Haziran 13, 2020

A pleasant surprise in the subway

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A pleasant surprise in the subway
That long week I had gone to my office using the subway; because my nice car had been some days staying out of order at the mechanic workshop.
On Friday I was really tired when I was coming back home and worst of all, I could not even budge and inch as the subway was filled beyond capacity.
Suddenly I felt something hard pressed tight against my ass cheeks and it felt like a man’s cock. It was huge and I could not move away from it.
As the subway car bumped and swayed along, my short tight skirt was riding up on my round buttocks. That huge thing now was nestled between my cheeks rubbing up and down; again up and down.
I began to fantasize about that huge dick. What it would feel like in my pussy or even my very tight asshole. I was getting turned on and horny.
That person behind me smelled great too which turned me on even more…
But I was sure that behind me was just a woman about my age; I could not even turn my head to check it out. That hard cock was still rubbing my ass.
Suddenly I felt two hands pulling up my skirt very slowly, until it barely covered my cheeks. Then again I felt that huge thing pushing between my buttocks. I could even feel every vein and the shape of his cock head like a big mushroom; but the strange thing was that it I sensed it was very cold.
I thought that this person was going to fuck me right here on the crowded subway. That huge piece finally found my pussy down there and I felt it one more time rubbing against my pussy lips, which were getting wet due to my own juices flowing out from my hungry cunt.
I could not help it; I was getting hornier by the minute; since my beloved husband had not fucked me during that long illegal bahis week…
Now this dick felt so wonderful and huge. Then my hand slipped down between my legs and under my skirt, to take care of my wet pussy lips. Suddenly those same hands slid aside my tiny thong, exposing now my bare wet and ready vagina for some action.
The cockhead just rubbed for a moment between my wet pussy lips. All of a sudden, the car lurched and we were all crushed together; then the hard cock slid all the way up inside of my waiting wet cunt.
In the middle of the metallic noises, nobody could hear me moan softly but then I felt a soft hand moving from behind and cupping my boobs; giving it a good feel of my hardened nipples.
I had one orgasm after another, as the vibration and motion of the subway rode up that huge thing into my very wet pussy.
I tightened up the inside of my pussy and with my next orgasm I was hoping he would come deep inside of my hungry vagina. But then I heard a soft voice whispering into my ear:
“Tell me you are enjoying this, bitch…”
It was a woman’s voice. She was that same elegant middle aged woman who was behind me; wearing a loose skirt, where she surely had hidden the strap-on which was now invading my wet cunt.
I came again as she ground her hips into my round firm buttocks…

“Now I am sure you have enjoyed this, my sweet slut…” She insisted.
Her soft hands let go off my hardened nipples and suddenly that silicone huge dick slipped out from my soaking wet vagina. The woman slipped my thong back over my pussy lips; but before she inserted two fingers inside of me, making me jump in surprise.
I felt her taking her fingers out and she put them to her mouth.
She smiled; tipobet güvenilir mi whispering again in my ear that my pussy was very sweet.

I could feel my own juices running down my thighs.
I moved to get out of the car at my station; but the woman grabbed my waist from behind and made me stay there quiet.
She whispered that she had even more thing to show me at her place.
So we got down after another three stations and walked just few blocks to her apartment.
As soon as we got there, she offered me a glass of red wine.
Then she started undressing me. I felt totally aroused as she pinched and pulled my hard nipples. The woman smiled as I moaned in pleasure. Then a hand got down between my thighs and her fingers entered my wet cunt.
She laughed again and stripped off. Then I could see for the very first time that monster silicone dick that had fucked me in the crowded subway. It was hanging from her waist and it was at least ten inches long and very thick…
The woman made me bend over a couch right there.
She guided that monster thing to my dripping wet pussy and it slid into me like a hot knife through butter. I gasped with pleasure and she bit the side of my neck making me cum again in that same moment.
She pounded my horny cunt with abandon, until I screamed as I came for yet another mind blowing orgasm. She had inserted the other end of that dildo deep inside her own pussy; so she smiled and grunted, as she had her first orgasm.
She made me come again a few minutes later; pumping my cunt in a wild rough manner, as she grabbed my hips hard to keep me still there.
Then she finally took off that thing from her waist and said now it was my turn to fuck her. perabet So, we changed positions and she adjusted the straps of that wonderful dildo on my waist.
The hot woman assumed the position and then I entered her cunt from behind. I began to fuck her in a gentle way; but she asked me to do it harder.
Then I pumped her cunt with fury, as she screamed in both pain and pleasure. Soon her loud screams became soft mounds and suddenly she came in my hands…
We stood embraced for a while and then she asked if I had enjoyed as well as she had. I kissed her red lips and our mouths entangled in a wild dance.
The sexy woman slipped a finger between my cheeks and began to play with my very tight rosebud. I moaned as it entered and she stuck it all the way in while kissing me passionately
I felt my ass was on fire as she finger fucked me so wildly.
Then she told me to lie on my stomach and she put a pillow under my belly to prop me up a bit; then she got behind me and I felt she was spreading my buttocks with her hands. Her soft tongue slid into my anus and I gasped with pleasure as it went into me deeply.
Soon her nice wet tongue was replaced by the huge silicone dildo and she placed the head at my very tight entrance. She began to slowly push it in I felt my anal ring expanding in both pain and pleasure.
I moaned louder and begged her to fuck me harder.
Then I came again, as I felt that huge thing going in and out of my anus…
She made me cum twice before she tensed her back and she came also screaming like crazy. I felt her sweet body shivering onto mine.
My brand new lesbian lover then fell over my side, totally satisfied.
She smiled and said that we should meet again in the next days.
We made plans to hook up the next weekend at my house; since my beloved Victor would be away on a business trip.
She smiled and asked me if my ass was sore. Of course it was, I replied…
The woman smiled and said then we should try again on my wet cunt…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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