Şubat 2, 2021

A School Girl’s Lessons

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In my school clothes I come to my teacher’s office for extra tutoring. I’ve been doing so badly in his classes this semester because I’ve been so horny all the time. Yet all the boys at school seem so young and immature that it’s no fun at all, plus I’m sure they know as little as I do having just turned 18. So I’m stuck with my hands every night yet it doesn’t seem to help me when I get to Mr. B’s class but of course he doesn’t know this is why I’m having trouble getting the good grades. It’s just that biology is not that interesting compared to Mr. B’s tight muscles and handsome features.

I pull myself away from my friends so that I can go to his office for the extra help, yet I’m still feeling horny, so I doubt I’ll be able to concentrate. Mr. B is waiting for me in his doorframe and stares at me as he lets me in. After he shuts his door he sits behind his desk without saying a word, still staring at me. I start feeling uncomfortable so I scan the room noticing a comfy chair against the wall and the door window was covered in paper.

Finally he starts, “Please have a seat, do you know why I asked you here today?”

“Yes, I haven’t been doing well in your classes this semester.”

“Yes and why is that?”

Well I couldn’t say the true reason, so out came “I can’t concentrate.”

His eyebrow raised and his tone softened, “Can’t concentrate, huh? The boys taking up too much room that biology can’t compete?” He was teasing me!

Just to be sassy I replied, “Those boys don’t know anything, I need a real man.” A smile broke across his face as I blush realizing what I said.

“Really now, I might know a way that would help you out, only you have to concentrate in my class and start getting better grades or it won’t work.”

It sounded odd to be agreeing to get better grades without knowing how he was going to help me but I still answered, “Yes sir.”

He started to look serous again, “so are you horny during my class?”

Surprised at his boldness I answered, “Yes sir.”

“And are you now?”

Realizing I was incredibly wet I just blushed again and nodded. He softened his tone once more, “It’s okay, it’s natural at your age but you have it even tougher since you don’t like the boys your same age, fortunately I can help you.”

Stunned all I could stay was “How?”

He grinned and kissed me. It wasn’t just a peck or the sloppy ones I’ve gotten from the boys but one that was tender and filled with passion, which made my whole body tingle. When he pulled away I felt a great loss, “Please show me more.”

He gave a hardy laugh and locked the door, “Today’s lesson is easy on you I’ll start by teaching you the joys of my tongue.” He instructed me to take off my panties, they were so wet. He brought them to his face and inhaled the aroma, then brought them to my face and told me to smell them too. It was a smell that can not be otherwise named; I never knew how good I smelled before. He had me hike up my skirt and sit in the chair with my legs up over the sides. Then he started kissing each thigh as I got more worked up. He asked, “Would you like me to show you the joys of my tongue?”

I moaned, “Please sir.” Finally he began to work his tongue over my lips and around and over my clit. Sucking my clit into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it. I couldn’t take it any more and started to spasm in my first orgasm by another person, but he did not stop there he licked up all me juices and started tongue fucking my pussy, I groaned in pleasure as he worked a finger into me and then two. He found my g-spot and I came again on his lovely mouth and hand. He brought his hand up to my face and told me to lick it clean.

I didn’t just lick it; I sucked it as though it was his cock. “That’s tomorrow’s lesson, which means the end of today’s,” he says as he holds out my underwear.

I shake my head, “No you keep it, but I’ll be back tomorrow.” As I headed home all I could think was what happened and how lucky that it was Monday…


I was forced to sit through the whole day of classes before I could get my next ‘lesson’ in. When I got to Mr. B’s class he was waiting outside the door and as I walked by he said, “Make sure you pay attention to what is being said or the lesson won’t go well.” I took the hint; if I didn’t pay attention he wasn’t going to do wonderful things with me! I think I was the most focused person he’s ever had and was early to his office for my next lesson. He of course let me in at the correct time and locked the door behind me, motioning for me to take a seat in the chair again. “Before we begin I want to say how focused you were in class today.”

“Yes sir and I remember everything you said; it’ll help raise my grade for sure.”

He smiled, “We’ll see but since you were so good today in class you can work on your other lessons. Would you like to review what you learned yesterday?”

“Yes sir,” I was soaking my panties in anticipation. Again my panties came off but my other clothing stayed on. Within minutes of him bringing his lips to casino şirketleri mine I was cumming.

