Şubat 4, 2021

A Christmas Gift from Irina , Woody

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I’m Irina. My boyfriend Woody and I decided we wanted to do something special and different this Christmas. We wanted to give a unique gift that only the two of us could give together. You have to understand that Woody and I are pretty shallow individuals so rather than donating to a relief organization or a homeless shelter we decided to find one person who was down on their luck or going through a difficult time and provide that person with a special memory that they would never even dream of experiencing. We weren’t sure how we’d do it but we were both actively looking for that person in need.

I’m 31 years old and Woody is 28. We’re both in good shape and we honestly look good naked. Woody keeps himself clean and well groomed, and his body and pubic hairs are kept neatly trimmed. I prefer to have the long dark hair on my head, my eyebrows and eye lashes be the only hair on my body. My breasts are kind of large but still firm and perky with dark nipples that aim slightly towards the sky. I love to wear heels and short, slinky dresses with minimal undergarments.

I work at a casino so I have the opportunity to meet and interact with all kinds of people in all manner of circumstances.

It was Friday night and I was working on the casino floor. The holiday was upon us so I was not really focusing on our Christmas idea as we were all really busy. I caught the eye of a good looking man in a nice suit. He was dressed for a party and I could tell by the level of his grooming that he had a room at the casino. He obviously had not been out in the weather dressed like that. I waived him over to the bank of machines that I was promoting.

I introduced myself and he told me his name was Bobby.

He was well dressed, as I said before. He stood a little over six feet and probably weighed 240 or so. He wasn’t fat, but like many 50 year old men he had a larger midsection. His shoulders were broad and he had solid bone structure so despite his weight he was very handsome. His hair was cut short and was more salt than pepper. He sported a well-trimmed mustache that was almost entirely salt…

He sat down and we spent a couple of hours together learning to play the games and just generally conversing and enjoying each other’s company. I could tell he was taken by me and I found it very flattering.

He didn’t spend time dwelling on it but he did mention that he was recently divorced. I found that curious because he was such a charming man.

My boyfriend came by to meet me as I was due to get off duty soon so Bobby excused himself and went off to attend his party. I kissed Woody and told him to meet me at the tables because I don’t like to party in the same area of the casino that I’d just been working in. I went to the back to check out for the day.

A short time later I joined Woody at a craps table where we tried our luck as we partied with a bunch of guys from a local software company. They had broken free from their company party and were really enjoying their “freedom from oppression.” Woody and I enjoyed all the free entertainment they were providing.

As we played the table Woody and I chatted about the events of our day and he asked me about Bobby. I told him that he was here for a company holiday party and that he’d mentioned he was recently divorced. That’s when it hit us both. Bobby would be the perfect recipient for Woody’s and my holiday gift!

Just at that moment Bobby walked by bahis firmaları the table. I almost didn’t see him and he was just about out of reach when I grabbed his elbow!

He whipped around with a confused and almost defensive look on his face but that look melted quickly when he recognized me. I introduced him to Woody and the three of us spent an hour or so getting to know each other. He and Woody were both in sales so they hit it off nicely and there really was a spark between Bobby and I, a sexual connection. He was older, which intrigued me. He was charming and very witty. He smelled good and his eyes were bright and full of mystery (and they were always trying to sneak a peek down the front of my dress!) And best of all he appeared to be packing a nice piece of equipment that was not well concealed by the fine fabric of his dress slacks!

Bobby was certainly in need of a pick-me-up in his personal life because although he kept it to himself I could tell the breakup of his marriage had taken a toll. He was the perfect candidate for our gift.

I looked at Woody and he looked back knowingly. I excused myself and stepped away to freshen up.

When I returned my boys were in deep conversation so I blurted out “Let’s go up to your room!”

It got their attention. We all stood there looking at each other for a moment and then a smile came across each of our faces. A smile that said “I know you’re up to something…”

We headed for the elevator.

