re too old and a mother.”

Pushing the somber thoughts aside, she grabbed her keys and purse and headed out to the car where Andrew was surely waiting for her. She managed a smile then as she thought about her only son, being as proud as any mother could possibly be. He was very handsome and popular at school, got good grades, and was dating one of the prettiest cheerleaders but he still made time to be a good son to her and go to church every Sunday with her.

The drive to Drew’s game was as normal as to be expected in the small town they lived in. Cruising through the main area of the town, downtown if you could call it that, Becky looked over at her son and smiled. She was truly proud of him.

“Is everything okay, mom?” he asked as he looked over at her, a curious expression on his face.

“Yes, dear, everything is fine. I’ve just been thinking about some things is all,” she sighed softly as she stopped at a red light.

“What’s that, mom?” he asked, his deep eyes watching her with that loving concern he held for her.

Shaking her head, she gave him a sad smile, “Nothing important, baby. At least nothing you need to worry about.”

He nodded silently, keeping his question in check for now because he knew when his mother didn’t want him to pry.

Pulling into the lot of the playing field, Becky killed the engine as she set her Toyota Prius in park and leaned over to kiss Drew on the cheek, “Have a good game, baby. I’ll be in the stands watching you.”

Drew smiled at his mother, giving her a kiss on the cheek, “Okay, mom. Oh…some of the guys on the team were talking about having a party after the game. Is it alright if I go too?”

Thinking for a moment, Becky nodded, giving him a smile, “Sure, baby, have fun but don’t overdo it.” She knew he would probably drink at this party, he was in college after all but she trusted him to drink responsibly.

Drew climbed out of the car, giving her a smile, “Thanks, mom. I’ll see you later.” He trotted off to head into the locker room.

Watching her son go, Becky sighed softly, shaking her head as she looked at her reflection in the rear-view mirror. “He’ll probably be the only man you can ever count on to do the right thing,” she mused to herself, looking back to where her son had trailed off to.

Stepping out of the car, she locked it and headed up into the stands, greeting some of the other parents of other players on the team.

Cheering along with the other parents and family of the players, Becky watched the game pass with enthusiasm. When he caught her eye Drew waved to her from the sidelines or the field between plays.

Looking around she saw Cindy, Drew’s girlfriend, along with a gaggle of her fellow cheerleaders on the sideline, rousing the spectators.

Her gaze followed the girls back into the stands until she caught sight of Brandon, her father. Becky had only met with canlı bahis him a few times but she liked him.

Much like her, he was a single parent but he was a widower, his wife having passed some years ago and leaving him alone to raise his daughter.

The crowd roared in excitement as her son scored another touchdown increasing the points spread over their opponent even further. Becky looked up at the scoreboard and saw that they were up 27-10, she smiled as she thought of how good of an athlete her son was. He had already been approached by teams for the NFL to draft him after he graduated from college.

But she insisted on him to get his degree first and then if he wanted to pursue a professional career in football he could.

The kicker placed the ball thru the uprights again perfectly adding another point to the scoreboard just before the 2 minute warning sounded.

Filing out of the stands after the game, Becky felt someone brush against her, quickly turning her head to see Cindy’s father, Brandon. Flashing him a smile she stopped to greet him, “Hello, Brandon! How are you doing today?”

He returned her smile adjusting his glasses on his face, “Hello, Rebecca, I am doing well. That was a great game that Andrew played. I’m certain he has a great career ahead of him if he decides to go pro.”

Nodding she smiled more, “Yes I think so too but I want him to get a degree so he has something to fall back on.”

“A wise choice,” Brandon returned, smiling at her, “Say…the kids are going to go to some wild party tonight. Would you like to grab a bite to eat or maybe a few drinks somewhere?”

Thinking for a moment Becky nodded, “Sure that sounds magnificent. Do you want to meet somewhere? Will I need to change into something better?” She giggled spreading her arms to show him her rather worn out sweatshirt and jeans.

Brandon laughed softly, nodding, “Yes something a little more suited for a night out would be nice. I can pick you up in two hours. Will that be good?”

“I think I can manage to pull something together in that time,” she replied with a smile, “I’ll see you then.”

She unlocked her car as she neared it not realizing they had walked this far already. “Okay,” he laughed again climbing into his sleek Camaro, “I’ll see you soon.”

Arriving home shortly after leaving the game, Rebecca dropped her purse and keys on the table next to the door. Looking at the grandfather clock she saw that she still had a bit of time to get ready for dinner with Brandon.Heading up to her bedroom, Becky undressed and stepped into the shower.

Finishing her shower twenty mimutes later, Becky felt refreshed as she dried her short hair. Standing at the sink as she applied her make-up, she wondered what had happened to Brandon’s wife, but she decided to let him bring it up in conversation. Her story was far more complicated.

Sighing, she still remembered the day that Steve came home from work and told her he was leaving and wanted a divorce. Andrew was only nine at the time but the look in his eyes told her a deep resentment toward his father for abandoning them.

