Şubat 3, 2021

A Random Night Out

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It was almost dinner time when they came and finally fetched the boys. they were off to stay with their father for 2 weeks, and I was happy to have the break. I sat bored on my PC for about an hour, wondering what to do with myself. It was so silent. I decided to put up a status on my social network site. “Kids have gone for 2 weeks what am I going to do with myself now.” and I went and pored myself a double Bacardi and diet coke. When I returned to the pc. I had an alert, from an old friend from school who was a year above me. She asked if I wanted to come along to her house. As she was throwing a sex toy party before heading out into town for some drinks in a club. I quickly replied with an “Oh god yes please” before switching off and waiting for her to call. Running up the stairs to find clothes and jump in the bath I received the call. The party had already started but not to worry and to come when I was ready.

After doing what us girls do shaving all the essentials, and making sure we smell nice. In about 10 minuets. Which by the way normally takes us an hour. I quickly dried and put on my blue Jeans, tight black vest top, a fashionable big buckled gold belt, to pull in my waist and give me my hour glass figure. It also made my very large breasts protrude over the top of the low V line. Tying my blonde hair back in two low pig tails and putting on my make-up. I went down stairs grabbing my cardigan and called a taxi, and having another drink. as it was a cheaper way of getting drunk later on.

once I’d arrived at Donna’s, the friend that had contacted me earlier she introduced me to all the other guests. A few I knew already. she lead me to the kitchen for a glass of wine and some food, a lovely spread of Sandwiches and nibbles. I then headed into the back yard to light up a cigarette. I’d arrived a bit late and they had already gone through half of the catalogue. Which I was glad about as my large breasts didn’t fit the skimpy fancy underwear anyway. after the short break was over, we all headed back in for the interesting and best part of the catalogue. yes, the sex toy’s, after being single for almost 6 months I was in desperate need of something new to satisfy my carnal urges.

After we had all seated we played a party game where we randomly had to get into sex positions the quickest, the fastest ones won little prizes. Me and my friend Donna were the quickest to get into the fellatio position. Me just sitting there with her crotch bouncing near my face had us giggling. We both won a little packet of 3 variety condoms each.

Page after page of looking at different types of vibrators, stick on dildo’s with suction on the bottom, anal beads, anal plugs, lubrications, and even sex toys for the men too. I decided I was going to order myself the lasted Rampant Rabbit vibrator. some batteries, some wipes and a little pot of lubrication. I paid the woman who threw the party in cash. And wobbled outside for some fresh air and another cigarette. I’d had about 3 more casino şirketleri glasses of wine and was rather dizzy and giggly. It wasn’t long before a taxi pulled up and we were all piled in the back singing along and laughing as we headed into town.

Once we arrived, we headed straight to the bar getting myself enough drinks to last me at least three rounds. I polished them off in five minuets and headed towards the dance floor. the bar wasn’t very full for a Friday night so we decided we wasn’t going to stay until closing. On the dance floor gathered around we all danced swaying linking arms and giggling drunkenly with one another. Two of the girls that had came out with us, were kissing random men for a bet. Who ever lost had to down 5 shots and suck on a lemon. My Friend Donna lost, I saw her spitting out the lemon and pulling a funny face as I walked up to her to tell her I was going to leave. Grabbing me and dragging me to the ladies toilets. And then lying down in the middle of the floor. Her hands waving in the air pointing at me. “Stay over at mine. don’t go home on your own, Clare.” I nodded my head and said “OK” and fell down on the floor next to her.

We waited outside for what seemed forever. when finally a taxi pulled up and two young men got out. I fell into one. He was 6 feet tall with very short fair hair and muscular build. We apologised at the same time. And laughed as I turned to Donna to call her name. she was kissing a much shorter guy with dark hair up against the taxi door, rolling my eyes I tried to pull her off him. But as I did so she had grasped his hand and was pulling him back into the taxi. I climbed in after her and tried to pull the door closed as the good looking one I had just bumped into climbed in too.

On the way back I chatted with Ben, while Donna couldn’t keep her hands off of Danny. Ben told me that I didn’t look my age, and that I looked 22, 10 year’s younger than my 32 year’s. The taxi stopped at the end of Donna’s street and we all took turns in paying our share, Donna skipped off in front with Danny, while Ben all of a sudden grabbed me and kissed me hard. I felt a sudden hot rush between my legs as he kissed me strong and hard wrapping his tongue around mine, I couldn’t catch my breath. I gasped as he let me go and pulled me by the hand to follow the others. We walked he kissed me again a lot softer this time with pecking in between, He ask me straight out if I wanted to fuck him. I was still really dizzy from drinking and he had caught me off guard I just agreed. We made our way into the living room of Donna’s house and sat down. Donna was sprawled all over Danny kissing him and fondling him. Ben got up and asked me to show him where the toilet was. So I pulled him by the hand and led him upstairs to the bathroom door. He smiled at me and kissed me long and firm putting his body weight against me so I could not move. When he came up for air. he asked me which bedroom was mine, laughing I said neither I don’t live here and I pulled casino firmaları him into Donna’s bedroom. making sure the only light that came into the room was from the street lamp outside.

