Şubat 4, 2021

A Request for Shoes

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It was a warm and sunny June morning when you called. You said come over and I couldn’t drive fast enough. I thought I was over it. It’s been forever since I felt the flutters in my chest when I thought about talking to you. The intoxicating rush when we were together. All that was supposed to be left behind. Instead, I drove the twenty minutes south drawn on a taunt rope I didn’t fully understand.

Of course, you called me to help with some yardwork and other chores. I went down knowing that I would be part time labor and comedy relief. We had some laughs, fell into our casual rhythm of flirting and joking. We even got some work done.

It’s easy to have fun banter with you as I literally trim your shrubs and you discuss the girth of the rake handle. Your dazzling smile just enchants and encourages me. It was hot and

You bought Pizza for dinner. We ate on your porch chatting like always. Then a couple more hours of work as till the sun sank. I figured I was heading home, when you finally agreed to watch a movie with me.

“I can’t believe you want to hang out with me smelling like this.” You mutter looking at the dirt on your clothes.

“I like a woman who sweats.”

“But I feel gross. Mind if I jump in the shower?”

“Need company?” I offer.

“No thank you.” You gracefully decline. “Can I trust you to behave while I’m gone?”

“Tell you what, I’ll behave if you come out wearing your sexiest shoes.” I bargain.


So I wait. I flip through blithely through channels, I focus on not leaving the couch. I somehow don’t sneak into your room. I don’t peak. I behave.

“So what do you think?”

“Damn Baby.”

Your wearing thin shorts and a small tshirt, what you think is nothing special. It’s what I think is incredibly hot. The fabric hugs you. There is no point in trying to be sly. I openly admire your sexy show.

“Do you like the shoes?”

“They look great on you.”

You walk towards me, with mischief on your face. Your legs are long, leading up to the sexy thighs, your hips sway as you approach me. The shorts show me so much but I hunger for more.

“God you’re stunning. Turn around, let me look at you.”

You do a slow turn and look over your shoulder. You know what you are doing – what you are doing to me. You see my expression as I realize casino şirketleri you don’t have panties on.

“Something wrong?” You tease.

I stand up reach out and put my hand on your hip. You don’t move away. My hands slide to your hipbones and pull you gently back into me. You feel my breath on your neck and my hardness press against you. You suddenly inhale as my lips brush your neck. Your back arches as my hands slide up your lithe body. I gently kiss my way up your neck to your ear. I whisper in your ear.

“I love your shoes”

We both smile as I lay you down on the couch. My hand reaches under your knee and lifts your foot up. I run my fingers along the straps on your shoe, tickling you foot. You kick a bit, but my left hand has a firm grip on your ankle. I kiss your ankle just below my hand on the ankle bone. You stop fighting as I kiss the back of your calf. I caress your thigh with my right hand as I kiss the back of your knees. I have always wanted to touch your beautiful legs, and now I want to savor every inch.

I slide my right hand inside your shorts as I kiss down your thighs. Your wet lips part and my slightest touch. The tips of my fingers are wet now as I tease your petals. I kiss from leg to leg and you begin to lift your hips in reaction to my touch. My lips are kissing just outside your short while my fingers sofly slide along your moist slit.

You lift your hips so I can slide your shorts off your body. I return to your legs and you take off your shirt. I can see your chest heave, your pert nipples begging for my attention. In front of me your flower entices me. Finally I begin to gently kiss your mound. My hands reach up for your breasts. Your move your hips trying end my slow tease, but I still kiss just around your lips. You can feel me breathe on you. I watch you wet lips part as you rock your hips. Finally your moans and your sexy body are more than I can resist. I take one long slow lick up your delicious slit. Then another. You hiss in pleasure I put my mouth against your pussy, and slide my tongue inside of you. Rolling my velvet tongue around inside of you, my hands explore your curves. I begin to really focus my attention, passionately kissing you to give you pleasure. Teasing flicks followed by deep probing kisses.

