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A Sister and Her Family Ch. 02

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I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be, I have met almost the entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years, don’t know how, I asked he didn’t say.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are true for the most part. Still they are not biographies, artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long, most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short, I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, or any personal friend or relative.

This story is about a brother’s sense of duty to his sister and her family. Buck struggles to help his sister fight against her demons. The first chapters can be a tough read. It was even more difficult for Buck and Rey Ann to tell it.


I started paying the kids an allowance for helping around the house. Basic things were required but extra work earned them cold hard cash. WJ called me one day and asked if Luis would like to help him paint some rooms he lined up. I agreed if Luis wanted. I had Luis call him and soon his Saturdays were busy working. One day he brought home an old chair that was broken. He wanted to fix it up and see if he could sell it. It was beautiful but had been neglected. I took him to the basement and unlocked a steel door. Behind the door his eyes lit up. All of my dad’s old woodworking equipment stood silent waiting for someone to bring it back to life.

“I can use this stuff?” I had never seen him so excited. He walked around the room naming each tool. He ran his hands over them rubbing the thin film of dust. “Can I use it?”

“We will use it together first. You get your grades up to a B and we will dust this stuff off. I saw the disappointment in his eyes. Rey had followed us down and was beside me. “You have a few more weeks until the end of the semester. Get those grades out of the C’s and then we will start working”

“But I can’t do it in just weeks!” Luis argued.

“Luis, it is not the fight the dog is in that counts, it is the fight in the dog that counts!” I explained.

“What the heck does that mean?” He ripped me.

“It means it is time for us to stop bitching about our life, and do something about it.” Rey spoke up. “If you will do what it takes to get a B you will understand it!”

“Leave the chair upstairs for motivation.” I threw him the key and turned to walk back upstairs. “Don’t turn anything on, make sure you lock the door when you come up.”

I heard Rey talking to him on the way up the stairs. Something about extra credit… studying harder.

I was setting down having a beer, my leg was hurting, I had taken a pill in the morning but it worn off by now. I could take another but that shit is hard on your liver and kidneys. I closed my eyes and blocked it out like I had been trained.

“Buck.” I heard as my body shook. I looked up it was Luis and Rey.

“Here is the key.” Luis hand was extended.”

“You keep it in a safe place.” I waved at him as I looked at the clock it was close to our bed time. “It stays locked unless you are in there. Remember the TV?”

“So I should hide the key?” he asked.

“What do you think?” I replied. “Now get to bed.”

Luis left but Rey stayed behind.

“Thank you Buck!” She lunged at me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Hey stop that!” I scolded her.

“Why?” She tilted her head looking for an explanation.

“Just because!” I replied.

“Buck I want the truth!” Rey had me. Had I not said anything I would have been ok, but I had forgotten my own rules.

“Well because…” She was waiting for me to answer, she was reading me. “I am going to bed!”

“That is not fair!” She complained.

“Life is not fair! Get over it!” I left her standing there steaming. God my leg hurt.

Rey Ann

The last month has seen it’s up and downs. Mostly ups, but the one down seriously scared me. It still does to this day. Buck introduced us to Archie, he was hurt when he was young. He is a really big guy but he is gentle, Luis thinks he is stupid but I can see something in him that makes him special, so does Buck.

Luis has been doing better, he still has that chip on his shoulder, you know the one you need to survive after ten different schools. Buck has been helping him make the transition. It won’t be easy but I think he is starting to get through. The deal with Mathew at school was a good start. He is working part time making money, he has saved enough money to buy his own TV. He even promised Archie he would play video games with him if he brought his console over. Now Buck has offered to let him use our grandfather’s old tools.

Joy has been around often but not daily, I think she canlı bahis and Buck are getting together but it is only a hunch. I turn fifteen in a week, I am looking forward to that. We still have not seen mom since we have been here, Buck expects her any day.


Karen has been around lately, I can smell her in the garage. I have not seen her but her check should be here in about a week. She will be turning tricks to survive until then, it is only a matter of time when she succumbs to her desire to be dominated and punished. She only does it when she is desperate. She always does it in the garage knowing I will be home to deal with anyone that goes too far or stays too long. I use to think it was her way of showing me she was sorry for what happened, if she does it is not working. That was years ago, I may not be over it but I hold no grudge, at least not with her.

