Nisan 10, 2021

A Sexual Awakening

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Big Tits

My name is Carol. You do not need to know more about me than that. I am 32 years old and I have recently had a sexual awakening. I know, kind of old for that. Here is my story.

I am divorced from an early marriage, pretty typical. I have a nice condo that I received in the settlement. Actually there was very little equity in it at that time, so what I really received was the mortgage. I have an unexciting middle management job that I could tell you about, but I don’t want to lose readers.

My social life controls my sex life so not much has been happening. I have hooked up with a couple of guys over the years but nothing serious. The sex was plain vanilla, just like in my marriage. Seems like a lot of guys think a few pokes in the vagina, an ejaculation, and a snooze take care of it.

I have been longing for more lately, maybe because I am 32 and some people say that age is the peak of a woman’s sexuality. I got turned on to internet porn, and surfing around in it I discovered anal sex. Not only had I never experienced it personally, I had never even thought about it. Now it is all I think about. I will admit it has become an obsession, but I don’t think I am ready for counseling.

To use an old expression, it blew my mind. I would watch some guy with an enormous penis shove it up some sweet things asshole and fuck her silly. Some of the women would try to act as if it hurt and it was their first time, but give me a break. They are not very good actresses and it was obvious that one, it did not hurt, and two, it was not their first time.

But that was OK, it was still a tremendous turn-on for me. I would masturbate as I watched and it always gave me a good orgasm. I bet there are some men reading this that are surprised to learn that women watch porn and masturbate just like they do. I am also sure that most women readers are not surprised, because they do it too.

As they say, 90% of people will admit they masturbate, and the other 10% are liars.

As time went by I wanted to experience nasty, dirty sex like that, instead of just fantasizing about it. I was not about to hire a male prostitute to sodomize me, so I needed to have a different solution.

I have been seeing a guy named Bob for a few weeks. We had not had sex yet but it was clearly on the horizon. I wondered if I could entice, cajole, or persuade him to do it to me. You would think that would be easy, because from what I have seen, the men are wildly aroused by it. The porn stars are required (I guess) to pull out before they cum, and they typically produce a huge load of semen. Sometimes it spurts into the woman’s open mouth, and sometimes it shoots all over her face and hair.

I always found that disappointing because I am sure they both wanted it to go as far up inside the woman as possible. But the porn producers are aware of their audience and they know they have to prove that the man really did cum. Strange, because why wouldn’t he cum? Fucking a woman’s tight asshole must be pretty exciting for them. I know it would be for me. Oh, that sounds weird doesn’t it.

But if I was a man I would definitely fuck women in every way possible. I have tried to imagine what it would feel like to push your stiff hard-on up a woman’s warm tight asshole while she made little whimpering noises and begged you to stop, and then begged you to not stop. Wow, I am getting turned on just writing this.

My woman’s intuition told me that Bob was going to put the move on me to have sex with him soon, probably the next time we got together. I resolved to somehow, someway, get him to fuck me anally. I didn’t have a specific plan, just a general idea to not take no for an answer. We had a date to meet at our favorite local club, no big deal, just a few drinks and laughs. I drove to the club and met him there as we had arranged.

To keep this story moving I will cut to the chase. It was about 11:00PM and we were clearly starting to think about leaving when he asked me if I would go home with him. I didn’t want to do that and feel trapped in his place, and I also didn’t want to invite him to my place.

I said “Why don’t we get a room? That way we are on neutral ground.”

He was kind of surprised because he thought he would have to seduce me in small steps. Here I was blatantly saying let’s get a room and fuck.

“Great idea, I will book it.” He wanted to quickly agree before I changed my mind.

He whipped out his smart phone and did a quick search, and called to reserve a room. I asked him where and it was a decent place, not some flea bag. He does have redeeming qualities.

We drove separately with me following him. I liked that idea because if this did not work out I had an exit strategy. He did too, I thought sheepishly. He might think that I am not that great a prize when I ask him to put it in my ass. Although if my plans come true he might have a very good time. He went in the lobby to pay and get the key, and we parked side-by-side.

