Haziran 11, 2020

A chance at a new sex life; Part 4

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A chance at a new sex life; Part 4
The next morning is a little awkward. It’s late morning by the time I get down stairs to the kitchen. My mom and her friends are chatting away by the sink. They all greet me and Diane acts like nothing had happened. My mum and Carla seem none the wiser. I suppose I’m too act the same, which I do my best to do. I’m sitting at the kitchen table having my breakfast when Stacey comes down to join us. My mom and her friends still chatting away with their coffees as Stacey sits down next to me.

“Was she a good fuck then?”

I cough up the cereal I’m having.

“Robbie?? Are you ok?” My mom asks, all attention on me.

I cough up some more covering my mouth. “Yeah” I swallow hard “just wrong hole.”
They seem to buy it; my sister has a wide grin.

“What the hell you talking about!” I whisper angrily to her.

“Mom might have been sleeping but I wasn’t!”

I stare blankly down at the bowl, looking up at Diane. She’s too busy chatting away with my mom and Carla. Not even a sideway glance towards me. “Please don’t tell mom!”

“Oh, I won’t little brother, or not so little brother, I hear!” She stands up, leaning down by my ear “this will cost you” she smirks as she picks up breakfast. She says goodbye to moms’ friends as she leaves. I quickly finish my breakfast and say my goodbyes as well.

Diane moves forward and gives me a hug “till next time!” She whispers. Carla also gives me a hug, although her one is a lot quicker.

I get myself up to my room and release a deep sigh of relief. A small wave of guilt takes over. I feel bad for fucking one of mom’s friends but she came on to me, I try to reason with myself. Hopefully this doesn’t cost me too much with Stacey.

I spend the rest of my Saturday alone in my room, playing several different video games. I was meant to meet a couple of my old friends from high school but they were busy. Stacey again had dinner in her room, working on her new idea for her class project. So that just left me with mom. We have dinner and then watch some tv. I got bored quickly and go to my room. The feeling of guilt still strong and didn’t want to hang around mom too long. I know I would end up feeling bad and telling her.

That night my sister unfortunately wasn’t on her cam show, not going to lie was a little disappointed. A small idea came to me that I could record it and use it as a last line of defense against her or using it for my favor. Putting the evil thought I decide to give my cock a rest after the poor standard of cam shows available.

Sunday comes and it means time for work. Stacey is kind enough to let me borrow her car since she wouldn’t be needing it. Definitely some alternative motive involved as well but I shrug it aside. As I leave the house however, I overhear her having a heated conversation with who I can only guess is Brad.

‘Prick’ I mutter aloud to myself.

I get to work in good timing and I’m delighted to see the smile of Holly.

“Hi Robbie!” She gleefully waves as she comes over and wraps me in a hug. Lifting herself up onto her tip canlı kaçak bahis toes, whispering “thank you Robbie. My uncle hasn’t said anything and he’s been in that office all weekend!” Giving me a quick kiss on the check she lets go.

“Was all my pleasure” I whisper back, winking.

She giggles and blushes.

“Good morning Robbie” Derek says as he comes out from the back. “Ready to work”

“As always” I put on a smile and swing my arm in fake enthusiasm.

Holly tries to hide her laugh as she goes back behind the counter to serve a customer. I get my apron, tying it on and get to work.

It’s a slow Sunday service. A lot of elderly ladies in for their weekly catch up. A few moms in with their baby prams as well.

Somehow, we manage to get to five o’clock which means closing time. Thankfully Derek left an hour earlier, just leaving Holly and I. We have been slyly flirting and teasing each other all day. She is such a cock tease and has got me horny. As she locks the front door, we lock eyes. We both close the gap and embrace in a heavy kiss. My hand straight to her ass and squeezing hard, she moans into my mouth. Our tongues lashing against each other. Our lips smacking loudly.

“Oh, I’ve missed you Robbie”

“It’s been like three days” I tease.

“I know but I’ve thought about your hard dick ever since.” She grins, reaching down to grab my bulge. “I need it again”

We lock lips again and I lift her up by the hips. We continue to kiss as I carry her through to the stock room. I place her down on the same table as last time. My tongue eagerly exploring her mouth.

“Wait wait” she tries to push me back slightly. “What about the camera?” She says glancing up to the watcher in the corner.

“Don’t worry about it” I begin to kiss her neck; she cups my head. “I can just delete it again” I say in between kisses.

“Mmmmm ok” she grips my head “I’m yours”

I continue to kiss her neck, moving slowly down along her collarbone. Gaining a low moan from each kiss. My hand snaking up under her white t shirt and finding a nice handful of her tit.

“Let me” She says as she pulls her t shirt off, quickly unclasping her bra exposing her nice appealing tits to me. I move in with my kissing and kiss along the edge of her tit before taking a nipple into my mouth. Gently sucking on it as I fondle her free one with one of my hands. After sucking her hardened nipples, I kiss my way down her flat stomach.

Pulling her apron off, I unbutton her jean shorts and slide them off. I kiss my way back down her leg and into her inner thigh. The sweet scent of her young pussy fills my nose. It’s so intoxicating.

I kiss her white panties and can feel the damp fabric on my lips. The taste is even better than the smell but I need to taste more. I pull her panties to side, exposing her lady lips to me. I immediately begin to lap at her sodden slit. The taste is divine, like sweet nectar.

“Oh fuck” she moans loudly as both her hands hold the back of my head. I lap faster at her pussy. My tongue swiftly moving across her lips. Her hips perabet giriş grind into my face.

