Şubat 3, 2021

A Pleasant Surprise Ch. 02

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“Coming Lance?” Gena was obviously very proud of what she had just done. You could see it in the jaunt of her hip as she swaggered back towards her bedroom. She glanced back over her bare left shoulder; half turned and extended her arm to give me the universal “come here” gesture of curling her index figure. “What’s the matter? Are your knees still too weak to hold you upright? I didn’t cut your hair young master Sampson, I just swallowed your seed.”

“A thing I am well aware of right now, believe me,” I replied. “As to the question of whether my legs still work, let’s find out.” I stood up and made my way around the couch as casually as I could. True, I was a little wobbly at first but I had no intention of letting her know it.

Gena leaned against the hallway wall and waited for me. Wearing nothing but purple lace-and-satin panties she seemed supremely confident in her desirability. She raised the glass of water in her right hand to her lips. In the dim light coming both from the kitchen and the light in her bedroom behind her I saw a drop of condensation drip from the bottom of the glass to alight on her left breast. It trickled down to rest against her hard nipple and paused to glisten an invitation to my tongue.

I stepped across the room and accepted, bending slightly to place my mouth over the tip of her generous melon and flicking my tongue back and forth over the hard nub.

“Ummm,” she moaned, “that’s a start… c’mon lover, let’s get comfy.” So saying, she put her hands over my ears and pulled me up off her breast. I leaned into her and kissed her hard on the lips. We played tongue-tag for a second before she squirted off to my left and backhanded my bare ass lightly with her left hand. “Naughty boy, save that energy. You’re going to need it.”

I had a wonderful moment of deja vu as my girlfriend sashayed down the hall and turned right into her bedroom. I knew that this sight had haunted my dreams over the past month; this time I was wide-awake!

I followed Gena into her bedroom and posed in the doorjamb with what I hoped was a more seductive than silly look on my face. “Excuse me there little missy but were y’all looking for some company?” I said this with as much macho cowboy as a naked, skinny and pale teenager could muster.

My dream was propped on her elbows in the center of her full size bed. A single pink shaded lamp on her nightstand lighted the room. Under it was the glass of water and a book called “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” whose cover art somehow did not match up with the Disney-esque sound of the title. The angle created delicious little shadows under her full breasts and her right leg was slightly bent, hiding from me the area I really wanted to explore. Exploding forward, I jumped onto the bed. It caught her enough off guard that she gave a little laughing shriek and snatched her legs back and away from my reckless attempt at capture.

I skooched forward and kissed her right on the belly button, rimming it with my tongue and lifting up to look in her eyes with a smacking sound from the release of the slight suction I had used.

I kissed my way up towards her mouth, pausing between pecks to say, “You said it was your turn, and that’s what I intend, my sweet.” I stopped to take her right and then her left nipple into my warm mouth for a quick suckle. Moving to her slightly parted lips, I allowed my tongue to dart in and tease her as it played around her teeth and the velvet part of her that had forever changed my definition of pleasure.

I pressed against her intensely as she drove her tongue to push mine back and away. She slipped it into my mouth and I could sense her taking back the initiative I had stolen.

“Oh no,” I said, “Your job is done. Time to collect your paycheck.” I placed my hands on her shoulders and gently but firmly shoved her down against the white comforter. I grinned as I released her and trailed my hands lightly down her arms so that only my fingertips caressed down to her elbows and curved in to the middle of her palms.

Letting her left hand lay, I took her right and brought it to my face. I lightly kissed the very center of her palm and then started with her thumb and kissed each fingertip. When I reached her pinkie I slipped the entire finger into my mouth and ran my tongue in a counter-clockwise circle. I flicked lightly against the flap of skin between it and her ring finger.

I pursed my lips around her pinkie and pulled it out slowly while keeping a gentle suction. It made the slightest of popping noises when it came out and I felt Gena shiver slightly.

I moved over to the next finger and repeated my process. By the time I got over to her index finger she was rubbing her hand against my cheek and coaxing me to continue. After teasing casino şirketleri her thumb I planted a sloppy kiss in the middle of her palm and started back up her arm.

