Şubat 3, 2021

A Normal Weekend with Katie Ann

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Dear Readers, this story is related to other stories I’ve written as of late, but can also be enjoyed on it’s own. I want to thank all of you for your comments and encouragement. I hope you enjoy this story and those yet to come! -puppop

Friday night Dinner

Court recessed right on time, but the Sergeant E. A Hatch, the bailiff, had brought in an old PTO switch that I needed for Katie’s tractor. Like me, he likes to tinker, told me to call if I had trouble with the install. So there’s me running late. But we don’t have a rush hour in the village, in fact, we just don’t rush. I pointed my old car north, gliding up my drive about 5:30.

There were voices on the porch. Rusty, my title examiner and Hank, my neighbor two doors down had their feet propped up, drinking tall necks from the outside fridge. Cat arched her back for praise as I came in and Rusty grabbed a beverage for me from the Philco.

I went inside, dropped off my briefcase and lost the tie. Coming out, Rusty was talking about seeing my car out at Katie Ann’s farm.

Henry chuckled, “Boy, you do get around, I tell you what. What’s your secret? I mean at Christmas, you took that redheaded girl down to your boat, now you’re visiting the prettiest widow in the county.”

“Yeah Ted, I done told you about burning the candle at both ends with that Gwen.” Rusty looked over at Henry, “AND she was a pretty fair fly fisherman, er, person too.”

Henry slapped his leg. “I need to get out there, throw a line, come to think of it.”

“Hell, come on over. Mattie’ll make you up breakfast and I’ve got some tied flies to try.” Rusty poked me in the rib. “Say that one fast, huh? Naw, Ole Lothario here’s too busy girl chasing to fish just now.”

We all laughed, just old buds, a Friday night. These were my friends, Rusty, with his mustache and red hair always reminded me of Jeff Foxworthy back in the day. They talked and laughed nearly the same way. Rusty is utterly content with his home, his wife and his life.

Henry was a former bush pilot, flying mail and groceries with his Otter over the vast expanses of Alaska. He’d retired some years back but kept an airplane up at Rabun Gap. He’s the definition of steady, unruffled, quiet smart.

Then there’s me. I’d escaped from a firm in Atlanta and hung my shingle in the village two decades ago. I’d been married, now I wasn’t. But ‘Lothario’ was stretching things a bit. Past stories define my character and person, so I’ll leave it at that.

We had some chit chat. Rusty had some work to drop off. Henry had taken to visiting more often since the Christmas flight. I was enjoying their company when Katie Ann pulled up close to the garage and got out with a shoulder sack.

“Oh HEY! Can you come help, there’s MORE in the back…”

All three of us dutifully trooped out, knights errant party to a grub run.

Auburn hair glowing in the softening skies, skin fresh and shining, laughing at the outpouring of support for two canvas carryalls. She pursed her lips. “I honestly don’t have enough for all of y’all to carry, now careful with those, that one’ll be hot on the bottom.”

My friends said their howdies to the county’s prettiest widow, me included. Everyone knows Katie Ann and everyone is Katie Ann’s bestest friend. She’s very demonstrative and energetic, the perfect wedding planner.

She’d brought dinner from home for all of us and we got it settled on the stove. Cat wove around her legs, looking for love. When Kate came out to the porch, Rusty dug her out a beer and we all resumed our visit. The sun shone out in Texas and we got the last of it’s affections, the kitchen lights beckoning us to a dinner fit for a farmer.

Katie’s prowess in the kitchen was close to matching Mattie’s with her old Franklin. We ate all the things that modern dietitians scowl and scold about. I think that’s why they scowl and scold so much. They’re just hungry for decent food.

We pulled back from the table, satisfied, hands on our bellies. Rusty got a toothpick off the lazy susan. “You know Katie Ann, you and Mattie need to swap some recipes. You know why I’m here?”

Kate shook her head, smiling.

“I’m here to tell you, that’s how chicken’s done, oh yes ma’am!”

We all laughed, spirited conversation and general gossip ensuing, us old gents getting the lowdown from Katie with her dramatic hand gestures on who did what where. The dishes were pushed aside. It was some of the best table fun in years. Finally, a lull. Cat meowed from outside. She had a cat door, but preferred for someone to let her in sometimes, just being Cat. I got up intent on feline rescue as the others clambered to their feet, Henry reaching down for a last bite of pie.

Shortly we were alone, Cat saved. I was standing at the screen door watching the stars appear, seemingly bringing on a gentle breeze that fluttered the leaves on the Bradford pears. Kate rubbed my arm softly, the clean smell of her hair, the luminescence of her gaze, sharing an unspeaking moment between casino şirketleri souls.