“Seems like you remember what we did yesterday, now today you’re going to have to do some work.” My eyes darted to the bulge in the front of his pants, “Yes sir, I would love to learn from you.”

He smiled and unzipped his fly and brought his pants and briefs down revealing a long, hard cock. He told me to take it into my hands and lick up and down the whole length and as I got to the end I licked off the precum that oozed from the tip. “Good now take the tip into your mouth, work your tongue around it…oooh that’s right.” He prompted me to take it deeper into my mouth and I just kept going until I hit my gag reflex. “That’s good just relax and it will help with that, you can bob on it for a little while then lick the tip again.” Which is what I started doing until I found that I had taken the whole thing into my mouth. “Yesss that feels great and when you’re working the tip one hand can rub up and down the shaft. Plus your other hand can play with my balls.” I did everything he told me and soon he was moaning in pleasure that he was about to come, “Try to swallow the whole load,” he panted just before he came. I held on and swallowed every bit then sucked him until he told me to quit. As he buttoned his pants once again and sat on the edge of the desk shaking a bit, “That was fantastic; you are really coming along in your lessons! Do you think that you would like to move to penetration for tomorrow’s lesson?”

I sat up straight, “Yes sir!” as I put my now cool off panties on again and walked out to my car with a big smile on my face. All the while thinking ‘Tomorrow will be a great first time.’


The next day I was so attentive that I hardly noticed my friends giving me weird looks and their dropped jaws as I skipped off for my extra lessons. I was ready today; I wore no underwear for him and was outside his office early today. Unfortunately he doesn’t let me until the time of the lesson, so my juices were starting to run down my legs a little as I united for him to open the door. Yet again right on time the door opened and I rushed in, he gave a hardy laugh as he locked the door, “Excited are we?”

“Yes sir, it’s my….” I broke off blushing. His eyebrow rose, “Finish what you were going to say.”

“Well it’s my first time, I’m…I’m a virgin still,” I stammered unable to look at him.

He kneeled next time. “Do you still want to do this lesson?”

Eminently I said, “Yes sir! I really do, see!” as I pulled up my skirt showing my gleaming pussy.

“Mmmm I think a review is needed,” then he once again he started licking my pussy with a fervor. I was so hott that I came in no time all over his mouth.

Once I felt able to I started to unbutton his pants, since he stood in front of me and took out his cock showing him what I had leaned. But after a few minutes he stopped me, “Are you ready for the new lesson?” Suddenly my mouth went dry so I could only nod my head. Sensing I was nervous he laid me on the floor and he kissed me lightly. Again I felt like my whole body was tingling and I stopped thinking and just felt. His hands moved over my body finding my shirt buttons, working each one out of its hole until my shirt fell open. Then he worked my bra over and nibbled my nipple as he worked my shirt off and unsnapped my bra. He kissed down my front as his hands found my skirt zipper, pulling it down. I automatically raised my ass so he could pull off my skirt leaving me fully naked on the floor. Funny thing is that I had the fleeting thought of the nightmare of being naked in school that is before I felt his flesh on mine. After that my brain shut down all though and only allowed me to feel and respond. His mouth was on mine again his hand on my pussy, his finger moved into it easily. He worked two then three fingers in, widening my blazing channel as I moaned in ecstasy. He quickly put his mouth on mine to smoother the sound. Then he looked me in the eyes asking, “Are you ready?”

I breathed, “Yes sir!”

He put a condom on as I stroked his back then he rolled on top of me his mouth on mine. I felt his cockhead at my opening; he slowly moved it in as I automatically moved my hips up to meet him. At half way in he moved out and back in farther then I’ve ever reached before my hands went to his ass to bring him deeper. I heard him snicker and say under his breath, ‘a natural’. Wanting to fulfill this title he gave me, I was meeting his every stroke as he paced it slowly to begin with. His hand was on my breast as he kissed down my neck. My body tingled and roared with lust, pussy was on fire but wet as the sea. His paced quickened and I wrapped my legs around his waist bring him in the deepest as I could. I raised my head and kissed him, before the tide of pleasure washed over me and my back arched; my eyes rolling up. I had cum before, but this was by far the best one I felt my whole body spasm as my pussy tightened over his hard cock. I raised my arm to my mouth to bite into so that I wouldn’t scream in casino firmaları joy, and vaguely heard him tell me that he was coming. And with a deep thrust he grunted and I could feel his muscles in his ass tense. After a little while he slowly came down and laid beside me his breathing still heavy.

