Şubat 3, 2021

A Seniors Club Ch. 05

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Laura shook Gary’s shoulder gently to awaken him from his deep sleep. “Come on, sleepy head. You have to shower and breakfast is nearly ready.” She hurried him to rise as he mumbled a bit as he rolled out of bed naked and headed to the bathroom. Laura followed him and turned on the shower head as he stepped into the shower. “Be sure to clean ‘Mister Wonderful,'” she teased him as she played gently with his flaccid cock as Gary stepped into the shower. Laura followed him into the big shower which easily could accommodate at lease four others. She shampooed Gary’s hair then bathed him with a washcloth and ample lather. Gary was now fully awake and grinned at Laura as she finished bathing him. “Now, out with you, so I can shower too.” She told him.

“I thought I was supposed to do that for you?” he chided her playfully.

“Later,” she told him as she sat down on a wall seat in the shower. “Oops, I almost forgot, come back in here and shave me, please.” She called out to him with a grin on her face. Gary was just about ready to dry himself on the thick fluffy terrycloth towels in the bathroom when she called him back. He arose and entered the shower and took the razor and shaving cream from Laura. As if reading his mind she told him, “Nancy and I talked about doing this last night after you went to sleep.”

“I figured as much, since you two had a little romp together last night.” Gary said to her as he began to lather Laura’s pubic hair and some sparse hairs near her pussy and asshole. “You’ve always been neatly trimmed down here, but I think I’m going to enjoy your new bald look.” He teased her as she just now realized that Gary had been awake when she ran off with Nancy for a couple of hours of pure ‘lesbian joys’ from the two bisexual women. Laura told him that those two hours were fantastic and that Nancy is a wonderful lover. Gary nodded his agreement as he finished shaving away Laura’s bush. “Ok, my naughty little vixen, you are ‘fur free’ and it looks great. I hope you decide to keep it that way.”

Laura swiftly glanced into her hand held mirror, smiled her approval and kissed Gary as she gently pushed him out of the shower and began to wash herself. Soon, she too, had dried and dressed and joined Gary to descend the grand staircase to meet Nancy and Bill in the dining room. Nancy grinned and said, “Let’s see, Laura.” The two women stepped onto a side bench in the dining room and lifted their skirts to reveal their newly shaved pussies. They turned to face the guys as Bill and Gary applauded them. “And for our next trick,” Nancy announced, “we are not wearing any panties for the rest of the weekend.” That drew another rousing applause from the two men. They all sat at the table and Nancy, as the hostess, served them breakfast mentioning that the servants they usually had were given the weekend off.

Following breakfast, the four of them assembled on the patio to talk about the day’s activities. Bill suggested a walk through the ample woods on the estate grounds. They returned to their bedrooms to change into shorts and T shirts. Laura and Gary returned to the patio where Bill and Nancy had placed two back packs and canteens containing lunch and some drinks. The men were fitted with the back packs and the four of them walked towards the woods. In a few minutes they were all in the woodlands of Bill’s estate. The trees provided ample shade and there was a natural path that served as their walkway. After about 30 minutes, the group came out of the woods and into a small grassy meadow with lush soft grass that appeared to have been mowed recently. “This is my get away area, Bill announced to the group. “I come here to enjoy the outdoors and to think about any problems I might have, or to just get away from the daily rush.”

Bill removed his backpack and helped Gary remove the pack he was carrying. They could hear the sound of slowly flowing water and Nancy took Laura by the hand and led her to the edge of the meadow where a small brook wound its way through the forest. Gary and Bill sat down on the grass which felt nearly as smooth as a golf green, except that it was a little thicker and softer. They stretched out on the grass and were bathed in the abundant sunlight that shone into the meadow. Soon they could hear other forest sounds and even the noise of small animals scurrying about in the underbrush.

“Wow,” Gary observed, “this is a great place to commune with nature. It’s quiet, but still alive with the sounds of nature and it seems to be able to soothe what ever burdens one might have.”

“I know, and that’s why I love it here. Nancy and I come here often, but not as often as I’d like. The press of business always seems to get in the way.” Bill responded. They heard voices call out, ‘Hey guys.’ And they turned in the direction of the voices to see Nancy and Laura completely naked and grinning as they walked towards the men. The guys stood up casino şirketleri smiling as Laura and Nancy walked up to them and began to lift off their T shirts and unbuckle their shorts letting them drop to their ankles. Their briefs came down swiftly and the four of them joined together in a naked embrace exchanging kisses, with the women kissing one another too. Nancy sat down on the soft grass and gently tugged on Laura’s hand, quietly urging her to lie with her. Nancy guided her lover to lie on her back as she cupped Laura’s breasts to gently knead them as they kissed in the warmth of the sunlight.

