Mart 24, 2021

A Snowy Night

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It’s a snowy night, you invite me over so I don’t have to drive all the way home while the roads are treacherous. I arrive at your place cold and wet. You answer the door wearing a bathroom, fresh from a hot shower. You take my coat, pour me a drink, and tell me to make myself confortable while you go to get dressed. You mentioning that you have a roommate, but she’s out for the evening, and you’re glad to have some company through the storm.

I sit on the couch, sipping my drink and taking a look around. I notice a couple of adult movies on the entertainment center and chuckle to myself. After a few minutes, you call to me from the bedroom, asking me to come in and give you a hand with something.

As I push the door open, I’m greeted by the sight of you on all fours on the bed, ass high up in the air, your pussy pointed right anadolu yakası escort at me. “What is it I can help you with?” I ask, a wide smile on my face. You run a finger along your labia, “I have this empty hole, you think you could fill it up for me?” It’s corny, but it gets my juices flowing. I walk up to the bed, give you a wide, slow lick from clit to taint, eliciting a delicious moan from you. You’re already a little wet, and I have no problem getting a finger into you, taking my time and exploring a bit, feeling my way around. I work a second finger in, plunging both to the knuckle. My thumb working circles on your clitoris as my fingers work in and out.

I notice a vibrator on the night stand. Thinking this could be a fun addition, I snag it without you noticing. I slip my fingers ataşehir escort out, using them to hold you lips wide open as I work the vibe in their place, your body squirming a bit at the increase in width. I watch as it plunges in and out of your wet hole, turned on by the sight. After a bit, I slide the vibe out, use my fingers to spread your juices around your anus, and start to work the vibe into your ass. It takes you a few seconds to relax and accept it, but soon it slides all the way in.

With the vibrator securely in your ass, I unbuckle my belt and drop my pants to the floor. My cock springs to attention, and I slide it slowly into your dripping pussy. Once I’m in as far as I can go, I twist the base of the vibe, turning it on to a low setting. You jump a bit in surprise at first, then bostancı escort start sliding yourself up and down my cock. The sensation from your pussy sliding up and down my length with the buzz from the vibe transmitted through your flesh is amazing. My hands grip your hips and I pull you into me as I thrust forward.

As I start to fuck you faster, you reach a hand down to your pussy and start rubbing it is quick circles. The trio of stimulus, my cock, the vibe, and your hand, all going at once quickly brings you to an intense orgasm. Your pussy spasms almost painfully around my member, and it feels amazing.

I withdraw my cock and pull the vibe out. You roll over onto your back, panting a bit and looking very contented.

At that moment, we hear the front door open and close. your roommate announces that she’s home, her plans canceled due to the weather. You call out that you’re in the bedroom, and I look a bit panicked. She pokes her head in the bedroom doorway, take a look at you lying naked on the bed, and my cock, still slick with your juices. “And I thought this was going to be a boring night in,” she says with a wicked grin…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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