Ocak 13, 2021

A Plumbing Opportunity

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On Friday night the diner closed at ten pm, the rest of the week it closed at eight. The late close, with the end of the day clean up, and Saturday morning opening prep, it would be a short night’s sleep. If she was lucky four hours, but the kitchen sink faucet was leaking, and she was stuck while her step dad fixed the sink. Britney wiped down the diner’s counter one last time and tossed the rag onto a pile of dirty rags near the kitchen door. Running through her head was a mental checklist of things to be done at day’s end, she didn’t think anything was left to do. She sighed, the day done, then reached up and removed the claw style hair clip, and shook her hair out. Freed of the clip, her raven black hair dropped in long curls over the shoulders of her white blouse. She flipped a curl off her face, and gathered the cleaning rags, then headed to the kitchen.

David Douglass was uncomfortable, he had his six feet six, two hundred and twenty five pound body wedged between the freezer and the sink, knees slightly bent, his back and shoulders under the sink. Wearing a pair of Wrangler carpenter jean shorts, and the once white t shirt he’d worn under the button up shirt he cooked in. The gasket for the drain had dripped for a while, a bucket had handled the problem, but the rinse sprayer had suddenly started leaking when used, that was often during the day, and filled the bucket too often to be tolerable. So he’d waited until the diner closed, having had to empty the five gallon bucket twice during the dinner shift, water was money and ten gallons a night was insane, he’d jammed himself under the sink and worked on making repairs. He reached for the Channel Locks he’d used only a minute earlier, vaguely remembering they’d slid off his leg, and bounced out of sight. He reached around, unable to see them, wiggling against the floor in an effort to get a little more room, and only managed to twist his jean shorts on his hips until they were tight between his legs. “Fuck,” Dave mumbled.

Britney came into the kitchen, heard his curse, and smiled. Stepping between her stepdads knees and dropped the half dozen bar rags in the sink. “How’s it going?” she asked.

“Great, at this rate, I’ll have it fixed next Tuesday,” He replied from under the sink, “Do you see the Channel Locks, blue handles long plyers? I had them a minute ago, I think they fell somewhere near my leg.” He looked out toward her and only saw long tan legs, and the bottom hem of her cranberry colored skirt, the skirt was part of the wait staff’s uniform. He’d noticed the skirt had been hemmed higher than its original length, now he saw there was a lot of thigh showing, another inch and he’d be able to see her panties. He’d have to mention it to her mother, at nineteen Britney was a younger version of her mother, and that alone would invite a lot of attention, she didn’t need to encourage more.

She saw the plyers laying just to the left of his hip, “I don’t see them, but if you just had them they bahis firmaları have to be here somewhere, hang on a second and let me look, move your feet a little.” He shifted, lifting his knees, Britney knelt down between his legs, and spreading his legs further apart she knelt between them, pressing her bare legs bare legs against his. The heat of skin against skin made his twisted jean shorts much tighter, He felt his body respond, and tried to ignore the growing heat, reminding himself that the girl was his stepdaughter.

She gathered the plyers from the floor, “Here they are.” Brittney leaned forward, handing the Channel Locks to Dave, as she leaned up the length of his body she pressed against him.

He froze with the contact, the soft pressure against the tight fabric of his shorts made his already aroused cock instantly harder, settling back, she had shifted forward her legs slipping beneath his, her short skirt now draped over the lower front of his bunched shorts.

David was intensely aware of their physical contact, “I should be okay now, you don’t need to stay and help really, and you must have things…”

“I think I should stay here in case you need anything else,” She shifted a bit to get comfortable, under the draped skirt she was pressed softly against the crotch of his jeans. “Everything’s done, tables cleaned and set for tomorrow, everything stocked, and all that’s left is the kitchen work, and I can’t do that with you stuck under the sink.” She interrupted.

“Okay, it shouldn’t be long, I just need to change this gasket, can find you see the pipe tape?”

“Blue or Yellow?” She asked, seeing both in the toolbox.

“Blue, yellow’s for gas line.”

“Okay, one second,” She leaned across him twisting, she placed a hand on his right hip for balance, the lean pressed their loins together and tightened the already twisted shorts, he groaned involuntarily. “I’m sorry, did I lean too hard?”

“No, you’re okay, my shorts are twisted is all,” He explained as he took the pipe tape from her.

“”My god you have to be uncomfortable,” Britney shifted, the pressure between them gone as she moved away, then in a quick movement she unbuckled his belt to loosen his jeans.

“Britney, no really, it’s okay!” David, under the sink had no control over the situation, hands full. He felt her fingers slide under the top of his jeans on either side of his zipper, the effect was to give him a full erection, he pulled away from her touch pinning his back against the floor, and the already tight jean shorts locked in place. Britney struggled for a second, and then unfastened the snap and slid the zipper down, twisting the jeans back and down in a single motion, David moaned, free of the pressure, he wasn’t wearing underwear, finding it more comfortable in the summer heat, as a result, free of the twisted fabric his aroused penis jumped forward, fully erect and pointed straight up at Britney.

“Oh my,” She whispered.

