Haziran 11, 2020

A new black lover close to my snoring hubby

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A new black lover close to my snoring hubby
My beloved hubby had hired for us a quick week end vacation at Jamaica. As we were making the check-in at the airport, I could notice a young black hunk was watching me; although Victor was by mi side.
Later on, when we boarded the plane, that same guy moved behind me and brushed his crotch against my buttocks; making me feel his growing erection. I said nothing, but checked out he sat down a few seats behind us.
When we arrived to our hotel, I was surprised to see the same black man was checking in to the same reception…
Victor and I changed our clothes and went for a long beach walk. We returned to our room later, had a shower and got the dinner. After a romantic dinner with candles, we headed for the casino.
There he was again. The elegant black guy nice dressed in a dark suit; broad shoulders and a very smooth black skin.
He nodded at me and smiled when we passed close to the table where he was playing blackjack…
My lovely husband chose that night to drink too much. He was also playing blackjack sitting at another table. He was drinking more than he was gambling…
When he lost his last cent; he was slurring his words and getting a bit loud. I just made him get up and led him outside for fresh air.
Victor was stumbling so badly. When we reached the lawn chairs he sat down heavily and held his head in his hands. Then he suddenly just passed out…
That was when the handsome black stranger appeared again, as I was trying to awake my husband and walk him inside to our room. He asked me politely if I needed some help. Then I thanked him and together we shook Victor awake and shrugged him to his feet.
We managed to walk him back to our room. I opened the door and the black guy let my loving husband collapse onto the bed.
I thanked the black stranger again for his help and I noticed he was checking out my cleavage. He looked into my eyes with a knowing look. I was a little embarrassed; but he reached over and touched güvenilir bahis gently my cheek.

He said it was a pity my husband had chosen that night to pass out so early, leaving such a beautiful goddess like me alone…
Then he opened the sliding glass door and took my hand to lead me outside, where the fresh breeze caused my nipples to harden.
He looked at me and said that a beautiful woman like me should not be alone in such a beautiful night…
I turned to look at him and his lips came gently up against mine, catching my breath, as his tongue now parted my lips and his hands caressed my bare back, pulling me close to his hard body.
I could feel his hardening cock under his trousers, pressing against my thigh. He moved his smooth full lips down my neck, inhaling my skin, as I sighed.
I felt his large hands caressing the underside of my boobs through my summer dress. I ran my hands along his well-muscled arms.
He slipped the thin straps from my shoulders and began kissing my shoulders again as he made my dress slide down to my ankles.
I stood almost naked in front of him, just wearing a tiny black thong and stilettos. He bent over me and kissed my nipples very gently.
This guy was really turning me on. I felt my pussy moisten at the thought of being with a stranger, in such a romantic spot, just feet away from my snoring sweet husband.
He caught my lips again in a passionate deep wet kiss as he pulled my buttocks into his pelvis and ground his erection against me.

The black man broke the kiss and led me to a lawn chair outside in the balcony. He started kissing my ankles, my calves, reaching with his hands up towards my wet pussy. He slid my thong away.
He moaned softly when his fingers made contact with my moist shaven pussy lips and he pulled my hips to the bottom of the lawn chair as he kneeled on the patio in front of me.

His sweet lips were manipulating me into ecstasy, his insistent tongue flicking my clit, his thick fingers playing türkçe bahis in my vagina.
He leaned over me and sucked me until he made me reach close to orgasm. I wrapped my thighs tightly around his baldhead and bucked my hips in time with his tongue and fingers fucking me.
I put my own hand in my mouth as I moaned and grunted through a long orgasm, as I pushed even tighter my legs around his head.
Then he gently removed his fingers and began licking all my juices up and letting me come down slowly. I heard a belt being unbuckled and soon he caressed my pussy with his dark cockhead.
The feel of that hot pulsing hard dick against my soaking wet pussy made me hungry to be fucked. My pussy muscles reached for him.
I reached down with my hand to caress his hard cock, as he moved the head only one or two inches inside of me.

Then I realized how thick he was. His dick was stretching me a little and he had only just started. As wet as I was, I could feel the slight sting of a really large dick.
He inserted his index finger into my hungry mouth and bent to suck my nipples as he eased a bit more into me. I moaned loudly, as his hot cock was now starting to feel really good.
I pushed my hips against him and his meat brushed inside of me, causing me another very intense orgasm.
He kissed me deeply, as he pushed his entire length into me, causing my pussy muscles to spasm in a second, wild orgasm.

As it subsided, he made me bend over the lawn chair. He entered me from behind, making me shiver in ecstasy…
He held on my hair into a pony tail and he fucked my cunt very fast.
Suddenly he pulled off his dick out from me and I sucked his cock while I was seated on the lawn chair with my legs spread wide apart and my cunt leaking his warm semen.
He stroked my hair and watched me pleasure him until he got close to cum. Then he pulled me up by my shoulders and pushed me against the sliding glass door. I put my hands on the glass and felt him entering me from güvenilir bahis siteleri behind. My face and tits were pressed against the sliding doors and I could see my passed out husband on the bed as that black bastard pumped my cunt from behind…
Soon he wanted us switch positions again, as he lay back in the lawn chair and watched me as I ground down upon his hard cock.
Finally he lifted me up, walked with me impaled on his cock and he laid me down on the dewy grass. He gave me several deep thrusts before he fiercely growled his cum into my sore well-fucked pussy.
The black stranger was still hard as a rock; so he decided to do something really wild: he made me lay down on the king size bed close to my snoring hubby…
His muscular body was pressing down on mine and his insistent cock head was already tapping on my stretched pussy lips.
He went down to taste me and tease me for a long while, as I tried to muffle my moans, being so close to Victor.
But soon the black guy came up again to stuff his hardened cock into my stretched sore cunt. He had my ass at the edge of the bed; he was standing, holding my ankles on either side of his head, and intently watching his cock going in and out of my pussy lips…
Soon the only sounds in the room were my husband’s heavy breathing and the squishy sounds my wet cunt was making.
In an effort to be quiet I was holding my breath, which resulted in an orgasm that ripped through my shuddering body. My contractions set him off and he poured the last of his seed into me. He tried his best to keep from hollering and growling loud with his climax.

Then he relaxed a bit; he took my ankles, spread them apart and went down on me, licking my well used cunt one last time.

When he finally cleaned me up with his incredible tongue; he just picked up his clothes, dressed up again and he slipped out quietly.
I never even knew his name and he never knew mine…

When Victor woke up in the morning, he wanted to know why I was lying on the other small bed. I smiled at him and said that he had passed out of the covers and I had not wanted him to move.
Luckily for me, Victor was a bit tired and of course, not in the mood for trying a bit of my poor sore pussy that morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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