Tentative tendrils began forking across the eastern skies, building in confidence and brilliance, awakening the slumbering birds in the cedars by the front door. I bore mute witness to the oranging of the horizon from the palladium window in the bedroom. Katie Ann snored softly, head on my shoulder.

Cat leaped up to the foot of the bed and launched into her bathing routine, unable to complete this work elsewhere. And of course, I didn’t have a sock to throw at her. Katie Ann took in a deep breath and yawned, a sleepy smile as she stretched, while Cat nuzzled her hand for a free pet. It was a cheap ploy, but it worked, the petting bringing on purrs and silly sounds from my soft semi nude bedmate.

I emerged from the bathroom ready for the day, reaching for my bathrobe.

A deep womanly voice. “Pardon me, but would you have any Earl Grey?”

“But, of course!” I watched her rise, breasts full fruits as she donned her robe. I repaired to the kitchen to prepare tea as I punched Mr. Coffee on.

We’d talked on the phone during the week. It first started out that she wanted to grow alfalfa in two fields, put in soy on another. Since I fixed the tractor, (kind of) Kate wanted to do some farming. Since her, (Ray’s) land had always raised cattle, I had to coax her back from the edge and also, it was already too late to plant soy after prep. Plus, a host of other factors competed in dimming her chances of success. Leasing her land, maybe…

I heard her breathing on the phone. Comprehending. Next subject. “I think you and I should get to know each other as people, not just, um, how should I say this?

I mean, you MUST think me a tramp the way I’ve acted, I dunno. I just want to say I’ve probably given the wrong impression, does THAT make any sense?”

I could imagine her hands doing swoops and spins, her pacing in her farmhouse.

” You shouldn’t be embarrassed for being human. Just like our minds, our bodies have needs..”

“I just don’t want to cheapen what we have. I mean, I’m not some RAVISHING twenty year old and if that’s what you really…”

I cut her off. “Kate, I’ve admired you for years, not lusted, admired, although you’re somewhat cute, but…”

“YOU know the way to my heart, now there you go,” she chuckled.

“Well, (laugh) which is it? I can’t say that I’ve wanted to have you biblically without ruining my pitch. Which reminds me. I don’t have one.”

It was quiet for a moment. “I think I want to be in your arms, just your arms and talk about maybe mundane things, just be, I don’t know, two people being normal.” A pause. “Are you there?”

“Yes I am. Whenever I think I can’t be surprised anymore, I get surprised. So, how does this work?”

It Went like This

After the men went home and our little interlude on the porch, we trooped in and cleaned up the kitchen. Later, we chatted about my cases and about her upcoming events. We shared a little brandy, a conservative amount and talked farming, crops, cattle. She was a farmer’s widow and I’d always been interested in gardening.

It was getting late. Kate, brushing her hair back, “There’s an overnight bag in my trunk. I think I might get it?” She glanced at me. “I’m not being forward or assuming…”

“Of course you’re welcome! I’ll go get it for you right now!”

“No, I can get it. There’s not much to it. Well, actually there’s a makeup case too, I just didn’t want to look, oh, you know…” Katie Ann being awkward, a first.

I hugged her to me. “You get your things while I go clean up.”

I was toweling off when I felt the breeze from the bathroom door being opened. Katie Ann slipped in, closing the door behind her. She was wearing a gown and a smile. “Turn around, I’ll wipe your back.”

She rubbed me briskly, then putting the towel on the counter, reached up and began kneading my shoulders. I felt myself loosen up, her hands pulling and closing. Then softer, as her hands drifted down my torso and my arms, more just touching then rubbing. I stood quietly, relaxed.

She reached my hips, squeezing. A little sigh. A soft caress to my front side, gliding up my chest, stopping, squeezing anew. She seemed breathless. “Do you want your robe?”

“No, I’m just going to lay down, soon as I brush my teeth.”

Her neck was flushed, lips parted as she left.

The darkness in the bedroom was somewhat thwarted by the nightlight under the dresser, casting a soft glow on Kate awaiting me. I opened a window and after a brief moment, a cricket began chirping, while the sheers whispered in the night breeze.

The sheets rustled as we sank down into the soft comfort, smoothing our pillows, laying on our backs. The ceiling fan was on low, describing lazy circuits in the gloom as the cricket serenaded us. Her soft hand found mine. There we were, like old marrieds. In that course, I might have been thinking about new plantings casino firmaları along the walkway, she, likely concocting a special dessert.