Instead of a series of kisses this time I slowly ran just the tip of my tongue up the direct center of her wrist. I paused every few inches to rewet it and as I neared her underarm she began to squirm and giggle.

“Ticklish Gena?” I teased as I ran my fingernails across the area between her chest and neck on my way to the left arm. ” I can stop if you want.”

“Don’t you dare,” she commanded.

I kissed my way down to the left hand and repeated the game I had started on the right. This time Gena’s right hand traced figure eights on my back and I could feel her start to tense up and release with the rhythm of her breathing. Since I knew what I was doing was not that intense, I figured she must have gotten just as turned on giving in the living room as I had been receiving.

Moving back to Gena’s chest I looked down at the contrast created by her tan lines. The golden skin surrounded the white areas covered by her bikini top. Two pink nipples perched in the center; the color deepened toward the tips so that the teats themselves were almost red. At the moment both were hard as little rocks and swaying slightly with the motion of Gena’s breathing.

I leaned over the left breast and exhaled warm air directly onto her nipple. Cupping her right tit in my hand, I gave a squeeze and was rewarded with a slight arch of her back. This brought the nipple up against my lips and I gave it a chaste little kiss. I flicked it once and then licked down the side and began a climbing corkscrew back up, leaving a slightly wet trail in my wake to cool in the evening breeze.

This time when I reached the top I sucked the whole crown as deep and hard into my mouth as I could. Gena’s gasp told me that my efforts were being rewarded. I alternated between light lapping and firm suction for a few moments before letting loose with a “plop” sound and blowing hard across the peak.

My tongue dove down the mountainside into the valley of her breastbone and renewing the strategy of a circular climb. Gena’s reaction was similar but now her hands ran through my hair and when I took her right nipple deep into my mouth her hands twisted and caught in my long red hair. In response I took the nipple between my teeth and gave the slightest of bites, more a nibble really. She liked that! There was a bit of pain in her exclamation but her hips thrust up off the bed and as they settled back she gave a long, low moan.

Gena’s hands settled on my wiry shoulders and gave a slight downward push. I looked up to see her eyes filled with a longing that was new to me as she pursed her lips and her look became inquisitive. I raised one eyebrow and gave my best Mr. Spock imitation.

“Please?” Gena said to me in a bit of a puppy dog voice. “I want to feel that someplace else now.”

I just smiled and kissed the valley between her breasts. Slowly, wanting to prolong her sweet agony, I worked my way across her hard stomach and below her waist. As I reached the edge of the purple silk panties the pace of her breathing increased. I slid my thumbs under the sides and she lifted up to allow me room to slide them off. I pulled the sides out and away from her body and slid them down her firm thighs, over her knees and turned slightly to watch them clear over her toes. Wanting to appear more confident than I really was, I dangled them from my right thumb as I looked directly into her eyes. With a wink I tossed them over my shoulder onto the floor.

Slowly I let my eyes drift down over her perfect tits and athletes abs to the promised land. In the soft pink light of her bed stand lamp I got the first glimpse of the area that would rule my every waking thought over the next few months. The brown hair was trimmed short and triangle shaped so that it would not stand out from under her bikini bottoms. From this angle I could catch just a glimpsed of wetness on the pink inner folds of her flower.

I wanted to dive right in, to taste that wetness and run my tongue through the hidden crevices and feel their softness. However, just as I started to do just that I began to think of how Gena had reacted so far. The baby step slowness of my methods so far had as much to do with my nerves and my wanting to memorize every advance as it had with anything. Yet every time I had taken things to a new level of forbidden fruit my girlfriend had responded with gasps and moans. I think I was beginning to understand why Gena had so enjoyed what she did to me in the living room. Now I was the one in control.

