Ocak 12, 2021

A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 05

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As with previous chapters of the story of Dr. Mitchel I’d like to start with a heartfelt THANK YOU! To RecHiker! He edited this chapter, inspired me, and has helped me stay focused. He’s taken time from his BUSY schedule to advise me, and edit this chapter.

I also want to say Thank you to my readers. Thank you even more to the readers who like the story and go to the trouble to tell me. Feedback is a great motivator. Knowing someone liked what I’ve written helps me want to continue. Also thank you to the readers who send constructive criticism. Writing to me and calling me names does nothing to improve the storyline or the writing.

If you are looking for a story with quick, dirty, irresponsible, sexual encounters, this is not for you. This story is about loving relationships, and builds the characters in what I consider to be safe, loving situations. It does contain descriptions of graphic sexual encounters. Some of these are faded memories of certain portions of misspent youthful encounters. Others are complete fantasies and wishful thinking. All are intended to be entertaining.

I readily admit to being an amateur, and I write mostly for my own entertainment. Believe me when I tell you I sometimes entertain myself way more than I should. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that gets edited out. Thank God for the delete button. I’m old enough to remember typewriters, carbon paper, and white-out. I wouldn’t do this under those conditions. I’ve even owned an IBM Selectric, and a Xerox Memorywriter… With either of them this story would not exist.

This story, the characters in it, the events described, and the activities of the characters are all figments of the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to real life, or actual people, is strictly coincidental. Some of the locations mentioned do in fact exist, and most of the inanimate objects are real.

The characters that are involved with sexual encounters are/will be adults, over eighteen, and capable of making responsible decisions.

References to the Morrisons or mention of certain characters are from RecHiker’s story, The Morrisons, and are used with permission.

Please take the time to rate the story. If you like the story, give it five stars. If you just want to make my day that’s OK too. I like five star ratings, and positive feedback.

I hope you enjoy this chapter.



Marshall Mitchel woke up tangled up in a web of… arms…and legs. Hmmm, seems there were some heads of hair, breasts, and nipples… a tangle of beautiful women, two redheads, a blond and a brunette. Marsh came to the conclusion he had died and gone to heaven. If this wasn’t heaven, hell was a great place to be.

Suddenly one of the redheads stirred. Movement of any specific part of the tangle was sure to produce additional movement from the rest of the web, since the web consisted of four separate torsos with the various mentioned parts attached.

Thus a slight stir of the redhead closest to Marsh instigated a sudden exodus of all four of the beautiful women. The fact that there was a bathroom in two of the closets in the master bedroom, was nice enough, but immediately became an instant inconvenience at the same time. Two bathrooms was two bathrooms too few. Sue and Trish headed for bedrooms with fewer occupants, because they had not been as quick as Becca and Jenni.

Fortunately there were enough toilets on the second floor to avert any real long lasting consequences, and there were no accidents. Marsh followed Becca into the back closet/bathroom, and then returned to the bed with her. The other three returned as well, and there was a lot of animated discussion of last evening’s activities. No one was complaining, no one felt left out, all claimed to have enjoyed the evening.

All too soon someone made the observation that they should all probably get out of bed, shower, and prepare for another day in the salt mines.

Marsh, Becca and Jenni went to the big shower in the front bathroom to wash and dry each other. Trish and Sue went to the back bathroom to do the same. Sue and Jenni had to return to their own closets to get dressed, while Marsh, Becca, and Trish stayed in the master closet and got prepared for another day, and the varying levels of excitement it would produce.

Marsh went down to the kitchen where Marguarita was preparing breakfast. Flap-jacks were the main entree. Most folks think flap-jacks and pancakes are pretty much the same thing. Not so! Or not the way Marguarita made them. Marguarita’s flap-jacks had substance. They were made with whole grain flour, and contained fruits and/or veggies. This morning there were potato bits, and apple chunks. Toppings were only semi limited. Some fruits just go out of season in the USA, making them less convenient to serve, and bahis firmaları Marguarita was not yet up to speed on the Turner produce department.

Marsh was faced with only one dilemma. He had to eat breakfast with five beautiful women. Besides the four he slept with Marguarita sat down and joined them. Marsh determined that he would suffer in silence. That lasted about ten seconds, and then everyone joined in a lively conversation between bites.

