Haziran 10, 2020

A good memory – Part 2.

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A good memory – Part 2.
I’m at the home of a (platonic) lady-friend who had been a single Mom when we first met.

Now she’s been married for about a year and I’m in her spotless house (a nice change from her old apartment) but she’s gone out to take care of some “honeydew” items she couldn’t get done after work.

Which leaves me alone w/ her 22-year old daughter Lanisha. Also hanging around at this time (there when I arrived to talk w/ my former co-worker friend) is Lanisha’s friend Veronica.

Lanisha has her Mother’s Haitian looks but is taller and more lanky. Of course her Mom is 5′ 2″ w/ a full set of tits and noticeable hot ass so Lanisha would be taller at 5′ 7″ with a spunky smile and nice little rear of her own.

It’s Veronica I’ve got eyes on at the moment. She’s a petite 5′ 3″ or so w/ a page-boy cut that makes her look like a vamp and wears glasses which gives her a catty look. It suits her cute-as-hell face and perky mouth. She sports equally perky boobs and a sweet derriere I’m longing to get my paws on. Her caramel-brown skin in a turn-on.

Wouldn’t you know it my friend leaves us alone to go out “for a bit” but knowing my friend it’ll be two hours at the earliest. Lanisha has been acting flirty which is not unusual; bouncing around me while I grin and wait for a moment w/ quiet Veronica. Some minutes after my friend’s left Veronica jumps up on a stool near the partition that separates the living room (and that big white couch I’m imagining my friend getting humped on) from the kitchen.

She jumps on that red-leather stool knees-first so her shapely little ass is pointed right at me. Damned if she doesn’t spin nice and slowly back and forth and wiggle that thing for me (whether she realizes it or not.)

It’s now or never I think so stepping over to her right I give her a low “Hey baby” and squeeze and fondle her firm ass w/ my left finessing hand. She makes a sound like “Ahh” in protest but doesn’t move away either.

Lanisha’s been in the kitchen washing glasses and asks what’s wrong. “He’s grabbing my ass!” Veronica pouts. “Yeah and I’m gonna get more than that!” I chirp to Lanisha and w/ that start cupping Veronica’s breasts w/ my free right hand. She’s got some cone-shaped titties that are soft-firm in my palms and ripe for sucking on.

Lanisha laughs at this and acts miffed saying “You’ve never grabbed my ass!” I tell her to bring those lean legs over to our side we’ll fix that. We have an impromptu booty-rubbing party w/ giggling Lanisha to my left and moaning Veronica güvenilir bahis siteleri to my right getting lingering swans up their tight young cracks as I manipulate my long fingers on their jeans-covered pussies further up.

My erection is pleading to be set free as I rub my crotch against their bottoms back-and-forth like a horny goat. “Get into that bedroom you sexy little mamas” and I order them to march forth. They bounce ahead of me and turn toward the cool back bedrooms as I snap and pinch at their wiggly bottoms. They sneak looks back in anticipation but unsure of my intentions. I’m making it up as I go hotly along; should I spank these hot bitches? Fuck them?

We avoid my friend’s master bedroom and it’s big purple bed-spread. Might be asking for trouble or she’ll figure something out by the smell our ardor’s will leave behind. Lanisha’s room will do fine even though it looks very girlish in pink-and-yellow hues w/ her twin-sized bed against the wall in it’s brass frame.

I ask them to sit on the bed and they sit w/ their legs over the side (Lanisha’s rich dark-chocolate calves and Veronica’s Indian medium-brown stems just a-swinging) then I squat and caress those delightful calves and thighs and place Veronica’s short-heeled shoe in my lap and tell them let’s do this one at a time to start.

Let’s do what Veronica asks as I gently slide her glasses off. “This dick, baby” I groan as I undo my belt and slide my trousers down enough to release my throbbing cock. She gasps then her mouth forms a perfect little “O” shape which I stuff w/ my boner. Just the tip at first then I hump her mouth a bit more as she relaxes and lets me pump away. Veronica’s tongue my cock laps me in and out her mouth from underneath and saliva begins to flow down her chin. I gyrate harder in absolute pleasure of fucking this sweet thing’s face.

Lanisha has been watching and giving her friend encouragement and when our eyes meet she gives me a look like when’s my turn? I let myself slip out of Veronica’s wet mouth and taking the back of Lanisha’s head in the back of my hand I guide her face to my slick manhood. I rub it all over her young face; her lips her nose her cheeks and under her chin. I gently rub her closed eyes; I am ready to erupt just thinking of doing this to Lanisha’s curvy Mom with her hefty tits and sultry thick lips the color of beet juice.