When I pulled in the driveway I knew she was back, I said nothing to the kids but the signs were there. They went in and started on their homework. I went to the garage and found her hogtied lying on the mattress. Karen was gagged a butt plug in her ass, nipple clamps still biting into her tits. Her clothes lay piled on the floor, her hair matted with cum. I pulled my chair down from the rafters.

“I should let your kids see this!” Her eyes shot open, she struggled in the hope her bonds would miraculously give way. The gag muffled her words but the meaning was understood. “Don’t lie to me, you knew they were here.”

She knew better than to BS me.

“I am going to let you free, when I do you will not say a word.” She acknowledged the order. I pulled out my knife and cut her bonds. She removed the gag and clamps but left the plug in place. “Your check came today?”

“Yes.” She looked down.

“You’re already broke aren’t you?” She refused to answer. “You owe them now?” Still no reply. She knew better than to lie.

“Did you get Rey a present?” I asked, knowing she hadn’t.

“Her birthday is soon?” Karen started bawling.

“Save the show for someone that hasn’t seen it.” I replied. Pulling her arms out I checked them.

“You seen Bobby?” The moment I asked she reacted.

“Why do you ask?” She replied in haste.

“When did you see him?” Confirming she had.

“A week ago I think.” She moved back in case I reached for her.

“You tell him you’re staying here?” I asked calmly.

“I didn’t talk to him, just saw him at the club.” Karen said nervously.

“You whoring for him again?” I asked still restrained.

“No Buck, he has a new crew, they are all younger!” She was telling the truth, last I heard he was pushing young girls from Asia.

“There were people here after hours.” I explained. She looked shocked. “You expecting visitors here?”

“No Buck, if they were looking for me I didn’t know it.” She seemed sincere.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” I stood and hung the chair up.

“Are the kids in the house?” She looked at the door.

“I can’t expect them to sleep outside can I?” I grinned. “Turn the heater off, your sleeping inside tonight.”

“I can’t let them see me like this!” Karen protested.

“Why, this is what you look like?” I replied caring little of her situation. “Put some clothes on then.”

“Please Buck, maybe a blanket?” She begged.

“No, I am not lying to your kids anymore.” I looked at her sternly. “Now get dressed!”

She knew better than to argue. She slipped into her short skirt forgoing the panties. Slipping on her top she looked like the trollop she was. Her massive tits pulled the stretchy material down almost resting on her fat belly. Her nipples pressed forward but mostly down. Flab protruded around the lower part of the top and the top part of her skirt. She had lost weight again but was far from fit. I know black men have a reputation for woman with a big ass but Karen did not have the definition even Joy had. She was never short of customers but my guess is she gave most of it away for drugs.

She started in on that BSDM scene several years ago submitting to anyone, even a fair amount of female customers. I tried to get her to at least quit that after an exceedingly brutal night with one woman. It’s like talking to the wall, besides these clients pay more money. What hurt the most is knowing what she was like before she got involved with Bobby. She was so nice, happy, outgoing and carefree. She started experimenting long before Bobby, but he is the one that turned her into a prostitute and hooked her on the hard stuff to keep her working. His own fucking wife, even when they had Rey, she had hardly healed when she was out turning tricks. God my leg hurt.

“Straight to the bathroom, don’t stop!” I warned her. “You’re taking a shower before they touch you!”

“Buck please, I can wait until they go to bed!” She pleaded.

“You could but you’re not.” I grabbed her hand and opened the door to the house. Karen stumbled behind me hoping the kids would not see her I guess. “Stay there, and bahis siteleri not a word!” I said clearly.

Rey and Luis started to get up but knew from the tone of my voice I was not to be disobeyed. I walked her past them Rey turning her face, Luis staring at the woman he barely knew. I took her into the bathroom and pulled the dirty clothes from her body.

“I need you in me Buck.” She said quietly. “I saved it for you!” She offered me her ass.