Marsh turned to Becca, and asked if she needed the helo today. It would be quicker and easier to take the Bell 230 to the airport, than to drive his truck. Since Becca was planning to work from the bull-pen today, she didn’t see any need for keeping the helo here.

Trish, Sue, and Jenni were going to all ride to work in Trish’s new car, and Trish was under strict orders to stay at her corporate office unless she had Jimmy or a body guard that he had approved with her. Marsh had worked out details with Jimmy immediately after the attack in the hotel office. Trish was a little less than excited about the restrictions, but she was glad that Marsh and Jimmy wanted to keep her safe.

After breakfast was finished everyone chipped in to help with clean-up and then exchanged hugs and kisses before heading out.

Becca rode to the ranch hanger with Marsh and helped him get the helo out, and then she took his truck down to the bull-pen. Marsh sent Wolf with Becca.

Marsh wound up the turbines, and left for the airport. He had called yesterday afternoon, and asked Tommy to get the Gulfstream ready for him to take it to California again.

Marsh landed the helo next to the hanger at the airport, and checked the outside of the Gulfstream in a walk-around with Tommy. Under normal circumstances you would expect to see two pilots at the controls of the Gulfstream, but for this trip Marsh didn’t want to tie up another pilot, so he decided to go to the effort to fly it by himself.

Marsh went through the preflight checklist. It took a little longer to do it by himself, but all the systems checked out. Marsh lit the burners, called the tower, and taxied to the end of the runway. From here on out his flight plan was a duplicate of the one he had flown on Monday. Well, he skipped the little over water test run.

Uncle joey had put a helipad in Mama Vicky’s back yard, several years ago, so Marsh was going to take the 407, and skip the headaches of the Los Angeles freeway traffic. Morgan had the 407 out and ready for Marsh. Marsh had a few minutes leeway to still get to Mama Vicky’s on time. He decided to arrive a few minutes early rather than chance some detour from LAPD, BUR, LAX, or whoever might throw something into the mix. (Los Angeles Police Department, Burbank International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport)

Marsh skirted around most of the city itself by flying to the north over Pasadena, Glendale, and Sherman Oaks. He turned west and flew to his old neighborhood. There were a lot of newer homes built up to the west and north of where he had been raised, but Marsh had no trouble flying right to the Martinelli compound. Uncle Joey’s helipad was unoccupied. It was big enough for Marsh’s 407, and Uncle Joey’s Sikorsky to both sit side by side.

As Marsh set down, Mama Vicky came out and stood just outside her kitchen door to watch Marsh land. When Marsh picked up his computer bag and headed down the stairs towards the house, Mama Vicky ran up towards the pad, and threw her arms around Marsh, planting kisses all over his face. “Marshall Edgar!” She cried out. “Mama is so happy to see you! Come in, come in, and talk to Mama Vicky. Mario and my Victor will be here in about ten minutes. They can’t stay a long time because Giuseppe, and Antonio are out from New York, and they are going to have some business meetings at the office this afternoon. Oh Marsh, it is so good to see you!”

Marsh’s mind raced. “Would Mama still say that when Marsh was finished telling her why he was here?” Marsh thought silently this time. And if the Martinelli brothers were here from New York, would Victor want Marsh to retell the reason for his visit to Antonio and Giuseppe? – Uncle Joey… Would Uncle Joey still be his biggest fan? Oh Shit! Marsh was nervous. There were way too many possibilities.

Marsh came in the house with mama. He put his computer case down and went directly to Mama Vicky’s cookie jar. “Marshall Edgar! I knew you weren’t coming to see mama. You just haven’t had any of mama’s cookies in so long that you had to fly all the way out here from the IE to steal cookies. You have not changed a bit, except you are much bigger than my little Marshall used to be. But you are still as naughty as you ever were. I’m so glad to see you!” Mama put both hands on Marsh’s cheeks and pulled his face down so she could plaster it with soft kisses.


It was mid-morning when one of the guys from Jackie’s kaçak iddaa team called in. “The brunette cop from the Morrison’s place came out to the trail a few minutes ago. She started talking to the woods. I think she wanted me to hear her, since she told the woods she wanted it to “give the girl I talked to yesterday a message.” Anyway she wants that girl to call her. I’ll leave that up to somebody that’s a little above my pay grade, to decide who calls whom.”