Ben lay me down on the top of the bed and began kissing my neck softly. Making sure he kissed my ears and worked his way down to my collar bone and making his way back to my lips gently biting them. I could feel myself growing hot. Blood rushing through groin as he worked his way down to my breast biting over the top of my clothes around my nipple. I could feel it growing hard underneath my bra and rubbing as I moved. I felt Ben’s hand go up underneath so he could cup and squeeze my breast, as his tongue slid down between my cleavage. I could feel his cock growing hard against me as he writhed and thrust his groin into me moaning and releasing his hot breath on my skin. I moved my hands down to the sides of me so I could tug at my bottoms. This young man was turning me on very fast, and I just wanted him to be in me. Ben felt me pulling at my clothes and joined in to help me I pulled my Jeans and underwear off in one go and sat up right. so I could start to undo Ben’s too.

We hurriedly pulled them off and to my delight he was going commando. His hard cock sprung to attention in front of my eye’s. He was at least 8 inches and very thick. I couldn’t wait. I had to wrap my warm lips around his cock, I could see it twitching from the street light. I used the flat of my tongue to lick slowly the underneath along the vain before wrapping my lips over the end. I could instantly taste his pre cum. I slowly worked my way down as far I could before I felt my gag reflexes take hold. I worked my way back up not taking my lips from around the tip. I plunged back down a second time this time hitting the back of my throat I felt myself gag before I came back up for air. His cock glistened with my saliva so I used my tongue to evenly spread it around his whole shaft so I could jerk him while I licked on his testicles. I could hear him breathing loudly and deeply while he thrust with every hand movement. I got higher up on to my knee’s so I was more level with his cock. And began to take him all in my mouth again, keeping him wet as I sucked firmly in rhythm with his thrusts. Just as he was about to cum, I pulled away bringing my enormous breasts up out over my top, so he could spray his hot cum all over them. Ben used his bell end to rub his spunk into my skin. before laying me back down.

I spread my legs open so he could position himself between them, bringing my hands down so I could spread myself apart, He slide his tongue over my lips and gently took long slow licks over the whole of my vagina making me shiver and groan. Ben used the tip of his tongue to circle around the out side of my clit, every now and then running over it causing me to thrust upwards into his face. he slowly slid one finger into me, while licking furiously in circles around the outer side. I could feel myself getting really wet güvenilir casino as he made small quick thrusts with his finger along the top wall behind my clit. his spunk was drying on my breasts so I wiped them clean and caressed my nipples making them hard. I felt Ben slip in another finger, then another until four fingers were burred deep inside me all working in time with his tongue over my clit. I could feel myself clench around his fingers as I was so close to cumming but he pulled away. Came up to me and kissed me, I could taste my juices on his lips. I reached over to my bag and got out the box of condoms I had won. taking one out of the foil wrapper and sitting up so I could slide it over his now hard cock.

I turned around onto my knee’s so he could guide his cock into me from behind. lowing myself onto my arms so my bum was up in the air. Ben found me with ease and pushed in deep hitting my cervix and making me jump forward even more so my face was in the bed. Finding his rhythm quickly he pushed in deep and hard holding onto my hips. I could feel my self swell up and clench onto his cock while he rid me hard and fast grunting as he did so. Breathing harder I could feel every inch of him going in deeper the pain had stopped now and it felt so good to have him fucking me hard. For some one so young he knew how to use it, with every stroke I could feel myself get wetter.

He pulled out and pushed me onto my back, lifting my legs up over his shoulder’s. And re entered me, pushing my pelvis up so I could feel him rubbing short strokes deep inside. Licking my finger I slid it over my harden clit and rubbed light and fast as he kept on fucking me, as soon I started I could feel the familiar rush deep inside. Wave after wave took over me feeling my uterus contract and the cold sensations through my arms and legs as I bucked underneath him all the time he kept his pace.

Once I had started to calm down he released my legs from his shoulders and lay me on my side. He lifted my leg so he could enter me and gently and slowly worked up his rhythm again. This time he kept it gentle. As he fondled my breasts and rubbed over my nipples. I could feel a sudden rush start up again and just as I went into my second orgasm clutching his hand tight. I felt him jerk into me has he groaned loud into my ear. Both breathless we lay for a few moments catching our breathes. When we heard foot step coming up the stairs. Ben darted up and pulled off the condom and ran into the bathroom forgetting my pants I threw on my bottoms as quick as I could. It was my friend Donna, I’d almost forgot in the mist of everything I had been fucking this young hot guy on her bed.

She flopped down beside me and fell straight to sleep knowing nothing about what had just gone on. I got up and grabbed the remainder of my things and met Ben coming out of the bathroom, feeling a little shy now that I was now sober and had nearly been caught. We headed down stairs so we could get his friend so we could all head home. It was 5 am and light outside.

I later found out that Ben was only 19 and his birthday was the day after and he had been over in AFGHANISTAN. I never saw Ben after that but boy did I enjoy my first one night stand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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