I was still coming down from the fantastic orgasm as he kissed my neck and asked, “How was that?”

I smiled rolling over grabbing his hand and placing it on my still contracting pussy, “Incredible!” I was still feeling the effects when he said that my lesson was over for today, but if I wanted and was good during class I could get another new lesson tomorrow. He got up and got dressed then handed me my clothes to put on also. I was sad that I could no longer see his beautifully toned body or cock, but understood that nothing else would happen today. After dressing and trying to make myself look like nothing had happened, I stopped at the door, “Thank you sir, I’ll be here tomorrow at the same time.” At the same time I hoped I did well enough in school to do that again.


The next day at school one of my friends came up to me, “You look like your glowing! What happened yesterday that has gotten you so happy?”

All I replied was “Good day I guess…” as I walked off to Mr. B’s class. I could feel her eyes burning into my back, but my thoughts all turned to the class at hand and the lesson at the end of the day. When that final bell rang, I headed to my lesson with only a quick stop at my locker. I was again early to his door only to wait until he let me in; my thoughts wondering what I was to learn today making hot and horny once more.

Right on the dot he opened the door and moved aside to let me in, as I came in he locked the door behind me. With one fluid motion he wrapped his arms around me pulling me towards him as his lips meet mine in a passionate kiss that sent shivers down my spine. As quickly as he had done it, he released me so that my head was still spinning when he started talking. “Now for today’s lesson we are going to give you a wider selection of positions, but first you are going to strip down for me… slow and sexy.” My mind was racing, how I was going to do that, when he turned some music on low that set a slow tempo. I started moving to the music and unbuttoning my shirt, surprised at how easy and natural this felt. As I got to the last button I flicked my shoulders back and let my shirt stop at my hands. Turning around I rubbed it against my ass as I bent over, then I whipped up letting fall off my hands and tossing to the side. I flipped my shirt up exposing my thong to him, after that I unzipped my shirt and swayed my hips letting fall to the ground. I kicked it to where my shirt laid on the floor and saw the lust growing in Mr. B’s eyes. I turned my back to him as I unhooked my bra and bent backward and flicked my bra right to him. I widened my legs and bent forward my hands running over my long lean legs taking my thong with them, my breasts in his view between my legs. I snapped up and whirled around my toe catching my thong and flicking it up. I caught it, like I had done so many times at home for fun, but lifted it to my face inhaling myself like he had taught me to do.

That is when I felt his hands on my waist, his hard cock pressing against my stomach. He had gotten undressed as I danced and was as hot as I was for sex, his hand slipped to my dripping pussy I pushed down on his fingers as they entered me bring them in me deeply. But I wanted his cock more; my hand found his throbbing manhood, my thong dropped long ago, and I stroked it as he let out a soft sigh I felt some precum escape. I brought my hand up to my tongue and licked it clean. His lips were on mine again, his tongue probing my mouth tasting his self. We slipped down to the floor when he turned on his back and said, “I want you to get on top of me and do anything that feels good to you.”

I swung my leg over him and lowered myself onto his hardness; a low moan escaped my lips as he filled me until I was against him. I leaned forward and gave him a kiss as he took my breasts into his hands, his thumbs circling my hard nibbles. I moved my hips grinding into him to the beat of the music I had just danced to, my clit rubbing bringing me closer to coming. As I got more worked up my breath came faster as well as my hips, I started pumping up and down as my orgasm grew. His hands on my hips steadying me as he thrust back knowing I was starting to climax; my back arched my legs clamped to his sides, my hands holding onto his legs, my pussy shuddering. He stopped dead and let me fall forward onto him as I caught my breath, then said, “When you can turnover and get onto you hands and knees.”

I turned over and felt his hands rubbing over my ass and up my back. When suddenly he thrust his cock fully into me, I was so wet that it just slipped in, I let out my breath quickly due to surprise and how good it felt to have him enter me. He started a slower pace bringing it almost out and thrusting it back in quickly, I found myself leaning back to güvenilir casino meet his thrusts. Each time he hit my g-spot getting me hot and wet. We started going faster, my arms gave out and I braced myself with my elbows finding it easier, his hands playing with my breasts. He moved them again to my hips as I was thrust back into him and with that I came for a second time, biting into my arm to stifle the sound.