Becca thanked her team member, and decided she would go ahead and give Joanna a call. Jimmy was at the main office, and Marsh was out in Los Angeles (or on his way to) so it left the executive decisions up to her. Since she and Marsh had talked about building a relationship, and possibly hiring Joanna, this would be another opportunity to expand that friendship.

Becca looked up Dan Morrison’s home phone number. Using a secure line she called and asked for Joanna. After a brief conversation about several things, Joanna told Becca that she was taking Tina Simpson and her children out to a park for the afternoon, so that the children could play somewhere that wasn’t all cooped up inside a house.

Becca decided to get another operative to go along, and she would run the security coverage herself. She gave Joanna a catch phrase that she could use that would let Joanna know she was there. Since there were possible identity complications she would change her appearance again to insure no one would recognize her.

Becca knew Marsh would have a conniption fit if she tried to do a tail by herself, so she called Dale Nickson. Dale was a tall, older looking gentleman to first appearances. In actuality he was a retired SEAL. He also earned a nickname in the merc underground. Dale was happily married and lived close by. He didn’t take assignments half way around the world anymore, but was still a very capable back-up, especially as an under-cover man. He didn’t look like a “bad” guy.

Becca made a quick run up to the house to change clothes, and put a few “picnic” items in a bag to carry. She took Marsh’s truck back to the bull-pen. Becca had always been into sporty, high-performance cars, but this truck that Marsh seemed to like so much had something about it. She had no idea what it was, but she liked the feel of driving Marsh’s truck. Becca knew what a horsepower to weight ratio was, what she didn’t know was that Marsh had modified the truck, so that those numbers were better in his truck than a self-respecting European sports car. To Becca it just drove nice.

Dale was at the bull-pen when Becca got back. They loaded some surveillance equipment in a beige, gold and green Eddie Bauer Edition, Ford Expedition. Jimmy Turner was NOT into the blacked out monster SUVs that so many government agencies used to advertise their presence. Jimmy’s people drove around in soccer-mom or yuppie suburban house wife type vehicles. Nobody paid any attention to those, they were a dime a dozen. Unless you had a fiery red head super model type driving it, but that was why Becca had put on the disguise.

Dale drove the Expedition, and Becca dialed in the frequency for the tracking device on the unmarked police Crown Vic that she knew Joanna was driving. The laptop computer screen showed that Joanna was at the Simpson’s house, so Becca suggested they go out to “The Hole” and wait for her to head out. Becca knew that they wouldn’t bother anyone by parking in the parking lot at her grandfathers “bar”. There was already a team in place in the Simpson’s neighborhood, as well as a police presence as set up by Sgt. Johnson.

As Joanna drove out of town towards the private park on the north side, Becca had Dale follow a quarter to half mile behind. She really didn’t have to tell Dale what to do. He was probably better at surveillance than she was. Becca was trained to fight, maim, and/or kill, and she could follow a target, but Dale was actually a lot more experienced in surveillance than Becca was. Hell, he was old enough to be her father, and had that much more surveillance experience.


Marsh sat at the breakfast bar eating cookies, and chatting with Mama Vicky while she finished the last little bit of food preparation. They both heard the Towncar pull up into the driveway, and Marsh distinctly heard four doors close. He knew that meant that Uncle Tony and Uncle Joey were with Mario, and Papa Victor.

Marsh excused himself and walked back to the bathroom. He suddenly needed to pee, and steel himself to the added stress of telling the whole hierarchy of the Martinelli Family that he was personally responsible for diminishing them by three. When Marsh washed his hands he also splashed some cool water on his face. It was refreshing, and Marsh needed refreshing.

Mama served a fresh green salad, then lasagna with fresh steamed broccoli and homemade garlic bread. Marsh stuffed himself. Was this kaçak bahis his last meal? If it was it was worth it.

When everyone was finished, Marsh asked if he could get everyone to join him in the den. He asked Mama Vicky to leave the dishes so she could join them. He promised to help her after the rest of the guys had to leave. Marsh knew his way around this house well enough to walk it in his sleep. – He had.