“Not happening.” I replied. “We will be having dinner soon, you want to eat?”

“I want you in my ass!” She said louder. “I prepared it just for you. I need it Buck.”

I knew Karen was not going to stop until I fucked her ass. It started as a form of punishment but has become some sort of therapy of late. The meaning was twofold, and I knew from experience she would not give up until I did.

“After the kids are in bed.” I relented.

“Promise?” Karen asked.

“I said later.” I scowled. “Take a shower and I will bring you clean clothes. You’re eating dinner with us.”

I left with her clothes. This was seriously fucked up now. Some things I just had not thought through. Still what choice did I have? The kids were everything, even if she did not see that. God my leg hurt.

“Rey would you start dinner. Luis please set the table for four.” They looked up seeing I had her clothes. I went out and got her bag and carried it down to the washer and dryer. I opened the lid and slowly pulled all the clothes from the bag. I checked each one and threw them in the washer.

“Buck, you need to separate them.” Rey said from behind me.

She grabbed my wrist and pulled me from the machine. I could not hold back the sadness from my eyes. Rey hugged me, I could tell she was just as emotional.

“Here let me do them.” She whispered. She went to grab the bag.

“I thought I asked you to cook dinner?” I asked. Regaining my composure I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

Rey grabbed for the bag again. I held it away.

“No baby, you mustn’t.” I warned her. Relenting I let her have her way but did not give her the bag. “You do the wash I will start dinner.”

I searched the bag for anymore clothes then took it up with me and locked it in my room. I took some clean clothes I keep for Karen and put them in the bathroom. Rey saw me come out and close the door.

“The washer is started.” Rey said. “I will help you with dinner now.”

Luis knew there was drama but he stayed quiet. Rey and I worked side by side making dinner. Not a word was said that was not food related. Eventually Karen came out. There was a mixture of hate and empathy that filled the dining room.

“Karen is staying in the house tonight.” I announced. “I will not have any drama at my dinner table.”

“Yes sir.” Luis and Rey replied. I looked at Karen.

“Yes Buck.”

“Good now you two tell me about your day.” Rey looked at Luis and started explaining her day like we do each night.

Rey followed me down to change the washer. I started to load the dryer as she started another load.

“She can sleep in my room tonight.” Rey offered.

“No honey she can never sleep in your room. Not until she gets better.” I explained.

“But she is your sister!” She gently grabbed my arm looking for answers.

“Make sure you lock your door, and see that Luis does too.” I glared at her letting her know I was serious.



“Why you?”

“Why not me?” I took her hand from my arm and kissed the back of it. “Come on she has been alone with Luis too long.”

Rey seemed touched but confused by my display of affection. She moved ahead of me up the stairs looking back twice searching for answers. Luis and Karen were coming into the living room from the hall. I looked at Karen she saw the fury in my eyes.

“In my room now!” I yelled at her. “I expect the two of you to be in bed on time!”

“Luis just showed me the nice job he did painting his room.” Karen explained.

“Buck, why are you treating her like that?” Luis stood his fists clenched.

“Rey, please finish the wash before you go to bed.” I barked. “Remember what I said.”

I took Karen and entered my room. I locked the door.


“Buck I did not take anything!” Karen pleaded.

“Don’t you ever go in one of their bedrooms again!” I yelled. I knew the kids heard me. Lowering my voice I continued. “Do you hear me? Now fucking strip!”

I was mad as hell and she knew it I went through every piece of clothing. Then checked her pussy.

“On your knees!” I pulled the plug from her ass. I slipped on a condom, lubing my cock I slammed it in her. Karen moaned.

“I’m sorry Buck, I’m sorry.”

It all started coming back as her sphincter gripped my swollen cock. Mom and dad died, carbon monoxide, right here in this very house. I came back on leave for the funeral, I was pretty busted up. I always loved this place, I belong in a small town. From the estate I took less bahis şirketleri money and got the house and acreage in return. My brother and sister were more than fair and were happy not to deal with the headache. Vicky and I were planning a family for when I got home. The Marines didn’t have a place for a soldier that was not in top physical condition. At least not a position I wanted.

