Şubat 7, 2021

A Late Night Text Pt. 2

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This is the conclusion to Part 1.

I felt I still had plenty of room left before I had to cum, so I kept up my frantic pumping pace. Brianna showed no signs of wanting me to stop any time soon. She gave a sigh at the end of her orgasm and worked a hand down between her legs to massage her clit. I moved my hands down to her ass and gave it a good slap. She gave a small sound of delight. I then swung my legs off the bed and lifted her up. Supporting her entirely without slowing my pace, I slammed her back against the wall and she moaned at how deep this forced my cock in. I gave my own grunt at the same feeling.

From this position I changed my approach to go deeper and slower, eventually bottoming out against her. Brianna cried out with ecstasy at each thrust. I could feel her stiff nipples against my chest, and loved how they bounced with each stroke. I used one hand to bring her beautiful mammary up to my mouth and sucked hard on her tit. This sent her over the edge and soon Brianna came again, even harder this time. Her legs tightened their grip around me so much I almost had to stop pumping entirely. She made a great sound, almost a scream, and I once again felt her cave pulse and ooze juice.

This time though it was too much. I turned around and threw her on the bed. I pulled out almost too late, sending ropes across her torso and up to her great white tits that were still bouncing with the force of me throwing Brianna onto the bed. She jumped to stroke my cock as it continued to shoot out thick semen. My hips bucked wildly with the force of bahis firmaları my orgasm, and the feeling surged and receded too many times to count. Tilting my head back, I let out a primal yell that must have shook the whole house.

When the shock waves of pleasure finally subsided I looked down at Brianna. She’d propped herself up on her elbow to work my cock and take all of my jizz. She had thick globs running all over her face and neck. Her tits of course were covered with my seed. A few drops fell from her erect nipples onto her smooth stomach. The sight was so sexy to me I shot off one last volley onto her hand around me.

She was staring at my throbbing cock with wonder. Slowly, she licked off the splooge around her lips and swallowed it, giving a small “mmm” as she swallowed. Brianna gave a great sigh and lay back on the bed, massaging her flawless boobs now sticky with sperm. “I think it’s time to take a shower,” she said after a pause in which I flopped down beside her. “Care to join me?” I nodded and we made our way to the bathroom. We had fun washing each other off and using the soap to finger each other into a couple more mild orgasms, one through an experiment with a little anal stimulation, which she said she loved. On returning to the bed she produced a small tube of lube, which I applied liberally.

She bent over the front of the bed, with her tight asshole exposed and ready for fucking. I put my hands around the small of her back and eased my head into her ass. She gave a small noise of pain.

“You good?” I asked, a little worried. I’d never done kaçak iddaa anal before and didn’t know what to expect.

“Yeah,” she replied. “Keep going.”

I loved the tightness her ass gave me so I plunged deeper, sticking all of my thick cock in. She gave an even louder expression of pain this time and I held there for her to adjust. After a short wait I resumed, slowly at first, but getting faster as she loosened up and her pain turned to pleasure. I came buckets after a few minutes, pulling out to get her back just as heavily as her front was earlier. She didn’t come, but said it was still fine as I rubbed my fading member on her ass. I scowled. I was going to give her one more orgasm tonight.

I managed to massage my recently spent penis into a full erection once again. I reached around to milk her tits from behind and drove my cock deep into her pussy. She shrieked in a mix of pleasure and surprise. I kept the tempo slow and steady, then increased the pace, bringing one hand around from her right boob to smack her ass again and again. She gave soft sounds of pleasure that once again built into a raging orgasm. Right when she climaxed I felt the familiar sensation of going over a waterfall and knew I was erupting. The only problem was I was still deep in her. She could feel me about to blow, too.

“Don’t… ugh… come in… oooh… me,” Brianna managed to gasp out deep into orgasm. “I don’t… OOOOH…. want to get… pregnNANTOOOOOH,” she finally finished.

“Ugghhh, too late,” I replied, and in fact it was. My cock had already exploded with cum deep in kaçak bahis Brianna’s pussy, coating all her walls with a thick batch of my sperm. This also felt like my biggest orgasm yet, as I thrust deep and was held there through many surges, each one bringing a new wave of jizz. It felt amazing to finally release inside her pussy instead of pulling out. Having a tight pussy around me brought it to whole new level.

After my balls finally blew all that they had I backed out. Brianna rolled over and I sucked on her swollen nipples; she sighed at the contact. Satisfied, I laid down on the bed. She twisted to face me.

“I liked your cum in me baby. You could do that again if you’re up for it,” she said with a coy smile. I liked the idea, but sadly realized neither my muscles nor my dick could go another round. I reached my hand down to massage her inner thigh.

“In the morning baby,” I said. She grinned in anticipation and rolled over for me to spoon her. Exhausted, I fell asleep in no time. I woke up to Brianna straddling my hips as I laid on my back.

“Good, you’re awake,” she said, and eased my morning wood into her pussy. She started bouncing quickly, with her lovely titties bouncing along too; It didn’t take me long to put another round inside her. She threw back her head and whooped when I did, all danger of pregnancy apparently forgotten.

We went back to sleep next to each other until one in the afternoon. When I finally said good bye with a kiss I hopped into my car and headed home. The next day I heard that she and Aaron were back together again, and he would get her knocked up later that summer. It didn’t matter though. Other guy or not, I’ll always have my nights of mind-blowing sex with Brianna.

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