Ocak 16, 2021

A Sibling Story

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It was 11 o’clock. I didn’t have a date and resigned myself to a night of sitting at home, entertaining myself with the porno magazine stashed under my mattress. It should have been a crime for a 20-year-old guy to spend a Friday night at home alone.

Mom was at some out-of-state conference and dad was locked in his studio. I knew from experience that when he went out to his studio – a little 12-by-12 shop in the backyard, that he would be out there drawing or painting until the wee hours.

My sister was out on a date. Although she was only a year younger than me, it was my considered opinion that she was too young to be dating. Actually, I think it’s just that I hated every guy she went out with. The one she was going out with tonight was some kind of stoner who thought he was upstate New York’s answer to Jim Morrison. I thought he was just an idiot who had fried too many brain cells. And the way she was dressed when she left, with the dress that almost covered her ass, made me quite confident in my prediction that she’d be getting laid.

At 11:30, the front door slammed shut, jolting me out of the intricate fantasy I had created. My hard cock immediately began to wilt, knowing that I was no longer alone in the house. I reached for my boxer shorts.

“Oooooo, MEN!” my sister, Romana, screamed as she stomped upstairs.

I yanked my door open, grabbing her arm as she stormed by.

“What did he do!” I roared. “Did he try to fuck you?” I knew my sister was no virgin saint (despite what our parents thought), but I would not tolerate anyone taking advantage of her.

She whirled around to face me. The low cut top of her microdress was pulled down on one side, displaying a round, pert breast capped by an erect pink nipple.

“Did he try to rape you?” I hissed, “I’ll cut his fucking nuts off!”

“No, you idiot. I wanted it! He’s the one who couldn’t deliver! The little shit came 10 seconds into foreplay. So he’s satisfied and casino oyna I’m still horny.”

I doubled over laughing. Here she was, out on a hot date, ready to go and her stud of choice fumbles.

As I laughed myself silly I noticed that she wasn’t laughing. She was just staring at me. In my gyrations, my cock had slipped out of my boxers. Having been in the midst of a satisfying session of self-pleasure, I was I was still partially erect. And there was my sister, half-naked, licking her lips and staring at my cock.

“That’s pretty impressive, Austin.”

“And it lasts longer than 10 seconds,” I couldn’t help it, it was too good to pass up. She didn’t even notice me berating her date. Or she didn’t care.

“I’ll bet it does,” she mumbled, her eyes a bit glazed. Then, almost as if in a dream, she reached for my cock, slowly wrapping her fingers around it. I swear I almost fainted.

She just held it for awhile, stroking it lightly.

“I knew it would be big,” she muttered, “so big and beautiful.”

Not wanting to fail in my boast and blow the deal (pun intended), I pulled away and backed into my room.

“Hey, I’m not through with you yet,” she said petulantly.

“No you’re not, little sister,” I said, “not by a long shot.”

Taking her hand, I led her into my bedroom. As usual it was a mess, but she didn’t seem to care. I took her by the shoulders and kissed her deeply, tasting her lips with my tongue, probing deeply into her mouth. It occurred to me that I might be tasting some of what’s-his-name’s come on her tongue and I couldn’t decide whether it aroused or repulsed me. That was an issue I would contemplate at a later time. For the moment, our tongues were entwined in a deep, searing soul kiss.

Lips still locked, I pushed the top over her shoulders and drew it down until her breasts were free. I took them in my hands and felt her draw a sharp breath from my own mouth.

My hands slipped down, slot oyna dragging her microdress over her hips and I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of those white cotton panties. As I drew them down, I could tell they were soaked. Though I tried to tell myself that it was all to my credit, I had to admit that some of the credit might have to go to the nimrod who couldn’t seal the deal.

As I tried to get the dress and panties down her legs, she stopped me and pulled away. For a second, I was disappointed. Then I realized she only pulled away from me in order to step out of the dress and panties. They dropped to the ground and she stepped forward, pressing herself against me and my now-throbbing cock.

She pulled down my boxers and I stepped out of them. Now we were naked together. Something that hadn’t happened since the days we took baths together as children. Romana was definitely no longer a child. She was a woman now and a sight to behold.

Putting her hands around my neck, she sat down on the bed, pulling me down on top of her. We kissed deeply again, then I nuzzled my way down her neck to her breast. I sucked first one nipple and then the other into my mouth and then moved further south.

I wanted to taste her. I wanted to part her labia with my tongue and taste her wetness but she would have none of it.

“Not now, big brother,” she said pulling me back up by my shoulders tenderly, “I want you inside me. Now.”

I shifted my hips and put my weight on my knees, angling my cock down and I moved forward. She bent her knees and tilted her hips up to meet my oncoming cock and as though we had practiced it for years, the head of my cock nudged perfectly between her wet lips.

I wanted to enter her slowly and be all romantic and teasing, but my body would have none of it. I immediately sank into her to the hilt, griding our pubic bones together as we both moaned in utter fulfillment.

We lay there for a moment and I could canlı casino siteleri feel her stretching around me to accommodate my size. In the back of my head, the little guy that was my ego puffed put his chest and pumped his fist in the air, shouting, “yes!”

Then, as I looked into her heavy-lidded eyes, eyes full of love and lust, I drew back and began fucking my sister with long, slow, deep strokes.

“Oh, yes,” she breathed “yes. Fuck me. So big. It feels so good.”

I no longer possessed the ability of speech, so I just grunted and moaned as we began rocking faster.

She began urging me on, speaking in a staccato rhythm of a word each time I thrust into her.


This went on for several minutes. She wrapped her lithe legs around me and hunched herself back against my thrusting cock. As she came, her power of speech was reduced to a single vowel.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” the sound was equal parts moan, cry and grunt. She tossed her head from side to side and bit her lip. Her breasts shuddered as her body shook, partly from orgasm and partly from the pounding of my cock into her.

I felt myself starting to come and added my own voice to hers “Oh, oh, oh Sis, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…”

She grabbed my face, pulling it down to hers and shrieked into my mouth, “Yes. Come with me, big brother! Come inside me!”

And with a shuddering groaning roar, I did just that.

I fired jet after jet of come into her womb, grunting with each shot. She had lost her voice completely and just rolled her head back and forth, mouthing a silent ‘O’ as her body quivered.

I kissed her deeply, remaining there with my cock deflating inside her for several minutes until I rolled off her. I reached down to feel my come slowly leaking from her cunt and I gently stroked her clit as I snuggled up next to her, feeling my cock nestled in the crack of her ass and knowing it wouldn’t be long before I would want to make love to my sister again. And I wondered momentarily how she’d like to have my cock inside her ass.

It wouldn’t be long and she would satisfy my curiosity on that particular matter.

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