Ocak 16, 2021

A Secret Inside

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He folded the newspaper he’d hardly been reading; it had served it’s purpose when his wife had given up waiting and gone on to bed. Sufficient time had passed for her to have fallen asleep and he could finally allow his hormones to surge. The hard-on was almost instantaneous when he thought about what was to come.

“Me!” he laughed quietly to himself as he rose and turned off the den lights.

When they’d bought this condo, he’d specifically requested the roommate floor plan that placed the two bedrooms at each end of the residence, far enough apart that the occupants of one would not disturb the occupants of the other. He headed down the hall towards his daughter’s room.

He always looked forward to these times he could be with her and could openly show her his love. During the day, he had to remain aloof, overly strict, even outwardly hostile to throw off any suspicion. He knew she understood though, why he couldn’t hug her or seem too affectionate.

The door to her room was open a few inches and he could see the pink glow of her nightlight. She was much too old to need the light but he’d told her to keep using it so he’d never be left fumbling in the dark during one of his visits. Another of his rules had been that she sleep naked. That had not gone over well when his wife found out, but they’d persuaded her that Kathy was growing up enough to make her own decisions about that and she didn’t need anyone to check on her in the night anyway.

He entered her room and closed the door softly behind him.

Kathy had thrown off the covers and was sleeping in a fetal position with her back to him. He only stood and stared at her proudly, thinking what a beautiful daughter he’d raised. She had seemed to gain some weight over the past year but that had only served to make her natural curves softer and more womanly. Soon, she’d canlı bahis be getting ready to leave home and go off to school. It distressed him to think about that, so he pushed it far from his mind right now.

Her perfect baby soft skin fairly glowed in the dim light and he moved closer to sit on the edge of the bed. Many times he’d wished she wouldn’t wake up when he came to her, so he could simply do whatever he wanted, but she inevitably did. He ran a callused hand over her satiny hip and down a tender thigh.

Kathy jumped and moaned, turning sleepily onto her back. “Daddy?”

“Yes, baby,” he whispered, letting his hands roam up her tummy to her full breasts. The nipples had quickly grown hard when the cool air hit them.

“Daddy…” she began but he cut her off with a long kiss on her lips, his tongue probing deeply into her mouth, tasting the bubblegum-flavored toothpaste she used before bed.

She sighed when he broke the kiss and she watched him stand and untie the sash to his robe. It fell to the floor, leaving his swollen cock visible.

Sometimes he would just have her suck him, fucking her hot little mouth until he came so hard she choked. The sight of his own pearly cum on her lips made it almost impossible for him to get soft.

Tonight though, he’d waited entirely too long and his cock was painfully hard. He spread her thighs with both hands, catching the sweet, hot aroma of her young pussy. He loved the sparseness of the light brown hair on the full, puffy lips. Baby’s pussy was always ready for her Daddy.

As he climbed up between her legs, he used a finger to press inside of her, fucking her persistently until he felt the lubricant begin to flow. When he’d first begun his nightly visits, he’d just gone straight to fucking her before she’d had a chance to get wet. She was so tight and when she was dry, bahis siteleri he’d learned what a banana must feel like when it is being peeled. He decided quickly not to do that anymore.

She moaned as he finger-fucked her and he generously gave her clit a few strokes until she began to squirm. He would’ve loved to hear her beg him to fuck her but he rule was that she had to stay silent. They didn’t want to be discovered.

Daddy pulled his glistening finger out now and sucked it clean. So sweet! He felt a drop of precum fall to the bed between them as he moved into position.

Holding his penis with one hand, he pushed it against the wet, hot slit. He rubbed it up and down, from the top of the cleft to her asshole, making her jump every time he passed over the sensitive clit. He had dreams of taking her ass some day. He’d have to make a point of doing that before she went off to college.

When his cock was adequately wet and about to burst, he eased the head into the tight hole. This was always his favorite part, this first penetration. She was so incredibly tight and tiny that it was like the grip of a velvet vice. He thrust his hips forward suddenly and buried himself to the balls.

Kathy cried out, putting a hand quickly over her mouth to stifle the sound. He loved to watch her face while he fucked her, loved to cause that shine in her eyes he could see in the dark.

“Oh!” she cried again, whispering his name with desperate love. “Daddy!”

“Sssh,” he calmed her. “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay. I know.” He fucked her hard, ruthlessly pounding deeper and deeper inside her until he felt her nails digging into his arms, her passion making her unaware that she was hurting him. He’d have to scold her about that later.

Biting his own tongue to prevent a cry, he felt his orgasm rise, lifting his balls and swelling his bahis şirketleri cock even more. It felt like being struck by lightning when the first spurt erupted. Hot sperm shooting deep into his sweet daughter’s pussy until he was drained and he could feel it seeping out around his softening cock. He dropped down onto her, breathing hard.

“Oh, baby…” he panted, “That was… great! Your mother…she could never make me… cum like that!”

There was the barest hint of a shy smile from her in the pink glow. He knew deep in his heart she loved to hear him praise her that way. But, to keep it safe, he was up as soon as he could breathe normally and out the door towards his shower.

She could feel his cum drying on the inside of her thighs. She could feel the sting of how he’d stretched her open…

Kathy awoke with a jump under her sweat-soaked sheets, feeling the same ache between her 38 year old thighs as she’d felt on those nights when Daddy had left her bleeding and sticky with his cum.

Tears would just be wasted. No one was there to hear. Never any kids because of the repeated abuse of her little womb and her husband was still downstairs online, surfing the porn sites, jacking off into one of her pretty-colored kitchen napkins. It was probably just as well – having passed 350 pounds last month, there wasn’t much room for him in their bed anyhow.

No one ever heard the little girl cry anymore. Kathy had buried her too deep under layers of cookies and ice cream and french fries. She thought when she was little, if she made herself big and fat, then Daddy wouldn’t hurt her that way anymore.

And it worked! Far too well. It kept everyone away. The little girl deep inside cried again, tiny little arms held out for someone – anyone – to love her. But no one bothered to look past the shell to even see she was there.

Kathy switched on the 3 a.m. movie and reached for the last cupcake in the pack. Maybe if she added one more layer, she wouldn’t hear the little girl either.

(That’s what really happens when daddies fuck their little girls)

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