“Britney!” kaçak iddaa David embarrassed and surprised to find himself suddenly exposed to his stepdaughter.

“No wonder you’re uncomfortable,” She wrapped her hands around his cock, the hard flesh hot and silky. David shocked by her touch involuntarily jumped, trapped in the small space under the sink, he banged his head off the drain pipe. Britney was focused only on the erect cock in front of her, and before he could protest Britney slowly started stroking him. Her hands slowly and lightly slipping from the base to the head, and back. Dave moaned, her touch feather smooth, but as hot as if a flame had touched him.

“Britney… stop.” His words barely a whisper, were ignored, she took away one hand, and continued to rub him slowly with the other, the now empty hand slid down and caressed then cupped his testicles. He groaned and his hips lifted to meet the down stroke of the hand stroking him, “Harder,” He whispered.

Unsure, she both tightened her grip, and increased the speed and length of her strokes, her hand slid from the base of the cock, along the nine inches of length to the bulb of the head, and back to the base. David’s hips met her strokes, pulling up and down through her fingers, she felt his balls tighten in her hand. As the upward push of his hips became more intense, her heart was beating loudly in her ears, she realized she’d been holding her breath, a deep breath and she slowed her strokes, and lightened her grip. David’s heavy breathing quieted, his body settled back, and he relaxed as the pressure subsided. The sound of her heartbeat became less intense as it slowed and she calmed down, she slid her hand over his hot flesh, down deep in the curls of hair and back, up over the tip her grip looser as it passed over the top. David shivered, and his breathing caught as she slid over the top, an amount of fluid had emerged from the tip of his cock, wet and sticky it made her fingers slippery and as her hand slid back through it.

David moaned, Britney leaned down, her lips hovered just above him, cautious her tongue licked the wet spill from the tip of his penis. As though a jolt of electricity had passed through him, his hips left the floor, his hard erection pushed across her lips and along her cheek, leaving a sticky wet kiss. Surprised, her hand gripped his erection and pushed him back to the floor, putting her free hand on his hip she held him down. Opening her mouth wide she slowly slid it over the head of his hard cock, her lips and tongue, gathered the pre-cum that remained. The taste, musky sweet and salty filled her senses, she closed her lips as the head of his cock touched the center of her caressing tongue. It filled her mouth, feeling massive, as it slid deeper she lost her breath, and she pulled away. Her eyes watering the tears streaking her face, she slowed feeling the hard cock slide through her lips. He motion stopped when the mushroom bulb of the cock head kaçak bahis reached her closed lips, she pulled in a breath, and slid her mouth back down the long shaft, determined to take the full length. She took more of him, opening her mouth wider as she slid deeper, again she pulled back slowly. A breath and repeat, taking more with each pass down the length, within minutes she felt the head slip to the back of her throat, his pubic hair tickled her nose as she settled and pressed or more.

David groaned, his body resisted the hand on his hip, he wanted to push in deeper as she took him in, the upward movement made him want to follow and keep the hard cock deep in her hot mouth. He felt the pressure building across his belly and groin, and fought it, losing.

“Britney you have to stop. I can’t,” He was losing control, “I’m going to…”

In answer, her mouth slid down the full length of his erection, her face buried deep in his hair, he felt his cocks head hit the back of her throat. Her hand slipped off his hip and he lunged up holding deep in her mouth, following as she tried to pull away. He erupted, hot seminal fluid gushing out, pumping and flowing into her throat and mouth, she swallowed and it continued to fill her. She felt it spill from her closed lips as she tried to catch her breath, a trickle ran over her lip and dripped onto her skirt. She kept her lips wrapped around him as he settled back to the floor, his body shuddering with the orgasm. She swallowed, her tongue coaxed his cock as it softened in her mouth, when it was obvious he was spent she released him and leaned back. Licking her lips she gently adjusted, zipped, and fastened his shorts.

“Britney.” She raised a finger to him, cutting him off in mid-sentence.

“Is there anything else you need right now? I need to clean up.” She had used the upraised finger to wipe the wet from her chin, she then licked it clean, sucking on the finger like a candy treat.

“No, I think I’ll be okay now.” Dave replied.

“Okay, yell if you need anything.” She climbed to her feet, and walked off in the direction of the diner’s bathrooms.

Dave heard the kitchen door swing shut, he thought about following her, but guilt and confusion made him hesitate. He looked at the pipe above him and went back to the repair. Half an hour later he’d finished, cleaned the kitchen and was no closer to what he would say when he saw Britney. He carried his toolbox, turned off the kitchen lights and backed out through the swinging door. She was sitting on a stool at the diner’s counter, a bottle of beer sat in front of her, half of it was already gone. At nineteen, she was under the legal drinking age, he said nothing.

She picked up the bottle and held it out toward him, he took the beer and took a long pull. “I think I could do better.” She said as he drank.

“Britney,” David was lost for words beyond her name.

“You’re going to teach me.” She stated.

“What?!” He asked, flustered.

She reached out and took the beer back, drained the bottle, she slid off the stool she was on, and walked around dropping the empty beer bottle into the trash.

Then replied, “Whatever I want to learn.”

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