He fought her for custody but she was able to win out. Having Andrew with her kept her sane over the years though she often cried herself to sleep nearly every night.

Brandon was every bit of a gentleman that Andrew had told her about. He arrived right at the time he said he would. Even though she was not fully ready he waited patiently for her to finish before escorting her out the door to his car.

Her mouth gaped open in astonishment as she saw he had brought different car then what he drove to the game.

Smiling at her, Brandon pressed the unlock button on the key fob of the dark green Aston Martin. “I don’t drive this alot but I figured tonight was special.”

Becky could feel her face burning as she blushed, “Wow, I’m impressed. I knew that you were pretty well off but this is amazing.”

Smiling he opened the car door for her, letting her slide smoothly into the plush leather seat. Climbing in on the driver side, he started the car and put it in gear, driving casually as they wound thru the town streets.

Brandon kept the surprises coming as he took her to the new seafood restaurant on the richer side of town. Becky had considered coming to try it sometime but being a high-end establishment their prices reflected the type of customer they expected to serve.

Hours later, Brandon returned her home, giving her a light kiss on the cheek as he walked her to the door. “I had a wonderful time tonight, Rebecca. I hope that we can do it again,” he said as he looked into her eyes.

Smiling back, she nodded, “I would love that, Brandon.” Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she turned to unlock the door, stopping a moment when she noticed it unlocked. Turning back to Brandon, she found him already down the drive way.

Biting her lip, she debated calling the police but the door didn’t look like it was forced open. That and the alarm was not triggered meant that most likely Andrew had come bahis siteleri home early from the party.

His truck was not in the drive so he must have gotten a ride home. At least that is what she hoped as she entered the foyer and quietly closed the door behind her.

Setting her purse down, she quickly removed her heels so not to give herself away to whomever was in the house.

Quiet as a mouse, she crept thru the house, checking every room for any kind of disturbance. Nothing seemed amiss on the first floor so she slowly went upstairs, almost forgetting that the third step from the top creaked very loudly when it was stepped on.Skipping over it, she hopped onto the upstairs landing.

Immediately, she saw the light in Andrew’s room was on, letting out a sigh of relief as she moved down the hall to see why he was home so early. Pushing open the door quietly, she found her son laying on the bed, a bottle of vodka in his hand as he looked up at her in surprise. “Umm…hi, mom…s-sorry, I got home and needed something….” He blushed lightly setting the bottle down on the floor

Kneeling at the bedside, Becky took his hands in hers as she looked into his eyes, “What’s wrong, baby? Did something happen at the party?”

Andrew sniffed, shaking his head then shrugging, “I suppose so but…it wasn’t a result of the party.” He wiped his eyes, tears staining his handsome face.

Becky felt her heart swell in concern for Andrew, she was so proud of him. Another thing he was secure in with himself was that he was not afraid to show emotions when they hit him. Caressing his cheek gently, she kissed his forehead, “Tell me what happened, Andrew.”

Sniffing, he nodded slightly, feeling comfortable sharing with his mother, “Cindy and I broke up…” He sighed, lowering his gaze to the carpet as she hugged him tightly.

Holding her son close, she could feel his smooth, firm muscles as he shook in her arms. “Why did you two break up, baby? You got along so well.”

Biting his lip, Andrew sighed again, “Well….tonight was the homecoming game as you know.” She nodded, listening to him. Clearing his throat, he looked up again, “Cindy and I had talked about…giving ourselves to the other tonight. It would have been the first time for us both but…” He closed his eyes again as his body shook.

Frowning at what her son was telling her, she put two and two together, “But she isn’t a virgin.” Andrew shook his head not saying a word. Becky hugged him tighter, feeling the wracking of his body.

“No, she was not, but she would not tell me when it had happened,” Andrew flopped back on his bed, resting his head in his palms as he stared at the ceiling.

“I’m sorry, baby. You must have felt like she lied to you, which it does seem she did,” she consoled him as he lay back, quickly making a decision as she stared at him for a moment.

Standing up, she joined her son on the bed, cuddling up to him as she hugged him tight against her bosom, much like she would do when he was much younger and scared.

“Thanks, mom, I do feel like she lied to me but I could see the pain in her eyes,” Andrew spoke quietly, “But she refused to tell me who with. If I can’t trust her then…” He sighed again as his words trailed off, closing his eyes enjoying the feel of Becky’s lush breasts pressing against his side.

She gently stroked his hair as she held him, listening to the soft timber of his breathing. He slowly shifted slightly inadvertently pressing against her leg with his groin. Becky’s eyes widened in shock when she felt his hardness against her leg, though she said nothing to her son about it, she wondered what had caused Andrew to get an erection.

Since she was the only other one there, Becky deduced that something she had done had made her son to become hard. She gnawed on her lip as she listened to his quiet snoring, having drifted off to sleep in her arms. What could she do about this, talk to him about getting an erection from his mother or just ignore it as though it never happened?

Andrew rolled over to his back, the prominent bulge in his pants being silhouetted by the soft light coming thru the window from the streetlight outside. Becky felt her cheeks grow hot again when she found herself staring at his cock though it was covered. He certainly was decently endowed, not being small but not being too big either.