Nancy kissed her way down her lover’s neck and on to her lovely breasts. She placed tiny love kisses on her breasts as Laura moaned softly, parted her legs and Nancy got on her knees between them. Nancy nuzzled her lover’s breasts rubbing her face all over them then set her mouth over a hard nipple as she toyed with the other nipple in her thumb and forefinger. Laura was overcome with pleasure as her sensitive tits were being ravished by Nancy’s mouth, tongue and fingers. She moaned aloud and tried to return the marvelous feelings, but Nancy would have none of it. “Hush,” Nancy told her lover, “you belong to me for this moment,” and she returned to pleasuring Laura’s breasts and nipples.

The two men realized that this was a special moment for their two ladies and they refrained from intervening. Gary sat down to watch the wonder of two women making love, while Bill retrieved a bottle of Blush and two glasses from the backpacks. He poured an ample serving of wine in each glass and handed one to Gary as he too sat down on the soft grass to watch and enjoy the women making love. They sipped their wine slowly as they leaned back on one elbow supporting them. Both men’s’ cocks were semi flaccid as they sat with their thickening cocks and balls lying on their thighs. Bill opened his hand as he offered two diamond shaped blue pills to Gary who eagerly accepted them and swallowed them with a sip of his wine. Bill followed suit as he too used his ‘little blue helpers’ to prepare him for what would surely become a day filled with love and sex in equal measures.

Nancy was now licking and kissing her way down her lovers’ body and began to rim Laura’s navel while still playing with her hard erect nipples. Laura’s moans were louder as she surrendered to the slightly younger woman’s delicious assault on her naked body. She grasped Nancy’s hand and brought it to her lips and began to suck her forefinger as Nancy was about to accost Laura’s clit with her lips. The older woman groaned with pleasure and delight as she felt her lovers tongue sweep around the hood of her clit. She tried desperately to move her hips so Nancy’s tongue would find her swollen and engorged clit, but she was purposely denied that pleasure as she was relentlessly teased. She tried to grasp at Nancy’s head to pull it to her aching clit, but again the younger woman eluded her. Nancy clasped her hands on Laura’s wrists and held them captive as she repeatedly tongued around, but not on, Laura’s clitoris. The now captive Laura suddenly stopped trying to lead her lover and lay back to just enjoy the wondrous joys of her lovers tongue.

When Nancy felt her lover relax she relaxed her grip on her wrists then drew her tongue down the outsides of Laura’s labia, kissing and licking her way down one side and up on the other side as Laura writhed with passion, desire and a deep need to cum. Then she felt a sign that she eagerly sought as Nancy’s tongue slipped between Laura’s cuntlips to part them and bathe her tongue in Laura’s nectar. She cried out with joy and desire as Nancy drew her tongue through Laura’s nether lips accompanied by Laura’s cries of ‘yes, Oh yes!’ Nancy’s tongue plunged into Laura’s pussy as she pushed her pelvis up into Nancy’s face as her cries of pleasure drowned out all other sounds and she exploded in a mind numbing orgasm! Nancy began to alternate tonguing her lovers’ pussy and clit as Laura came again! She concentrated sucking on Laura’s now super sensitive clit throughout her second orgasm and through the several mini after-cums that followed. Laura now lay still, spent, drained and exhausted.

Gary got his hands and knees and crawled the short distance to the women. He stopped to kiss Laura’s lips and then whispered, “You were magnificent!” in her ear as he licked her ear lobe. Then he moved to Nancy as she sat on the grass, her face glistening with Laura’s nectar. Gary kissed Nancy and probed her mouth with his tongue to taste Laura’s juices upon it. Breaking the kiss he said softly, “You are an amazing woman, Nancy!” He could see the total lust in Nancy’s eyes as he spoke to her. She gently pushed Gary onto his back and his stiffening cock pointed at her. She opened her mouth to take in his cock, and began to lick and suck his cock as it grew hard in her mouth from her swirling tongue. When she felt his firmness she arose and positioned her pussy over Gary’s hardon and guided it into her very wet pussy. She lowered her body onto his cock as it swiftly disappeared inside her and she began to rise and fall on the stiff cock casino firmaları that impaled her.