Bob led the way up the stairs to our second floor room in the motel. He unlocked escort ataşehir the door and we went in together. There was a moment or two of awkward silence, and then he motioned toward the bed. I moved toward the bed and began to remove my clothes as I walked, and he followed suit. Soon we were both completely naked and we embraced.

We were not lovers, not yet anyway, so this was kind of fumble, stumble, but we got through it. We could at least express some affection, we are not barn animals after all.

He reached for my crotch and caressed my warm, wet pussy. I grasped his cock which was growing bigger and harder as I stroked it. It was thick and long, much longer than any I had previously experienced in person. Almost the size of the freaks of nature in the porn videos. When it was fully erect I took a good look at it. I would never do something so rude as to measure a man’s cock but I estimated his to be between eight and nine inches long, perfectly straight, with the foreskin pulled back to reveal a beautiful head.

I traced the length of it with a feathery light touch, almost tickling it. I softly said “Big head!”

I didn’t mean for him to hear that but clearly he did, so I said “Not you. This!”

I squeezed his cock and giggled.

I started to have second thoughts about taking it up my virgin asshole, but I had seen countless numbers of women in the porn videos take even larger cocks up their ass, and no one died. So why not? I suppressed my apprehension and moved ahead with my plans. I knew from reading about anal that once he gets past the tight entrance it should be OK.

Bob of course didn’t know what I was planning, so when we got on the bed together he continued to fondle my wet pussy and was obviously preparing to fuck me vaginally.

I reached down and guided his probing finger to my anus. He looked at me with confusion as I tried unsuccessfully to insert his finger in my asshole.

“What are you doing?”

Please don’t be so obtuse, I thought.

I whispered softly “Wouldn’t you like to try something different?”

He murmured yes and gently pushed my head down toward his cock. OK, he wants me to suck his cock, I can do that. But can’t he think of anything even more adventurous than that? I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and slid it in and out, stroking the rest of it with my thumb and forefinger circled around it. He was enjoying it, I thought a little too much. I didn’t want him to blow his load down my throat.

I pulled it out of my mouth and quietly said “I really don’t care for the taste of cum.” That isn’t true, I enjoy making a man cum in my mouth and I always swallow it. But I had to say something to try to get him to come up with the idea of fucking me anally.

His disappointment was palpable, like the air going out of a balloon. He must have thought that I wasn’t going to let him finish. How dense is he? Can’t he think of fucking me in the ass? There are three ways a woman can take a cock, and apparently he is only aware of two of them. Why do so many men have so little imagination?

I didn’t leave him twisting in the wind for long, I softly said “Would you be willing to give it to me in my ass?”

His disappointment changed to excitement like flipping a switch. He muttered “Yes.”

His cock was wet from my mouth but I used a trick I have seen women in the porn videos do – I deposited a large dollop of my saliva on the head and spread it by stroking it. I hoped that would be enough to get it in me. I wasn’t sure if I would be screaming without any artificial lubrication.

I whispered “Maybe we should just finish this way.”

“No! I want to cornhole you just like you said!”

Well, I didn’t say it that way but I had heard that expression. He has retained a lot of High School in his vocabulary. But I am not with him for his brains, I am with him for his tall, strong athletic body, not to mention that he is tall all over, if you know what I mean.

I moved up next to him and lay face down with my legs slightly apart. He got on his knees with his legs outside of mine and moved into position.

He fumbled around a bit and couldn’t seem to find my asshole. God, don’t be so clumsy.

I said “Let me do it.” I reached back and grasped his cock, and guided it to my eager butt-hole. He started to push but it would not go in. He is so inept. I held his stiff cock tightly and pushed it against my tight anus and said “You push too!”

He did and it went in a little.

I yelped because it stretched my anus beyond where it has ever been and it gave me a sharp spasm of discomfort. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it would feel that big. The porn actresses take it easily but they have been taking it in the ass all of their adult life. The only thing that has been in my asshole is my slender middle finger.

I said “Stop. Wait there for a minute.” There were only a couple of inches in me but I had stop there to get used to it. I held still and forced myself to relax. And then I suddenly kadıköy escort bayan felt the tight ring of my anus stop resisting and just let go. Nothing snapped or broke, it just surrendered.