Vicky called and told me the good news. We were pregnant. I was out on leave when we moved in here, even started outfitting the nursery. I went back for my last few weeks, she went to see some friends and return the keys to the apartment. Karen and the kids had been staying close by, Karen who just divorced from Bobby, seemed to be in a good place. Vicky and Karen started partying together. The two women couldn’t be more different, or so I thought. No one really knows what happened and if they did they aren’t talking. Karen and Vicky partied one last night in the big city, drinking heavily they ran into Bobby. Getting drunk when you are pregnant is one thing but knowingly taking ecstasy is something Vicky would never do. Karen on the other hand … I know Bobby was the one that pumped her full of that shit. He got her wasted so he could fuck her.

I am sweating now, I can hear Karen whimpering. I am pounding her ass so hard her whole body jiggled.

“I’m sorry Buck. I’m sorry.”

I didn’t want to cum but my balls had other ideas. My cock was driving her ass I could tell she was raw the lube long gone. Mercifully I let my balls fill the condom. Karen came as she felt the heat in her ass.

“It’s all my fault!” She cried as she came. Reaching behind she rolled the condom off my cock and stuffed it in her ass. She replaced the plug and rolled to the side.

We lay there together, she takes my hand and places it on her floppy tit.

“Will you ever forgive me?” Karen tried to get me to squeeze her nipple.

“There is nothing to forgive you for, I have told you that! You did not give her that shit!” We have had this conversation too many times.

“But I was with her, I knew what he was capable of?” She cried.

“Look we are not having this discussion again. She was an adult, she knew what he was about.” I squeezed her nipple hard. Karen moaned loudly her hand now buried in her pussy. “She knew how he treated you, your kids and every woman he was in contact with.”


“Karen forgive yourself. Please?” I knew it was a waste but like she struggled in her bonds earlier, I had to try again.

We lay there, I knew she was not done, she still face me her hand slipped between her thick thighs. She bit her lower lip, her eyes closed, the sound of her hand at her pussy became louder.

“Harder Buck, please! I am almost there!” With her free hand she pulled my other hand to her free tit. I gripped the nipple and pulled both as I twisted her nipples.

“Uh…uh…uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!” Her hand sounded like it was churning butter. Karen’s pussy sloshed with half her hand stuffed inside. I let her tits go they flopped about, the soft flesh of her belly jiggled through her orgasm.

I looked at the clock, the kids should be in bed by now.

“Go get cleaned up, I will get you a pill.” I pulled on a robe.

“What about your leg?” She asked like she really cared.

“Get your fat ass cleaned up, and don’t worry about my leg.” I was in no mood to argue.

I walked behind her making sure she was in the bathroom before I went to the kitchen. She was naked, probably forgetting all about the kids being there. I bet she did not even see the glimmer of eyeballs from the doorway at Rey’s room. I removed a pill from the hiding spot and laid it on the night stand.

“I have work tomorrow, get some sleep.”

I left her in the garage Thursday morning, she was not there when we got home from school. Luis was all but devastated. I am sure he thought I would tell him ‘told you so’ but I was not that insensitive. His anger for me subsided for now, I agreed to take him to the store Friday night.

I took Luis and Archie to get the new TV Luis had saved up to buy. Rey was with a friend and I arranged to pick her up later.

I took them to the big town thirty miles from ours, Luis plopped down his hard earned money on a fine TV. He also bought Rey a birthday present, as did I. I dropped the boys off at home and went to get Rey. She was happy after having a good time, she was just now starting to fit in at school.

From high on the hill I could see a car at the house. It backed out and passed us racing the other direction. It was dark the glare of the headlights did not allow us to see in the car but I caught the make and license plate. Rey looked over worried.

“Buck it looks like the same car.” I could see the fun she had earlier drain from her face.

“It’s ok, Archie is there, he won’t let anything bad happen to Luis.” I took her hand to reassure her.

I let Rey in the front door, I could see the light on in the garage. Karen was there slumped on the mattress passed out. I went to the sink and filled a bucket. The water must have been freezing as she bolted up in a semi stupor the moment it hit her.

“Hey what did you do that for?” She squealed.

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