Bill moved to sit next to Laura and offered her a sip of his wine. She eagerly accepted and drank deeply then handed the glass back to Bill. She lay back down and placed her head on his warm thigh as she resumed watching Nancy and Gary fucking. Bill casually cupped Laura’s breast and began to gently knead it while occasionally rubbing her soft nipple with his thumb. He marveled how that wonderful soft gland accepted his rubbing and began to engorge as it stiffened and protruded out above the areola that supported it. Laura breathed deeply and looked into Bill’s eyes and moaned softly. He knew that Laura loved this special attention and he wanted to make it last for her until she fully recovered from her tryst with Nancy. She licked her lips and closed her eyes and he wondered what fantasy was now engaging her mind as he teased her nipple. She started to breathe a bit deeper and faster, loving the way that Bill was slowly arousing her by slowly and lightly massaging her nipple. Laura felt her pussy spasm with arousal then opened her eyes to see that Bill was gently tugging on her labia in a delightful and erotic way.

“Oh Bill,” she said, barely audible, “just play with me some more. My body hasn’t been just played with sexually for much too long.”

“I love pleasing and playing with you.” Bill whispered to Laura as she began gently writhing in response to Bills’ movement with his fingers to arouse her nipple and pussy. She breathed deeply as Bill took her head in his hand and he moved his body to kiss her again. She eagerly returned the passion of his kiss with her own. Bill was now lying on his side facing her as Laura reached to take his nearly flaccid cock in her hand and drew herself down close to his ample cock. She rubbed his cockhead on her cheek and kissed it full on his cockslit coaxing out a small bead of his thick clear precum. Laura’s tongue flicked out to swiftly lick the precum bead away and savor its salty sweet flavor. Bill sighed deeply as she resumed rubbing his cock on her face and placing tiny love kisses upon it. Laura rolled towards Bill and ended up on her elbows and knees as she opened her mouth to engulf Bills’ cockhead. Her tongue swirled around and around the velvety spongy cockhead as Bill moaned his pleasure aloud, causing Gary and Nancy to momentarily pause to look at them then smile and return to their own lovemaking.

Laura took Bills’ cock deep into her mouth, swallowed and pulled his manhood into her throat. She began to try to really swallow his cock, but of course could not. However her constant attempts at swallowing him with the muscles of her throat caused incredible sensations on Bills now very sensitive cockhead. He could hardly stand her swallowing attempts, but the pleasure was so fantastic that he could not bring himself to make her stop. Now, Laura got on her hands and knees as she sealed her lips behind the rim of his cockhead and began to bob her head up and down slowly as her tongue swirled around his cockhead and cockshaft. When he first began to arouse Laura, Bill had wanted to fuck her, but now wild horses couldn’t drag him away from this beautiful mouth and swirling tongue. Laura sensed that Bill was now hers to do with as she pleased and she lifted her mouth from his cockhead to lick her way slowly down to his balls to wet them with her saliva. Then she took each testicle separately into her mouth to lick and suck it. She attempted to get both testicles in her mouth at the same time, but they were too big and she settled for one after the other while Bill was nearly delirious with pleasure.

Laura decided to keep Bill’s cock on the edge of orgasm for as long as he could bear it. She returned to alternating bobbing her mouth up and down, sucking his balls and deep throating his cock. Gary grinned at them as he lay on the grass while Nancy rode his hardon. She paused and asked him why he was grinning and Gary pulled her down over him to whisper in her ear. “Laura can keep him on the edge like that for an unbelievable length of time. This is one blow job that Bill will never forget.” Nancy grinned and gave a little giggle before returning to her pleasant task of fucking Gary’s brains out. She had her own way of driving men insane and she employed her favorite. She clenched Gary’s cock with her pussy muscles when only his cockhead was in her pussy. Then she clenched his foreskin as hard as she could and drew it back as she descended forcing his bare and very sensitive cockhead to encounter the soft pink inner folds of her delightful pussy, stimulating it even more. On her up stroke she clenched it again so her pussy gripped his foreskin to draw it back over the head of his cock. Gary realized that he too was a captive of a magnificent pussy, just as Bill was a captive of Laura’s mouth.

After several magnificent moments, Bill cried out in absolute bliss as he erupted sending his rich thick cum deep into Laura’s throat. The first huge wad of Bill’s cum shot into Laura’s throat and down to warm her belly. Drawing on her expertise as a cocksucker, she pulled güvenilir casino her head back until only Bill’s cockhead remained in her mouth, with her lips sealed tightly around his rim. He groaned and closed his eyes to savor his orgasm, as Laura accepted his ever growing volume of warm thick cum into her mouth. Her tongue was flooded with his bittersweet and salty flavor of his cum.