“OK, push a little more.”

He did and a few more inches slid in. I had a small panic attack and said “Stop there. Wait.” I guess I was afraid that there was not enough room in me to take any more. It was an unreasonable fear; I was not in pain. I just had the feeling of being filled and stretched to the limit.

He did as I asked although I am sure many men wouldn’t. After a few moments he began to fuck me, but with slow, short strokes, barely moving. I reached back and touched his cock and discovered that there were several inches more to go. As I touched the bare skin of his stiff shaft I thought what a waste it was to not have it all in me.

My apprehension went away and I began to be aroused by the thought of taking the rest of it. I was just about to tell him to push further into me when he tensed up and grunted, and I felt his semen gush into me.

I expected this to happen but not so soon. I was disappointed but at least I got some of his large cock in me and received his precious semen, full of his DNA and billions of his living sperm. I have an almost reverent attitude towards semen. It is not just some messy by-product; it is the whole point of having sex. I loved having Bob’s inside me, although it would not stay alive very long in me there.

He started to pull out but I said “No, please don’t leave yet.”

I reached down and began to masturbate with exactly the same technique I use when I am watching porn. But this time I didn’t have to fantasize about having a stiff cock up my ass, I actually had one. In a very short time I had an intense orgasm.

We stayed joined together for a while, and then he pulled out. We embraced side-by-side. I felt some satisfaction from the quick orgasm I had, and he seemed to feel the same after his premature ejaculation. I wasn’t going to say anything about that and bruise his ego.

He said “That was a first for me.”

“Me too,” I replied, “but it has been on my bucket list.”

The endorphins that flood through a man after sex hit him hard, and he was very drowsy. That was OK, we weren’t going to discuss sub-atomic particle physics or even baseball. I just watched him as he drifted into a light sleep.

I was alone with my thoughts, and there were many. There was a tingling, almost vibrating feeling in my asshole. I felt a small trickle of what I assumed was his cum ooze out of me. I felt a calm, peaceful satisfaction even though the episode hadn’t gone perfectly. I have never thought that sex was a competitive activity like tennis anyway. It is not about winning or perfection, it is what it is to use that silly expression.

I was kind of dreamy too, but I didn’t want to sleep. I just watched him and admired his half-hard penis lying on his pubic hair and up on his abdomen. Even in its current state it was impressive. I realized that even though I did not take it all, I probably had the equivalent length of the average guy’s penis in me.

Since we both got off so quickly I began to think about another try. My fantasy was going through my head and I really wanted him up my ass again. After about a half-hour I thought maybe his cat-nap should be over. I started to play with his cock, and the sleeping giant stirred. I felt it grow and stiffen in my hand which always turns me on when I get to experience it. It stood up like a prehistoric creature struggling to its feet.

I didn’t want to suck it again, not until it has seen some soap and water, so I stroked it in the fashion that I believe men do when they jack off.

That did the trick, and Bob slowly became conscious. He realized what was happening and smiled.

I said “Just because you check something off your bucket list, it doesn’t have to be one and done.”

“I agree completely.” And with that he reached for my crotch again, but this time didn’t stop at my clit, he pushed his large middle finger up my ass. It slid right in and he finger-fucked me nicely. I adjusted my position a little so his finger went deeper into me.

This was great, we were going to give it another go. He was ready and so was I.

I decided to lie on my back with my legs lifted up and my knees almost touching my shoulders like I have seen many women in porn videos do. Bob moved on his knees into position between my legs with his stiff hard-on bobbing and swaying like a tree branch in the wind. I hoped I could take it all this time but I still had some doubt.

He moved closer and I felt the tip of his cock touch my asshole. I told myself to relax and just let it happen. He began to push and the head slipped in without any discomfort. I discovered two things – your first anal sex permanently stretches your asshole, and cum is an excellent lubricant, especially when there is a lot of it.

I wouldn’t say it went in easily, but for sure much easier than the first time. He escort bostancı pushed it all the way into me in small increments, just a fraction of an inch at a time. I was totally compliant and cooperative and I wanted it in me as much as he did. I was amazed that I took it all, and I could feel the head way up in my stomach. It was all the way in me, and I was in heaven.