I took Gena’s foot in my hands and lifted it to my lips. Moving left to right I planted a delicate kiss on each casino firmaları toe, slipping the littlest and last into my mouth for just a moment. A shiver ran up my girl’s leg and quivered into my tongue. As though it were a cue I kissed my way down the top of her foot and circled her ankle with wetness. I shifted to kneel between her feet and licked my way to the inside of her thigh.

Just as I approached the spot where Gena’s legs came together I pulled up off her skin and crossed over with a warm gentle exhalation to land wetly on the opposite thigh. Her muscles were beginning to tighten and release in her quads and calves with an almost syncopated rhythm. I lifted up her right leg while running just the very fingertips of my left hand down the length of her left. I let them flow off the end to meet my other hand and my lips at her right ankle.

I kissed my way up to Gena’s toes. In a successful attempt at surprise, I gave her little toe a firm nip with my teeth this time.

“Ouch!” Gena exclaimed with a little too much giggle hiding in her voice. I could tell it had not been an entirely unwelcome bite. I filed the ideas that gave me away for later use. I started to make my way slowly back up her leg.

This time when I approached her warm pussy she moved her hands towards my head and I knew that I would not be allowed to bridge the gap again. I leaned face first into her thigh and began to nibble and lick the borders of her tan lines. As a guitarist I knew not to go for the high notes too soon. I still wanted to build the anticipation.

Gena began to move her hips to force me into contact and as her hands came to rest in my hair I knew that my strong-willed diva did not intend to wait much longer. I stuck out my tongue and made a long lick to the very edge of the pink inner part of her. Just “missing”, I teased upward and around the edge of her slit and down the left side. The skin just next to her folds had been shaved bare and was very smooth. As I traced the outer limits of her sex I let my warm breath flow out my mouth and hoped she was feeling it.

Now that it was time to actually start licking Gena’s pussy I somehow reverted straight back to clumsy amateur. I knew I had been doing well with my delaying tactics because Gena had reacted in ways that told me she was getting more excited. Now it was time to try and make her feel the way I had a few minutes before and all my psuedo-confidence vanished. What did I do first?

I guess that what Gena wanted did not include me hovering over her and breathing like someone had pushed the pause button because the fingers in my hair tightened and my face was suddenly filled with moist warmth as she raised her hips and pulled me down into her crotch. Since I did not know what else to do I just stuck my tongue out and started at the bottom and gave one long slow lick upwards to get my first feel and taste of Gena.

I was surprised at how wet and warm she was. As a matter of fact I would even say hot. The wetness of her did not have the strong taste that you would think based on the things other guys said in their jokes or talk about their girlfriends. It was thicker than water and had a subtle flavor that I could not place yet somehow seemed almost familiar. It just seemed right.

Encouraged, I let my tongue fall back down to the bottom of her pussy and began to explore it with my mouth. I ran my tongue all over the folds and crevices and then kissed Gena like I was making out with her pussy. My lips and face were covered with her juices and I decided I would try to lick her dry. The more I tried to do that the wetter she got. I took that for a sign that I was doing something right.

Gena’s breathing was becoming more forced and faster. Her fingers were still in my hair but now were looser and idly playing as she concentrated on other things. At the end of each breath she gave a little shudder and her hips rose softly up off the bed. I glanced up at her face and saw that her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. She definitely looked like she was having fun.

I turned my attention back to what I was doing. This time after running my tongue upward on the outside of her folds I ran it downward on the inside edge and back up on the outer. Then I started at the bottom and flicked my tongue left and right while I moved my chin upwards. At the place where her folds came together at the top a little domed peak was now evident. I circled this with the tip of my tongue and knew that I had done something good from the gasp that I heard above me.

I sucked the whole little dome into my mouth and let my cheeks hollow out as I tried to take it as deep as I could. My probing tongue found a little button beneath the top of the dome and when I corkscrewed my tip around güvenilir casino it Gena let out a long low moan. The hands on my head suddenly pulled down into her rising hips and for a moment I could not breathe as Gena ground her crotch into my face. Her thighs squeezed tight on the sides of my head and her body went rigid. I was reminded of what good shape she was in when her legs lifted me right up off the bed.