Once alone inside the elevator it began its slow ascent. I had a beautiful man on either side of me and we were all just a little buzzed. Bobby was displaying signs of serious sexual tension at this moment so it was the perfect opportunity for me to make my move. I put a hand on Bobby’s hip and pulled myself to him. Looking deeply into his eyes I slowly brought my lips to his, drinking in this moment like it was in slow motion.

Bobby’s eyes were softly melting with mine until the moment our tender lips met. Suddenly I could see a panic in his eyes even as the tips of our tongues began to touch. He was looking to see Woody’s reaction to this sudden turn of events even as he was kissing me, but his eyes relaxed and slowly closed as he realized that this was okay with Woody.

Woody reached over and began caressing and massaging Bobby’s neck and back, eventually working his way down to grab a handful of Bobby’s cute butt. This put Bobby completely at ease with the situation.

The elevator chimed and we quickly straightened up as the doors opened.

We settled in to the room and Bobby got some wine out of the mini-fridge. Woody excused himself and went into the bathroom.

I reached over to Bobby and took him by the necktie pulling him towards me saying “now where were we?…” As we resumed our passionate kiss.

He was a great kisser and I felt my passion growing. My nipples were hard and I could feel myself becoming aroused below my waist. As I pressed my body against Bobby’s I could feel his hardness pushing back against me. I had to unwrap this package I thought to myself.

Even as our tongues began to wrestle and our breathing quickened I started to undress him with a true sense of urgency. I quickly removed his tie and shirt and ran my hands all over his chest. I broke our kiss and moved down to take a nipple in my mouth. I grasped his other nipple between my thumb and forefinger and I pulled and twisted it as I suckled and kaçak iddaa nibbled. I could feel his cock harden against my breasts as I teased his nipples. He was breathing very deeply now.

Moving further down I settled on my knees on the floor and unbuckled his belt. I unbuttoned his slacks and slowly drew the zipper down, all the while feeling his cock pushing against it in a struggle for release! I looked up into his eyes as I lowered his trousers to his ankles. I returned my gaze to the silhouette of his beautiful meat hidden behind the thin fabric of his thong underwear… Who knew? I wonder how many other men are wearing these things, I thought to myself…? It was actually a very sexy look. I smiled as I looked back up at him.

A light from the bathroom swept across the room as Woody rejoined us. I watched as Bobby admired Woody’s naked body standing in all its glory just a few feet away. I could see by his curiosity that he’d never seen a man naked and hard like this before but I could also tell that he was liking it! My hands,resting on Bobby’s muscular thighs, felt them twitch as he studied Woody’s toned body and stone-hard cock.

I turned my attention back to Bobby’s cock as it struggled against the fabric of his thong. A sizable wet spot had formed in the fabric and I reached out with my tongue and gave a lick and a kiss. I wrapped my fingers around his waistband and pulled down on his thong only to have his big old wet cockhead snap out and smack me in the face! I squealed with delight and caught it with my mouth, engulfing the head, washing it with my tongue and tasting his pre-cum.

I felt something very strange in my mouth and quickly pulled his cock out. I looked at his glorious manhood and I was shocked and amazed at what I saw!

“What the hell is that!” I exclaimed. “That is soooo cool!”

He was wearing a ring that fit just behind the rim of the head of his penis. It was shiny stainless steel and it had a ball that rested just below his cum hole. It obviously added to the firmness of his cockhead and it really looked cool, like his little man was wearing a necktie.

“Wait ’till you feel it stroking back and forth across your G spot.” Bobby said with a knowing smile.

“I’ve got to get you one of these!” I said, looking over my shoulder towards Woody.

Woody stepped closer to get a better look at Bobby’s cock and glans-ring as I held and slowly stroked this hot manhood in the palm of my hand.

I took Bobby’s hand and gently guided it to Woody’s fully erect penis and helped him become comfortable with the presence of another man’s cock. Bobby was soon stroking as if it came naturally. He took his thumb and spread the droplet that had formed on the tip all around the head. Woody moaned softly.