When everyone was seated in the den, Marsh knelt in front of Mama Vicky, and took his Sig out of the DOS holster. He handed it to mama and asked her to hold it for him. He told her she could use it if she saw the need any time soon. Mama Vicky looked very confused.

“I’ve done something I wish I had not needed to do.” Marsh began. “I would ask everyone in this room to watch this DVD to the end, and then let me talk about this and what happened after.” Marsh pushed the “Play Movie” button.

The cameras were all high def. and clearly showed the identity of everyone in the events that happened. Three men got out of cars in front of the Best Western Turner Inn. Mama Vicky inhaled sharply when she saw Tommy walk in with Trevor and Randy.

“Oh… my… God!” Mama gasped as the attack began. “Tommy. What are you doing?” Mama knew he couldn’t hear her but she was appalled by what was happening.

When Wolf came across the desk and landed on Randy, Mama Vicky gasped again.

Mario exclaimed, “Holy Shit! That can’t end good.”

Then Marsh crashed through the door, and took out Tommy and then Trevor in rapid succession. The Martinelli family watched the DVD, as Marsh tossed the two men over the desk then turned around to pick up Trish. He carried her through the apartment door, and disappeared.

Marsh stopped the DVD, and let the effect of what they had seen sink in.

When he spoke he spoke quietly. “Mario. I am so sorry I had to kill your son. Mama Vicky and Papa Victor, I’m sorry I had to kill your grandson. The desk clerk in the video is my mother-in-law. She pushed the panic alarm, and I came from my office in the building two hundred yards away.”

“I had no idea who these guys were, I just knew they were hurting my family, and I would not allow that to happen if I could do anything about it. The officer that was with them was a high school friend of Trevor Gordon.”

“I found out after the fact that Trevor and Tommy had come to town to join up with their cousin,” Marsh paused and looked at Uncle Antonio. “Tony came to town to take out a couple of young ladies that live in the estate across the street from my new home.”

“My company provides security for my neighbor, and I was part of the team that stopped the attack on the innocent people that were in my neighbor’s house yesterday, in the early morning hours.”

“Uncle Antonio, I’m part of the team that killed your son. I may not have actually thrown the blow that killed him, but the fact remains that Tony Martinelli was killed and we sent all of his team to the hospital.”

“If what I’ve done is unforgivable I am here to accept whatever you feel is appropriate. I can say that I am sorry this happened this way. I can wish it had not happened at all. I cannot say I am sorry I did what I did. I protected my family and my neighbor, and given the circumstances I would do the same again.”

“Mama Vicky, most of all I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. You’ve treated me like your own son and I wouldn’t hurt you for a king’s ransom.”

Mama Vicky jumped out of her seat and ran over to where Marsh had sat down. She threw her arms around Marsh’s neck and cried. “Oh Marshall. I am hurt, but you did nothing wrong. Marshall you did not hurt me. My grandson hurt me beyond belief. He was not that kind of a boy. He was listening to that awful Trevor Gordon, and you had no options. Oh Marshall! My Marshall.”

Mario looked up into Marshall’s eyes. “Marshall, I’m sorry you had to kill my boy. Tommy gave you no choice. You are still my brother Marsh, and I love you the same as I did when I got here today. Maybe more. You came here and told me yourself Marsh. You are the same honorable brother I’ve had all my life.”

Uncle Antonio’s face showed his pain. “Marshall,” he began. “You’ve been part of my brother’s family since you were born. Your mother and Victoria were friends before that. You’ve grown up in this house with my niece and nephew, and you’ve shown respect for me, my brother and his wife as long as you have lived.”

“My Tony was out of control. Tony had something wrong since he was about five years old and started killing the cats and dogs in the neighborhood. Many of his friends were not allowed to play with him anymore, because of his horrible behavior. His mother, God rest her soul, tried to raise him right. His father was not there as much as he should have been, but I don’t know if I would have made a difference if I had been there. Tony was not right. Marshall, you and your team did the world a favor. My sister-in-law and my nephew have told you they forgive you. As far as your Uncle Tony is concerned you are a hero. You are forgiven if you think you need to be, Marshall. I still love you.”

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