I raise my eyes to watch you writhe, your body glistens and casino firmaları undulates arousing me further, pushing me to give you release. Gently my tongue flicks your clit. I kiss around your bud while my hand slides down to rub against your flowering lips. I can hear desperation in your breathing; I lower my mouth and wrap my lips on your clit, sucking it, slowly running my tongue along it. I do this again, enjoying your reaction. As I do it yet again, I gently slide my fingers in you, gently rubbing your g-spot. My tongue on your bud, fingers inside you working in unison. Your hips buck, your thighs squeeze, but I focus on the pleasure, on your sexy body and the sounds of passion. My fingers tease and rub your gspot as my tongue dances with your clit. Circles, slowly, then faster again. You are getting close; I slow one more time to tease you, a happy smirk on my face.

“Oh god!” you beg.

Then I move quickly, simple motions, harder and faster. You moan and my fingers and mouth go faster still till I feel you tense as you let out a long moan. I slow was the waves of orgasm hit you. Easing I become more gentle with my touches on your sensitive body. I kiss your thighs, your hips and my hands massage your relaxing muscles.

Caressing your wonderful body, I look in your eyes. You look satisfied, but I still need you.

“Maybe we should find I bed.” I suggest.

You laugh and stand up naked except for the shoes. You lead me away while I enjoy the view of your sexy ass, your curved back. We walk near a wall on the way to your room and I put both hands on your hips. I pull you against me again. My arousal in unmistakable.

“I don’t want to wait that long” I growl into your ear.

I push you towards the wall. You understand my need. You place your hands on the solid wall and arch your back. Offering yourself to me. Your tight ass opened by the spread of your legs. In a moment my clothes are off and you finally see my thick cock. It juts out lewdly from my body swollen and eager. You reach back to stroke it, but I brush you away. I have to be inside you. I have to feel your tunnel spasm around me.

I press the head of my shaft against your slick pussy and sigh as your lips stretch to envelop me. I slide it in with a few short strokes, my head never leaving you. We are both ready now, and I slide my hard güvenilir casino dick into you, gently grinding as my hips press against you. Our hips make circles as I pull your body back into me. I slide my hand up and squeeze your nipples

You moan and I keep grinding into you. My cock buried in you. I slide my left hand down and slide a finger across your clit. You jump slightly but I hold you tightly. You can’t move away. You don’t want to move away. I am buried in you and your push back against me. I begin to slowly rub your clit. Our hips thrust together. Back and forth in time with my finger. I keep my shaft deep in you as the attention to your clit really begins to drive you wild. I begin rubbing you faster and faster as your hips push back into me grinding our bodies together. Your excitement only encourages me, as I begin thrusting in and out of you. Each stroke hits your G spot the head of my cock filling you. My other hand runs up and down your naked back leaving light nail marks behind.

You legs begin to buckle which only drives me in further. I brace you and nuzzle your neck.

“I want to see the sexy curve you your back, your ass pushing into me, the way you brush your hair out of your eyes and back at me needing more. I want you like this” I whisper to you.

You press your hands against the cool hard wall. Using it for support and to meet my thrusts. Your back arches. You look back at me. We lock eyes as I begin thrusting faster. My free hand grips your hip leading you. You see the mix of desire and adoration in my eyes. I smile then grind hard into you. You gasp and break eye-contact dropping you head down to focus on the sensation of our bodies straining together.

My hips begin slapping against you. Your body and sexy moans driving me wild, just the way you wanted. I keep rubbing your clit as your breathing gets faster and we both drive to climax. I piston in and out of you. You take a deep breath and then push back onto me taking me even deeper. Greedly you are fucking me. You need to cum as badly as I do.

Looking at your amazing body, your reactions to my touch is pushing me over the edge. “Oh god, I’m so close.” I mutter. You have an urgency too. Breathing and moaning in unison; the unintelligible sounds of passion growing in intensity.

And then the dam breaks. You shudder and I explode inside of you. I grind my hips into your while you melt underneath me. I run my hands along your curves as we come down together. I fall forward pushing your body into the wall. Panting. You turn you head towards me. There face to face we kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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