Turning my face back to Bobby I put his cock back into my mouth and began to suck as my tongue washed around the head and rim. I could taste his sweet pre-cum as I drew it from his throbbing organ. I took him deeply into my throat until my nose was against his pubic bone. I withdrew and repeated the action a few times, grasping his balls firmly in my hand, and then I turned my attention back to the ball on the ring. I tickled the ball with my tongue and it caused his legs to shake and more liquid pushed out of his sweet cock. He tasted nice and I found myself wanting more of this flavor in my mouth.

I felt Bobby’s hands on my head and he lifted me to my feet. Both of my men kaçak bahis removed my dress and while Bobby kissed me, licking his pre-cum from the inside of my mouth, and removed my bra, Woody pulled my panties down and discarded them with my dress.

I pushed Bobby back onto the bed and turned my attention back to working his cock. As I bent I exposed my sopping pussy to Woody and he took the cue, sliding his hard meat deep into my hungry hole.

It was at this moment that I realized it was truly better to give than to receive. Bobby was getting the blowjob of his life but I was being spit-roasted by two beautiful and well endowed men. I was making loud slurping and sucking noises from both ends. Our precious bodily fluids were flowing freely. Woody’s cock was driving me wild as he pounded me relentlessly. I looked up at Bobby and watched as he gazed in amazement at my beautiful boyfriend pounding me. Bobby’s legs were beginning to tense and Woody screamed out as he filled my cunt with his seed. He moaned with each orgasmic thrust and I thought Bobby would be exploding in my mouth soon. I could feel him getting harder in my mouth…but I had other plans for him.

My plan was to make this memorable so I popped his cock out of my mouth and scooted up the bed with my knees on either side of him until I was situated right over his face. My pussy dripped my juices mixed with Woody’s jism. I looked down at Bobby as he stared up at my bald dripping pussy. I could see his confusion and fear as his eyes found mine. His fear became calm and his eyes again dropped to the sight of my bald dripping pussy with its swollen lips and flushed color from the pounding it had just received. He lifted his head and I lowered my pussy to meet his tongue and mouth. He began licking and caressing my sex with his mouth and tongue. Teasing, licking, sucking and nibbling as I squirmed. He was obviously skilled at pleasuring a woman and it wasn’t long before I felt the first orgasmic waves come over me.

I looked back over my shoulder and was pleasantly surprised to see Woody pleasuring Bobby’s cock. We had talked about what it would be like for Woody to give a blowjob but I never thought I’d actually see it happen. The sight put me over the edge!

My nipples were like diamonds now and I grasped my breasts bringing them each to my mouth. I suckled and nibbled and finally sucked one deep into my mouth as I started to climax.

I bore down on Bobby’s talented face and began to convulse as I came in wave after hard wave. The ecstasy was intense and I couldn’t help but scream as my whole body shook and I released the contents of my pussy on this beautiful man. He licked and swallowed as fast as he could. He began to moan loudly into my writhing pussy as he unloaded his seed into Woody’s throat. I heard Woody swallow and gag and swallow some more as Bobby continued to unload copious amounts of man-milk into my boyfriend! This seemed to go on forever as I continued to cum and convulse and Bobby kept pumping his cock into Woody’s face.

As our climax subsided the three of us released ourselves from each other. I rolled off of Bobby and Woody scooted up onto the bed. There we rested with Bobby between Woody and I. I kissed Bobby’s face and he surprised me by turning and kissing Woody, tasting his own seed from Woody’s mouth. We continued for several minutes until it became evident that we’d given Bobby all he could take.

Bobby pulled the ring off of his cock and skillfully slid it into place on Woody’s cock. “Irina still needs to feel this sliding back and forth across her G spot” he said.

“Good night and Merry Christmas” Woody and I said in unison.

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