Still though, she found herself getting moist as suddenly thoughts came into her head of feeling his rigid cock pumping into her.

“What the hell am I thinking? He is my son,” Becky thought to herself, biting her lip as she tried to get those incestuous thoughts from her mind. She couldn’t seem to help it though. Andrew was a handsome boy…no…He was a handsome man. He had the looks and personality to be instantly likeable.

Sliding off the bed, she quickly tried to get away from her son before she did something foolish. She loved Andrew dearly but she could not do that with her son. Even though it had been years since the last time she had sex, it did not justify committing bahis şirketleri such an act with her own son. Andrew whimpered softly in his sleep when she pulled out of his embrace, softly calling to her in his sleep.

Becky felt torn between going back to comfort him in his sleep or leaving to eliminate her un-motherly urges. Her heart tearing for her only child, she thought to herself, “Get control of yourself, Rebecca. Your son needs you and you are thinking about things you should not be doing with him.” With more resolve then she actually felt, or perhaps showing more then she had, Becky removed her dress and draped it on the back of the chair at Andrew’s desk. She stood there for a moment, clad now only her bra and a pair of thong panties.

His whimpering grew louder, breaking Becky of any more hesitation she joined him on his bed again, curling her body against him. Instantly Andrew became quiet again, murmuring softly in his sleep, “I love you, Mom.”

Smiling, Becky pulled the covers over them, laying her head on his shoulder as she gently caressed his chest. She wondered what he had been dreaming about that caused him to need to feel her at his side.

Shaking her head, Becky put the thought out of her mind for now as she closed her eyes, continuing to caress his chest and stomach now.

Drifting into a light slumber, Becky began to dream too, her own mind pressing her with images of her and Andrew lying in bed together but not like they were. She moaned softly in her sleep, her panties becoming moist as she made love with her son in her dream. Her hand glided to his groin, cupping his still erect cock thru his pants as she moved around.

Waking slightly, Andrew’s sleep-fogged mind noticed the feel of a small hand on his stiff cock, that being joined with feeling a warm body pressed against him. Coming awake more, he realized that the hand belonged to his mother as she cuddled against him sound asleep.

She had kicked the covers off as she was squirming, moaning softly and calling his name. He held her gently, touching her cheek as he whispered softly, “Mom? Mom, wake up…you are having a bad dream.” At least he thought she was until he noticed the thin strap of her thong bisecting her full asscheeks. She slipped a hand down to the silky material, gently rubbing herself thru it as she moaned his name again.

Staring at her in shock, Andrew felt his cock swelling when he realized she was having an erotic dream. One of which, he believed, she was dreaming about having sex with him. Andrew always considered his mother to simply be gorgeous. Like every young male being raised by a single mother, he had harbored fantasies of making love to her but never acted upon them. They were fantasies and nothing more until now.

Hearing her call his name again, he brought his face close to hers, calling to her again, “Mom…wake up, you are dreaming. Please wake up.” Seeing her squirming rubbing herself with her hand she moaned softly as her eyes began to flutter open.

Waking from her dream, Becky let out a surprised scream scrambling away from Andrew like he was a very large spider. Catching her breath, she noticed her son sitting up on the bed. “Andrew? What was…that?” she asked him, watching curiously as he stared back at her.

Blushing slightly, Andrew looked at her, “Umm, it seemed like you were having a very erotic dream about me.” Now Becky was blushing too, feeling her cheeks burn in her embarrassment.

“Don’t you go thinking that, young man. A mother should not think about…” she blushed harder, leaving the sentence unfinished as she felt the gusset of her thong sticking to the outerlips of her pussy, completely wet with her juices.

He looked away from her, “I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” Looking around the room, Andrew gulped slightly as he felt his cock throbbing in pants. He did notice the damp spot in her panties, molding the thin silk to her pussy. In the mirror behind his mother, he could see the beautiful roundness of her ass being separated by the strap of her thong.

“God she is beautiful,” Andrew thought to himself, blushing even harder, “Any guy who got to have sex with Mom would be lucky.”

Noticing her son blushing harder, Becky quickly sat back down on the bed, keeping a slight distance. “Umm, tell me what happened with you and Cindy,” she said quietly, trying to change the subject. She took his hand in hers, giving it a loving squeeze.

Andrew bit his lip, one thing that he always felt comfortable talking to his mom about was sex, though at the moment his thoughts about what it would be to have sex with her were making him unable to speak.

Finally, he was able to, “Umm, yeah, well….like I said, we had planned to have sex with each other for the first time tonight, also making us each other’s first. But when I went to put my finger in her as I licked her, I noticed her maidenhead was gone.”

Little did Andrew know, she was having similar thoughts racing thru her mind. It had been so long since Becky had last had sex that she was imagining what it might feel like to have her son’s hard cock sliding in and out of her. “Well, baby, remember that she is a cheerleader and doing some of her stunts can possibly tear her hymen,” she told him.

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