Mayıs 23, 2021

A Chance for a Change Ch. 09

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I sucked Lee’s big hard cock for a few more minutes, making sure he was hard enough to enter me. Then I stepped out of my soaking wet panties and kicked them aside.

“Fuck me.” I said, clearly enough so the figure who I assumed was my husband could hear.

With that Lee picked me up and spun me around so I was against the wall. He lifted my arse up so I could wrap my legs round him, then I felt his cock at the entrance to my vagina.

The person who was watching moved around so he was behind Lee, as he moved into the street light I saw for sure that it was my husband Scott.

“Oh wow.” I said as Lee slowly fed his cock into me. “God it’s big.” This was partly for my husbands benefit, but also true. “I’m not used to a big cock like that.” I said, again very clearly so Scott could hear.

“Really?” Said Lee, still easing it inside me.

“No, my husband wasn’t very well endowed at all.” I said. “Oh god, that feels sooo deep.”

The street was quiet which was lucky because it meant Scott could stand in the open and watch us, we were well hidden from anyone who may have been walking by.

“Fuck me.” I said as Lee’s rhythm increased. “thats it, fuck me hard.”

Lee did as i requested and began to bang me harder and harder. “Oh my god, yes.” I yelled as he drilled me. His meat felt huge inside me, much like Steve’s had the previous week.

I made sure Scott knew I could see him, by every now and then turning my head in his direction. I made eye contact with him from afar.

I could see he had his hands bahis firmaları down the front of his pants, which was brave of him because he was much more likely to get noticed than us, tucked away.

Then as Lee fucked me even deeper i felt an orgasm coming on. “oh yes, thats it.” i said, “oh my god i’m gonna cum.”

I took one last look at my husband before my orgasm took control and without even doing it for Scott’s benefit, I screamed louder than I ever have. “Oh yes, I’m cumming… OH YES, OH FUUUUCK… FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!” i yelled.

My screams obviously had an effect on Lee as well because within seconds of my orgasm subsiding, he announced that he was cumming.

“Oh yes.” he moaned, “I’m cumming too.” He went to pull ot of me, to which I immediately stopped him, locking my legs tighter around him.

“Cum inside me.” i said, clearly so Scott could hear. “Fill my filthy little pussy with your sperm.”

I made sure to look straight at my husband as Lee began to fill me with his seed. I’m not sure how much of my facial expressions he could see in the darkness, but I tried to make it clear how much I was enjoying it.

“OH YES,” he yelled as he emptied his ball sack deep inside my married cunt. His rhythm, strong and firm like his cock, slowed up as the last of his spunk shot inside me.

As Lee pulled his big dong out of my vagina I put my hand over it to stop his cum from escaping. I quickly retrieved my knickers and pulled them up.

“Wow, that was amazing.” said Lee as he tucked his semi flaccid penis back kaçak iddaa into his pants and pulled them up.

“Yeah, it really was.” i replied, kissing him firmly on the lips, sensually sticking my tongue in his mouth. I noticed Scott had disappeared as I looked out of the corner of my eye to see him.

“Okay, so what do you want to do now?” Lee asked.

“I need to make a phone call to my friend Kim.” I lied. “She’s going to pick me up. I still have time for one more drink though, so why don’t you go inside and get us one and i’ll be in it a minute.”

Lee went back into the bar while I looked around for Scott. Suddenly he appeared from behind a parked car. “Are you okay?” He asked.

“Are you kidding?” i said. “After that, I’m more than okay. Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh my god it was hot.” he replied, much to my relief. “I couldn’t tell if he was wearing a condom or not though.”

“Didn’t you hear me tell him to cum inside me?” i said, sexily biting my lower lip. “That wasn’t just for your benefit.”

Scott looked at me, a little unsure so i stepped back out of my knickers and handed them to him. “Oh?” he said, holding them up.

“You can keep them.” I smiled. “But first you’d better have a taste of my cunt and see if you like it.” I put my hand on his head and guided it towards my twat. “come on, I haven’t got long.”

I gasped with delight as Scott’s tongue touched my vagina, it was tender and sensitive, which added to the pleasure. “Oh wow.” I moaned.

He lapped away at my soaking wet gash for a minute kaçak bahis or so, I could have cum almost straight away, but i was conscious of the time and I didn’t want Lee coming out to find me. “That’s enough for now.” I said. “You can finish me off later.”

With that I shuffled out of Scott’s way, leaving him kneeling on the floor with cum dripping down his face. “Missed a bit.” I said, seductively wiping his chin with my finger and putting it in his mouth. “Got to go, I’ll call you in a little while.”

I went back and had another drink with Lee, leaving Scott with my cum soaked knickers.

Later, on the drive home I told Scott everything while playing with his cock as he drove. He pulled into a lay-by and ate me out from behind as I leaned over the back seat.

Scott tongued the gooey mess from my cunt, cleaning me perfectly to another orgasm, even rimming my arse hole and rubbing my clit as I came.

I let him stick his pecker inside my gaping hole after he’d cleaned it, of couse he had to clean it again shortly after, because he soon shot his spunk inside me as well.

In fact some of Scott’s cum dribbled out of me onto the leather seats, I particularly enjoyed forcing his head down onto the seat for him to clean his own jizz.

We sat in silence for the remainder of the journey home. I knew Scott had enjoyed himself, but I had the feeling he felt a bit embarrassed so I affectionately put my hand on his leg as he drove.

I’d liked to have got inside Scott’s head to see his thoughts. I myself just kept thinking about our weekend away with Kim and Steve in a few weeks and what kind of kinky things we might get up to.

If you have any ideas or feedback, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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