I already knew we could be comfortable, knew it years ago. Katie Ann was just playing catch up after a long time, some time, maybe even considering what to say to her sons about us. A whisper. “Would you like to kiss me?”

We moved to face one another and framing my face in her hands, she very softly and delicately kissed me. I trailed my fingers through her hair and down her back to the flare of her rump, her thin nightgown silky smooth. Kate traced the tendons on my shoulders, looking intently at me as best I could tell.

Her hands, like tiny butterflies, flew lower, lightly examining my chest and arms. Kissing her anew, I began my own gentle explorations, tracing the roundness of her shoulders, her arms firm and fit.

She scratched my lower belly lightly, fanning her fingers out on my abdomen, up and down, just so…

We kissed, back and forth affectionately, trying to avoid arousal. Through her gown I had cupped her heavy breast as I kissed her anew. She pulled my tongue in, sucking. Helplessly her hand quested lower to find my growing need, taking it in hand, a soft moan.

I whispered, “We’re supposed to have a normal time, like you said on the phone.”

“Yes. It’s hard to do just now.” A gasp. “I’ll let you go.”

Her aureole crinkled to my caress, nipple emboldened. Kate reached for my sac, squeezing, then ever so slowly returning up to the tip of my manhood, now fully erect, taking little grabs on the journey, making me jerk.

“I MUST stop, I know and I will. Whew!” Kate’s hand left me and sitting up, pulled her nightie over her head. “It’s OK, I’ve got panties on.”

I smiled, “I wonder how long THOSE will stay on?”

Another cricket started chirping in counterpoint to the first as I leaned over, licking her naked breast, taking in her nipple.

“Oh stop! THAT’S not fair at ALL!” All the while cradling my head as I nipped her nubbins gently, little roundabout licks. “I’m getting all sticky, we CAN’T keep doing this!” Her hand of it’s own volition had furtively crept back to my sex, palming and pulling it while her hips moved restlessly.

I pulled back to lay my head on the pillow. We watched the paddles of the fan revolve. My hand was on her thigh. I grinned, “Now THAT was some pretty intense affection.”

She wiggled just so that my hand was on her pubis over her panties. “I know. We’re just going to have to PRACTICE this to see if we can do better in the future.”

I traced the vee of her panties, lightly dragging my fingernails along the elastic.

She pressed her legs together tightly, her hand over mine, murmuring “You shouldn’t, now try to relax.” She pressed more firmly, pushing my hand lower.

I could feel her swollen sex, meaty with need, thick and full under the thin matierial. She directed my fingers, her fingers over mine to lightly pluck her Mons and then drag up her furrow to the top. Her hips jerked and again she directed my hand, this time under the elastic, touching the forest rimming her excited sex.

“Yes, we should relax like this more often,” I breathed.

She moved my hand away, putting it on my chest. “OK, let’s sleep now, much to do tomorrow.” She rolled onto her side facing away, sighing.

I spooned up against her, my maleness against her soft full ass. I reached around, again cupping her breast, pulling her tightly against me.

“Mmmh, that’s nice,” Katie Ann arched her back as I barely kissed her neck, pushing her hair aside. She reached back and took my hardness, burying it between her thighs, against her sex, a strip of silk the only barrier. “Let’s be still now, it’s late…” Her ass pushed back against me, almost imperceptibly, her hand now covering my own holding her breast.

A tiny retreat, another push, just barely. “I’m just getting comfortable…” A gasp as I kissed her neck again. Hips easing forward, then back just a little. I’m at her entrance as she pushed down slightly, as if to accept me, a little wiggle, her cheeks encasing my maleness, my turn to gasp. The smell of Kate’s arousal began to invade my nostrils, a woman’s web trapping the male’s basest instinct.

“Go to sleep now.” Hips pushing back, my cock running tightly up her furrow, open and hot until it rested against her spear, only silk between and I can feel her tip on mine. Kate reached down, touching the back of my cock, patting it. The hand removed, returning wet with saliva, tracing my sensitive spot as she rolled her hips to push me against herself.

I felt slickness issue from me against her panties. I pulled back, then thrust forward, my arousal now tangible, plowing the slickened crevice, her wetness having soaked through the abused panties.

We both made sounds, enlivening the other, oxygen to the fire. A few minutes later, I gave in to temptation and pulled the back of her panties down and at last we were flesh to flesh. güvenilir casino I could feel her shaking with need as I slid freely up and down her sex, her ass cheeks wetted as well. As I made another thrust, she shifted and I began to enter her, my cock’s head inside. We both stopped, hearts pounding. She gasped, “At least once, dear God!”