With one fluid movement he turned me over and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He looked at me with a smile and thrust into me as hard and deeply as he could. He was so deep and hitting my g-spot sending me over the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. My whole body locked up and went into sensory overload, my breath catching in a silent scream as he unloaded his spunk deep into me. He let my legs down and collapsed next to me, our breaths coming hard and heavy. As I came aware of the world once more he was stroking my back, staring at me with a smile, “How was today’s lesson?”

I smiled right back, “The best sir!”

He looked at the clock finding that it was past the time of the lesson; he hurried me to dress quickly. Having brought a brush from my locker I straightened up to look like nothing had happened and was about to leave when he said, “Tomorrow there’s the test in class, if you get 98% or better you get a extra special surprise in tomorrow’s lesson.”

I left the room with my head spinning with what had just happened and what could happen tomorrow when I almost bumped into a woman. “Sorry!”

She looked at me with a small smile, “No problem I know how much information Mr. B can give you in his private lessons, it can make anyone lose sight of what’s in front of them,” and with a laugh entered his office. Wondering who she was, as I had never seen her before, and what she meant I left to go home and study. I had to pass that test with flying colors if I wanted to have the surprise.


It was Friday morning, the end of the best week I had ever had at school or life for that matter, all due to the private lessons with Mr. B. I was a little worried all day about the test in his class, but I had studied. All my friends were pumped for the weekend, except Jill she was a little quiet since yesterday when we talked, but it might not be her day either. When I finally got to his class I was a bit panicky but once I had the test over and that final bell rang I was overjoyed to get to my lesson. I run into Jill, quite literally, as we caught ourselves she asked, “Where are you going so fast?”

“I have my lesson with Mr. B…why what’s up?”

She gave me a questioning look, “Why are you so happy to go there? On Monday you were talking about how much it was going to suck and now you aren’t paying attention to any of us but skipping to his office?!”

Getting a little angry at her and hoping she wasn’t going to make me late, “I like the extra attention, OK! Get off my back and out of my way…” as I shoved past her. Putting her out of my mind as I waited outside his office and not even a second’s thought once he opened the door.

Mr. B closed the door but did not lock it…my mind was racing, ‘did I not do as well as I had thought or is something wrong.’ He saw my worried look and chuckled, “I graded your test and you passed with 99%. The reason the door is unlocked is your surprise is coming.” I relaxed letting out a breath I didn’t even knew I was holding when a knock came at the door. Mr. B walked to open it; in came a big surprise, the woman from yesterday that I almost ran into walked in and Mr. B locked the door behind him. My surprised look made her smile as Mr. B explained, “This is a friend from college, she’s going to start student teaching here, but she will also help with your studies too.”

I looked her over, she was a beautiful woman in her mid twenties, a little taller than I but still as lean but curvier than high school students. As I was looking her over she walked up to me, “I’ve heard a lot about you and your potential,” she leaned forward putting her hand on the back of my neck and gave me a lighter kiss. I was a little stunned, but I returned the kiss letting it get a little more passionate, when she pulled away. “Yes you were so right about this one, she is a great student. See Mr. B once taught me as he is teaching you.”

Mr. B came up behind me and nibbled on my neck as his hands kneaded my breasts, “Today’s lesson is extra special, you are going to learn the joys that woman can bring you and you to them.”

I had never thought of another woman for a lover but I can’t say that I was against it either; my body was clearly aroused my pussy was on fire and getting wet quickly. She started to move her hands over me; they were softer and smaller than Mr. B. I moaned as she kneaded my nipples through my shirt wanting nothing between her and me. Mr. B was reading my mind and started to unbutton my shirt and unsnapped my bra leaving my hard nipples for her to nibble and suck. He moved to my skirt and unzipped that pulling my socks and shoes off so that I was naked before this woman, and yet I felt no fear or embarrassment. Mr. B also took off her suit quickly while our tongues danced together and our hands explored. Once we were both free of clothing we sank to the floor and she laid me on my back and started to kiss down my body.

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