Şubat 3, 2021

A Hot and Dry Evening

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I grew up as an Evangelical teenager – yes, with a capital “E”. Church camps and regular services.

At one particular summer camp I met a group of girls including one who was visiting from across the state. Janell was a black girl – actually part Indian (American Indian) and also part Hispanic, very outgoing and very pretty. She was with a group of girls from her church – one that was affiliated with my denomination.

I had lost my virginity a few years ago (funny, using the word lost – it was more like I gave it up ever so willingly) but continued to struggle with the issues of suppression.

Anyway, after two years of college, I was trying to earn money as a house painter and traveling salesman with a multi-level startup. My business took me to the other side of the state with both endeavors.

While in this rural remote town I remembered that this is where Janell lived. I was able to track her down through another friend and decided to meet for dinner and a movie.

The pretenses of getting together were innocent in appearance, but I must admit that the adventure of being across the state, on my own and growing up added a bit more excitement to the proposition.

I drove my 68 Valiant over to her house to pick her up and WOW! Janell had matured into a most beautiful and charming woman! Dinner was quick and cheap (I think we hit a Taco Bell – one of the few fast food places in her town) and talked a bit about where to go.

It had been a hot day and I had been working hard out in the sun – but an evening at a drive in with Janell sounded like a perfect fit. Nervously, I suggested it and to my great excitement she agreed.

I don’t remember the movie, some mindless 80’s teenage flick probably but bahis firmaları it didn’t matter. Halfway through the movie I found Janell had sidled in the bench seat closer. My arm had been draped across the back of the seat and it came to rest on her shoulder.

Janell leaned closer to me and before I knew what was happening, we were kissing tenderly. I can still remember her soft lips and the contrast of her strong tongue as we began to French. Other girls I had made out with were more tentative and responsive. Janell was a true goer!

It wasn’t long before the movie was completely forgotten and we were sideways – almost horizontal on the bench seat – arms and hands running up and down each other’s flanks. Her hand came to rest on my buttocks – first time a girl (woman) had ever been so forward to stroke me there. I reciprocated and her hips slowly thrust towards me – grinding slowly.

Finally, I asked if I could touch her chest – no answer, just a nod and sigh. I casually pawed her breast over her light sweater – and eventually her hand grabbed mine and moved it inside on top of her bra.

She released my hands and began unbuttoning my shirt. Another first! In all of my previous sexual experiences I had been the initiator – Janell was truly turning me on! I kept massaging her chest through her bra and she finally sighed again and began lifting her sweater so that our midriffs could touch without clothes.

As she writhed closer, I let my other hand go to her smooth back and began fondling her bra strap. She told me I could undo it and when I did, the best, smoothest firmest set of breasts were finally free to my gaze. Her nipples were long and hard. and felt incredible against my chest and in my remaining hand.

We kaçak iddaa were content with this intimacy for only a short while as I could sense her abdomen sucking in every time I stroked her belly. I finally got the hint and began inching my fingers down towards her panties. Remember, this was 81 and there were no such things a G-strings at that time.

I could only get my fingers a few inches in her tight jeans so Janell unbuttoned the top – again, I got the hint and began slowly inching her zipper down. I could see that her panties were lavender and matched her bra. Not bold or experienced enough to go inside, I stroked her mound outside the satiny cloth.

Janell then started running the palm of her hand up and down my Levi’s pressing against my hard cock. I was truly in heaven, never dreaming that this would be happening – especially to such a beautiful woman.

Eventually, things continued to heat up and in spite of the warm dry night, our windshield was completely fogged over – even with the windows down. No movie to be seen at all. Her hand started unbuttoning my 501’s and before I knew it she had rucked them down my hips. My hands moved around her backside and I started to bring her jeans down as well.

Our clothed (barely) crotches started rubbing against each other and Janell again surprised me by putting her hands inside my boxers and solidly stroking my buttcheeks. Not to be outdone, I reciprocated and was greeted again by the firmest, smoothest, hottest butt ever. This girl was sleek muscle.

Janell used her hands inside my boxers and began to leverage them down my hips eventually allowing my dick to start popping out the top. By this time, I had moved my hand around to the front and was again kaçak bahis caressing her crotch.

All this time, our kissing had intensified until I thought we would devour each other’s tongues. She kept getting hotter and hotter as I began insinuating a finger along the crotch and side of her panties. I could feel the hot center of her core and her hairs were surprisingly light and smooth – must be the Indian part.

I pulled her panties a bit to the side and I could feel her lips open and slippery. When I pressed between them – her breath vocalized into a sharp cry almost loud enough for me to worry about other people catching on.

I rubbed her slit with two fingers and opened her lips as my now very stiff cock was rubbing in between. She then opened her legs as far as her lowered jeans would allow and pressed my butt to get my cock closer to her opening.

I could feel the wetness and warmth surrounding me as my cock started to slip between her lips. I think she must have had a brief orgasm as I remember her breathing coming to a sharp halt and her body tensed still for what seemed like the longest time.

As her breathing returned I finally felt her hand grab my cock and begin to press it father into her folds. My boxers weren’t all the way down and I could not get the freedom either physically or emotionally to penetrate her all the way. I do remember feeling the absolute hottest vagina at least an inch or two and the sweetest, muskiest smell.

After coupling shallow, the movie credits began to roll and we realized our situation. We hadn’t truly gone all the way – I didn’t ejaculate, but if we had started sooner in the movie I bet our pants would have been down far enough to do it.

We reassembled our clothes and drove off. No guilt, no regrets and no strings of romance. It was a hot, sweet and very acute encounter. I never saw her again, and somehow I don’t think she had aspirations of ever seeing me again either.

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