Ever so slowly I filled her, not out of some advanced prowess, but because I was so close! My belly was tingling. One careless thrust, two at most and I’d fall off the mountain. Katie Ann, my compliant mare, momentarily docile, accepting while our sexes fully met. She reached down between us, massaging my aching, needful sac. Then her hand raised to her own need, softly stroking, each contact provoking a tightening around my fully immersed manhood.

I licked my fingers and reached around to her nipple, caressing, tugging, returning her titillations in kind. I was soon aware of her arousal’s imminent cresting by the tiny quick spasms beginning in her depths surrounding me.

“Oh.” A sharp intake, a deep breath. “Oh, I must stop, Oh, I can’t stop!”

I reached down, pulling her hand away from it’s caress.

“No, no, FINISH us!!” Kate bunched her hips tight, rocking against my impalement, urgent for release.

But this was supposed to be a different weekend, not just about the physical.

I whispered in her ear as she thrashed. “We’re supposed to be normal people.”

She thrust away from me, my wet cock suddenly cool in the night air.

I rolled onto my back, getting my breath. After a moment, she followed suit.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes.” I took another deep breath. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t being a big help, was I?”

“Oh no, you’re FINE. I couldn’t decide whether or not to be a tease. I liked touching you in the bathroom, you being all naked and I kinda lost focus. It’s so WONDERFUL to have a man WANT me and can’t wait to have me.” She sighed. “Oooh, I’m SO horny!” Softer, “I didn’t want it to end.”

“It doesn’t have to. Spend the weekend. I say, let’s be ‘normal’ but ‘might’ play as circumstances warrant.” I paused, “Other than that I have to go to Katie Ann’s farm to fix her tractor again, I’m free.”

“Katie Ann won’t be home. She’s doing a wedding at one. THEN she’s free.” A girlish giggle in the dark. “Good night.” Her hand crept over to mine.

Back to Saturday

Katie Ann made an omelette and home fries for us while I set the table and squeezed some oranges. My radio was on, listening to Chicago, WBBM, so far away, but because of our altitude or some anomaly, I’ve gotten clear reception for years. Kate paused as yesterday’s cattle pricing was reported along with grain and corn futures.

She understood the reportage, I could tell by the way she pursed her lips and turned back to the stove. Quietly, I heard her say, “Hmm. Good time to be out of cattle.”

Kate brought our plates over about the time Cat started making a case for wet food, meaning Fancy Feast. As reported earlier, her timing is immaculate. The toast popped up, the one on the right landing in the sink as always. I try to get twenty years from a toaster, three years to go…

Later, I sat on the bed, watching her dress. She looked good in daylight. My view matched my remembrances from the night before, vivacious, womanly, man pleasing. I’d wanted her near for years, and now…

In the mirror, a touch of blush. “What are you thinking?”

“Things I can’t say yet”

“Is that good or bad?”

” Just mushy, pay me no mind.”

“I like mush, but I’ll wait. I KNOW there’s more.”

“Well. Yeah. The two Kates. You of last night, then you of today, very churchy, but beautiful.”

“Silly, it’s my job. Marriages happen in churches.”

“I know. I’ve noticed that women seem to always look their best on Sunday mornings.”

” Would that be your only reason for attending?” A lilting challenge.

“Just noticing, especially when the sermon kinda drags, you know?”

“You need to get right. Knowledge of sin can makes things a little sexier, don’t you think?”

“Sacrilege! Surely not!” Tongue in cheek.

Kate chuckled, “Stop, you sound like Cotton Mather, ” She applied her lipstick. “It’s the forbidden fruit thing. It’s more exciting when there are proscriptions.” She laughed, “I chucked all of them last night with my wanton behavior.” She turned to me. “And I don’t regret a DAMN minute of it. Now, gimme kiss, I’ve got to go.”

We embraced there and again at the car, before she wended through the cedars down the drive, bound for Morganton.

I drove out to her farm and eventually, through no fault of my own, got the PTO to work again on the tractor. I almost called E.A. Hatch at one point, but persevered out of stubbornness. I went and mowed down the Kate’s field on the other side of the road from her house and reset some barb wire. I threw seed and grist for the hens while the cock followed me around staring balefully as usual. I got Ray’s toolbox out of the barn and was able to rehinge the corn crib doors and unfreeze the locking latch on the baler.

It was good honest work, far more satisfying than my living. It seemed a shame that a small private farm is doomed anymore. Things are just backwards.

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