I pop my cock in Lanisha’s mouth and poke her cheek out w/ my tip. I rub her cheek on that side then pull out to offer my rolling perabet güvenilir mi balls to her mouth for a good suck. I do the same to Veronica giving her mouth a good poke around. I tell the girls I like doing that. They ask why – “I like you knowing my hard dick in your hot mouths.”

As much as I’d like to shoot semen on their tongues I decide it’s time to take the plunge. I fish in my trouser pocket for my wallet and the rubbers inside and plead w/ the ladies to get buck naked before Mom gets home.

To my amazement they strip out their garments in a flash and I guide Veronica to a prone position on the slim bed and launch myself between her thighs which dutifully opened (bless her heart; I’ll jizz her mouth another time.)

Lanisha strokes my perspiration-matted back and shoulders and touches my balls as I rock my hips in a circular motion to plow Veronica’s hot-pink snatch. Lanisha looks over my shoulder into Veronica’s face and they’re both making uh-uh-baby sounds w/ their eyes shut as if singing harmony and man am I in heaven.

I grunt and shove several bolts of cum into the latex which I’ve embedded as far as my crotch will go into Veronica’s. Catching my breath I raise myself up to let her go and reach for a fresh condom. Lanisha expresses disappointment in my orgasm but I assure her I’ve reserves. Veronica looks spent and slips off the mattress onto the floor; Lanisha giddily takes her place and opens her lean arms and legs to receive me; she’s wanted this it seems.

As soon as I feel hard enough I slip the rubber on and reach between her legs with my fingers. Her hot-spot is pink as Veronica’s but hidden between dark thighs and black bramble hair that makes my dick jump. Being a white 30-something w/ a hankering for black women but not much opportunity to indulge has my nerves jangling.

I push my cock in about half-way as my fingers gently nudge her folds apart and then lay atop her to begin another plowing. Yee-haw I’m fucking a particularly tight one this time. Lanisha’s arms snake under mine and pull me closer to her thin frame under my hard bucking one. Her legs go straight up a few times; she crosses her ankles over the small of my back then those legs go up again like toll-booth gates.

Veronica’s sitting next to us on the floor with her legs out in front of her. She rubs her pussy with her fingers as she watches. I leer at her and say nasty things about what a hot fuck she was and her friend is right now. Lanisha’s practically whimpering tipobet as I push and shove into her. Nearing the end I climb off this fuck-bunny and nearly too late yank the rubber off w/ a snap that almost hurts.

I get Lanisha from a lying to a sitting position as quick as possible and aim my dick at her dark-brown super-white toothed face; it gurgles and bursts cum onto her lips and chin and chest as the first two shots have caught her by surprise. I coo as I finish emptying my nut-sack and wipe my sopping dick over her cum-splotched mouth.

I spin around to Veronica still on the floor and wave my half-hard dick to her. She kisses me on the tip several times when I ask (politely; always be polite gentlemen) and suddenly aware of the time I let them dress in hurry. Grabbing their tits and behinds while dry-humping their bottoms during this act probably slowed things down.

We sit on the couch together and wait; over an hour has passed it’s growing dark outside and still no sign of Mom. I put my arms around their shoulders and squeeze their little melon tits. I whisper naughty things to them; I suggest there may time for a double blowjob which they snort at and reject w/ a laugh. I tell them they can slurp my dick anytime after an evening like this. Veronica blushes at this but I can tell she’s energized.

I got them to bounce and squirm on my lap one at a time just for jollies and tell Lanisha her tight butt feels firm on my dick and how I’d been in the habit of eating vanilla ice cream and drinking pineapple juice for awhile just in case a chance to spurt in a sexy girl’s mouth came along and by the way thanks you little cum-drinker.

“Ooh you nasty…you nasty!” she squealed and just then there’s a door-slam outside (on the street not by the house thank goodness.) I tell them “Come on…lick my dick one time lick it!” They laugh and tell me to shut up will you shut up and Veronica squeaks in protest when I hold her by the thigh and give her round ass a few nice spanks.

We’re all apart and the TV’s been on for seven seconds when Anita comes in through the side door. “I’m sorry I took so long but the traffic at the bank…” Whatever I am rather sorry not to have another 30 minutes. The girls leave to do whatever 20-somethings did in the mid-90’s after a fuck-suck session. I’m left with Anita and she tells me what’s going on in her life when everything’s quiet again but all I can think is “Let’s get it on sexy.”

She knows how I feel about her as a potential intimate partner and knows my hands on her body. When that husband of hers steps out on her a year later she comes to me in pain and anger but leaves w/ the taste of my spunk on her lush lips and the feeling of my grateful cock between her bountiful breasts. Fun for (most of) the family!

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