Knowing that I was doing something right I kept my focus on the area as Gena convulsed a couple more times and let out a sound somewhere between a gasp and a sigh. I kept at it until she squirmed a bit and said my name.

“Lance, not so hard,” Gena breathed, “that almost hurts a little. Give a girl a chance to recover.”

“Recover?” I asked, “Does that mean… “

“Oh yeah,” Gena whispered, “That’s exactly what it means. You are wonderful. We’re not finished though. C’mon up here baby.”

I wiped my cheeks on the triangle of her hair and slowly pulled myself up the bed and into her arms and a kiss so hard I felt it in my toes. As Gena’s tongue snaked into my mouth I felt the head of my once again hard cock come to rest against the wetness between her thighs.

Gena wiggled her hips and the tip of my hard-on slipped gently between the lips of her pussy. It was so hot it felt as though I would be burned. It was so wet that I could feel myself slipping in easily. So soft and tight that even though it felt just as good or better than her mouth it was infinitely different.

Gena broke the kiss and moved her hands down my back to the cheeks of my ass. “C’mon Lance,” she directed, “This is no time to be nervous. I want to feel you inside me. Now Lance. Right now.”

Seeing the desire in Gena’s eyes and hearing the hunger in her voice I forgot to be scared or worried. I propped myself up on my hands and slowly but firmly pushed my hips forward. In a moment I felt the whole of my cock surrounded by the firm grip of her pussy. It was almost surreal how good it felt; all my fears vanished.

Gena’s nails dug into my ass as she released the breath I just realized she had been holding. I pulled slowly back and up and then eased my way back down as she directed me with little pressures from her fingers and wrists.

“Faster Baby,” said Gena, “You’re not gonna hurt me. It feels great. Back and then thrust with your hips… OH! Yes, just like that. Again… YES… hard, you can’t hurt me… mmm.”

I responded to Gena and let unasked questions fade into the background as I concentrated on just feeling. This was incredible! I wanted to move or kiss her or something but I found it was all I could do to keep moving as she directed, first fast and hard, then slowing and even pausing for a moment until we seemed to find a rhythm together. This at least I recognized. On some rare occasions I had found myself in a state where it was just my guitar and me and I knew what was right to do next and what note was needed to make the solo perfect. That was how I felt now; only instead of just me it was the two of us working together. My senses seemed to expand and I became aware of details in the tone of her skin, fascinated by the trail a single drop of sweat took from her forehead to the junction between jaw, neck and earlobe.

I lost track of time completely, only noting the nuances of body temperature and muscles. I felt more than heard as Gena’s breathing became faster again and her hips thrust hard upward into mine. The tightness around me became like a vise as she convulsed in staccato and the pitch of her voice hit a new high just as her gasps and moans hit a crescendo. As her body relaxed beneath me I let myself increase my pace and the muscles of my calves began to bunch in anticipation.

“Oh yes!” screamed Gena, “Don’t you dare hold back. I want you to. Come inside me Lance. I want to feel it.”

Like I could have stopped it! My legs locked forward and my back arched as it felt as though every drop of liquid within me poured out in rhythmic pulses into Gena’s pussy. For a moment you could have broken a board over my back, as I became stone still in every place but one.

Thirty glorious seconds later I did not even have the strength to keep myself up over my girl and simply collapsed into the pillow behind her right shoulder. After a few moments of panting I finally corralled my missing lungs and whispered into the ear of my lover.

“Gena,” I said, “I love you. I think I’m about to die, so let me just say that I love you.”

“Baby,” replied my lover, “me too.”

I rolled over onto my back. For a few minutes we just lay there in the semi darkness and let our thoughts catch up with our bodies.

“What do we do now?” I asked, “Much as the thought appeals to me, it is going to be a little while before I can do more then stumble around.”

“Why don’t we sit in the Jacuzzi and have a glass of wine,” suggested the woman who had changed my life twice in one night, “Later, we’ll see. We’ve got all weekend, and a video to finish watching.”

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