“Watch this, Nancy.” Gary whispered to her as they witnessed Bills marvelous climax. “Her expert mouth will drive Bill up a wall with her tongue onslaught on his cockhead.”

No sooner than the words left Gary’s mouth, Bill began to groan aloud and begged Laura to stop sucking his super sensitive cockhead. His repeated begging was totally ignored and his cockhead received a relentless tonguing as Laura pillaged his cockhead by pressing her tongue hard against his super sensitive glans. Bill was writhing on the grass trying to pull out of her mouth, but Laura held his balls tightly in her hand as she nursed on his sensitive cockhead. He writhed about on the grass creating an amazing pleasure/pain on his cockhead and tightly held balls while he repeatedly begged her to stop. Then Bill stiffened and his cock twitched as another huge wad of cum blasted out of his cock at the height of his induced orgasm and he just wilted and lay back breathing heavily. Every muscle in his body ceased to function as he lay still gasping for air as Laura let his spent cock slip from her mouth. Bill was blinking as movement returned to his limbs while Laura crawled over his body to kiss her lover and share his gift of cum with him.

They ‘snow balled’ his fresh warm cum back and forth between their mouths and relished the taste of his cum between them. Finally, Laura retained half of the huge volume of cum in her mouth and opened her mouth so Bill could see it pooled on her tongue then she swallowed. Bill turned his head as if to spit out the cum in his mouth, but Laura gripped his chin and turned his head to face her as she shook her head and mouthed the word, ‘No’. He tried to speak, but was hampered by the thick pearly cum that covered his tongue. He realized what Laura wanted him to do and, with some reluctance, took a deep breath and swallowed his share of his cum. Laura bent over again to kiss him and she probed his mouth with her tongue gathering any overlooked beads of cum still left in his mouth. They were brought back to awareness by the applause by the voyeurs, Nancy and Gary, who had stopped to watch Laura and Bill throughout their orgasms and the sharing of Bills warm creamy cum.

Gary was glad that Nancy paused in their love making long enough to watch Bill and Laura conclude their passion and orgasm. He had been on the razors edge of cumming when Nancy stopped riding his cock to watch Bill and Laura. Nancy returned her attention to Gary once again as she bent over to kiss him then licked his nipples rekindling Gary’s urge and need to cum. Now she sat up and began to ride his cock again. She began to clench his cock with her pussy as she rode him hard once again. Gary watched as Nancy closed her eyes and laid her head back, cried out and exploded in a savage orgasm that shook her very core. Gary felt her strong cunt muscle clench down on his cock as though it were held in a vise. Nancy’s involuntary muscle spasms of her delightful pussy were more than Gary could endure and he too, exploded in orgasm blasting several volleys of his warm pearly cream deep inside her. Nancy drove her body down hard onto Gary and drove his cumming cock deep into her clenching pussy. As her orgasm consumed her, she lay on Gary and pressed her tits and hard nipples into his chest as they both gasped aloud their troubled breathing. Then they lay still, savoring their orgasm.

Bill and Laura crawled over the soft grass to reach the two still coupled lovers. Laura kissed Gary first then turned to embrace Nancy and kiss her too. Then she lay next to Gary and cuddled against him as though she were cold. Gary wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close as Nancy rolled off of Gary’s body to embrace Bill. All four of them lay still and absorbed the heat from the sunlight that bathed them. Nancy’s head was on Bills’ belly and she closed her eyes to rest. Bill absentmindedly stroked her hair softly as he admired the beautiful woman resting upon him. Then he too closed his eyes and drifted off in the bright sunlight.

Laura was the first to awaken from her short nap and she smiled as her thoughts drifted back to the really marvelous sex she just had with the others. Nancy had rolled away from Bill in her sleep and lay on her back with her forearm over her eyes to ward off the bright sunshine. She suddenly felt two lovely breasts flow over her forearm and come to rest on either side of her face cheeks then felt lips and a tongue swirl over her nipples. She moaned softly as Laura’s mouth and tongue sucked gently on her nipples and Nancy opened her mouth to take in Laura’s nipple and begin to suckle it as they sixty nined each others tits. They began to moan louder as they moved their suckling from one nipple to the other and both of them reached out to find the other’s moist pussy and finger it. Several moments later Laura released the nipple in her mouth and crawled over Nancy to position her mouth over Nancy’s pussy. Lowering her mouth she began to lick her lover’s pussy lightly while Nancy moaned with delight.

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