He began to fuck me with a steady, methodical pace, and I smiled sweetly at him to let him know it was OK. I wanted to see what was happening as well as feel it so I kept looking down between my legs. I couldn’t actually see my asshole of course, but I could see his cock appear and disappear between my legs as he thrusted into me.

Then I noticed an interesting phenomenon. Each time he pushed into me a bulge appeared on my abdomen and continued on almost up to my belly button. It kind of looked like a mole tunneling under the turf. It was about the thickness of his cock and there was no doubt that was what was causing it.

It made perfect sense, his big tool going into my GI tract forced things out of its way, creating the bulge. There was only so much room in me, something had to give.

I had only seen something like this once before, again in a porn video. This was some drugged up or half-crazy woman using a very long, flexible dildo. She was pushing it up her asshole and it went so far in that it looked like a movie special effect. It was real though, it went so far up in her abdomen that it made a bulge pop out on her belly, just like what was happening when Bob’s huge cock slid into me. If you think I am making this up I invite you do a search on your favorite porn site for “Anal belly bulge.”

His cock disappeared and the bulge appeared. His cock appeared and the bulge disappeared. When he withdrew the mound receded down to my pubic hair and then repeated the cycle, advancing up to my navel and then receding down to my bush.

When I say it went up to my navel I am not exaggerating. That clearly showed how far his cock was going into me. You might think that would be uncomfortable or even painful but it was neither. I was in ecstasy. The feeling of pressure and fullness when it was all the way in me was incredibly erotic. I have never felt so completely fucked before.

I am usually fairly active during sex but this time I was completely submissive. If he had eighteen inches instead of nine I think I could have taken it all gladly. His big hairy testicles brushed against my butt cheeks when he pushed all the way in and that just added to my arousal.

I was not only enjoying the sensation of being deeply penetrated by his member, I was watching the best porn show on earth. While I felt the head of his cock poke and prod at my soft insides I could gauge the depth of his exploration by watching the bulging.

I stared at the moving belly-bulge in rapt fascination as he fucked me with workmanlike concentration. I could not take my eyes off of it. I was sure if he was causing any injury there would be some pain as a signal but there was none, it was pure pleasure. The mound snaked up to my navel and then pulled away, perfectly synchronized with his stiff hard-on sliding in and out of me.

I wanted him to cum because I wanted more of his precious sperm inside of me, but at the same time I didn’t want it to happen because the wonderful fucking would be over. It wasn’t up to me anyway so I just surrendered and waited for the inevitable. I didn’t have to wait much longer.

He inhaled sharply and held his breath, and pressed tightly against me, flattening his ball-sack against my butt cheeks. I was impaled by his cock and the tell-tale bulge now went just to the left of my navel. He bellowed like a bull and shot his load forcefully into me, going even further in me than the tip of his cock. The sensation was absolutely spectacular. I have never felt a man ejaculate inside me so vividly.

It spurted and squirted and spurted some more. Anal sex certainly was good for him, and I hope now he will understand that.

He pressed up against me as he tried to catch his breath. His wiry pubic hair was pressing hard against my clit. The combination of that and the knowledge that I was full of his creamy cum caused me to explode in an intense orgasm. I embarrassed myself by grunting and squealing like a monkey but I couldn’t help it.

We stayed locked together like that for a minute or two which seemed a lot longer. Finally, he began to pull out of me and the process took place in small increments just like it did going into me. When his cock-head popped out I felt my asshole close up, but it would never be the same as it was. I hope my gynecologist doesn’t notice it during my next exam, but if she does I will just laugh and tell her she should try it.

This time I was as groggy and exhausted as he was and we fell into a deep sleep cuddled together.

I had not intended to spend the night but we did, and we both woke up when the dawn light came through the window curtains.

We continued to cuddle and kiss like we were on our honeymoon. I am not a great romantic but I have to say that having a man’s cock up your ass and feeling him cum in you produces a strong attraction for him. I wanted to lick every inch of his body, but I decided that a shower was a better idea.

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