I expose her clit with my tongue and suck it into my mouth. Holly grips my head tighter as I suck her little nub. I suck hard and use my tongue to flick across it.

Holly begins to breathe deeper as she holds my head in place. She’s getting close so I up my efforts. I flick my tongue across her clit as quick as I can.

“Fucckkkk” she cries as she clamps her legs around my head, I continue to lap at her pussy as she fills my mouth with her juices. I slow my licking as she eases the squeeze around my head. The next thing Holly pulls me up to her as she rams her tongue into my mouth. We kiss passionately as we share her pussy juices.

Pausing to catch our breathes I take a step back. She looks on cloud nine as her legs dangle over the edge of the table. Her hands between her legs with a glazed look over her face as she licks her lips.

My dick is aching. I need to fuck her. I pull my apron off and quickly pull my pants and boxers down. My hard cock free at last. Holly sees this and a huge grin comes across her face. She hops off the table and turns around. She spreads her legs and uses her hands to spread her ass and pussy. Wordlessly I step forward, gripping her by the hips I force my cock into her. I wasn’t in the mood for going slow. I have a buildup of tension from all day and after tasting her sweet pussy I need release. She takes my length well and I steady my footing before I fuck her.

Holly tries to hold herself steady against the table but my force is too much. She lies down on the table as I slam into her from behind. My cock stretching her pussy. My balls now drenched in her juices as she leaks all over us.

“Oh, fuck Robbie, you feel so good” she moans loudly. “Break my pussy, make it yours!”

Damn she makes my cock harder. I continue to fuck her hard and deep. The sound of bodies slamming against each other filling the room.

I have a thought. I turn my head to check where the camera is, it’s over my right shoulder. I give it a grin as I re adjust myself. I slightly turn to the left so there is a better view of my cock sliding in and out of Holly. I slow my pace and keep my gaze on the camera.
‘I hope Laura enjoys this’ I think to myself.

I keep fucking Holly but I can’t go much longer. She cums again and that’s it for me. I close my eyes and grunt loudly as I explode inside her. Her body lightly spasms below me. My cock still deep inside her.

I hold her down as I collapse on top of her. My cock spent. We pant loudly as my cock begins to soften. I step away from her and as I pull out, our combined juices spill out. With a wink to the camera I spank Holly’s ass.

“Oooo” she giggles as she remains bent over the table. “That was better than last time and feels so much more!”

“Yeah sorry about that” I laugh lightly.

“Oh, don’t be” she says standing up. “Fuck” she gasps as she cups her pussy. “I got to clean myself.” She steps over to me and tenderly kisses me on the lips. “You tipobet take care of the video; I’ll clean up then quickly cash up the register!”

“Deal!” I smile as we share another tender kiss.

Holly makes her way to the female toilets as I quickly pull my pants back up. I run into the office and check the computer, thankfully it’s still logged in as Derek. Knowing my way about it now I quickly take care of business. Editing the footage and copying the file onto another USB I brought with me. In perfect timing as I shut down the computer, Holly comes in,

“All sorted?”

“Yup!” I reply as I quickly stuff the USB into my pocket.

We make sure everything is locked and secure as we leave the shop.

“Want a ride home?” I ask.

“It’s ok I’ll get the bus, it’s the wrong way for you!”

“Holly don’t be silly, come on!”
She doesn’t argue as we get into the car and set off to take her home. She gives me the directions as we drive and we get to hers in no time.

Holly leans over and gives me a long slow kiss on the lips. “Mmmmm thanks again Robbie, my pussy will be waiting!” With that she hops out of the car and skips her way up to her front door. Waving me off as she goes inside.

I drive home with a big smile on my face. ‘I can’t wait to see Laura’s reaction to this one.’


Class on Monday is a joy. Laura can’t keep her eyes off me and quickly pulls me aside at the end of class.

“Robbie, how did you get that footage?” She whispers close to me.

“Couldn’t possibly reveal that” I grin at her.

“That was so hot!” Her eyes are half closing as if imagining it again.

“You think that was?” I pull the other USB out of my pocket “wait for this” I wink to her as I walk out of the classroom.

“What was that about?”

“Holy fuck” I half scream. “Jesus Melody!!”

“What’s going on?” Laura says coming out of the classroom.

“Oh, nothing Miss Davidson, I gave Robbie a fright by accident. I’m sorry”

“Are you ok Robbie?” Laura asks me.

“I’m fine Miss Davidson, thanks.” I nod to her.

“Mmmm ok, well off you go” She waves Melody and myself away.

“What was that about Melody?” I ask her as we walk away.

“I was just” she looks down “wanting to know why she kept you back again?”

“It’s not really your business Melody!” I say defensively.

“I know I’m sorry!”

“It’s cool, it’s nothing important anyway.” I try to deflect.
“Don’t scare me like that again!” I joke.

She laughs slightly as she makes up an excuse and leaves.

‘Fuck does she know?’ I think to myself. ‘But how would she know?’ I was getting paranoid.

The thought played on my mind the rest of the day and on the car ride home.

“What’s wrong loser? Why so quiet?”

“Nothing, I’m fine!”

“Uh huh sure, missing Diane’s pussy, are we?”

“Stacey what the fuck?”

“What? A man has needs, I above all know that.”

“It’s not that. It’s nothing!”

“Well whatever it is, sort it. Don’t want a gloomy brother sulking around the house!”

I manage to put on a decent act till we got home and excuse myself to my room. I consider what could happen with Laura and the videos. If Holly somehow found out she would hate me. It would ruin Laura as well. I need to find out what Melody knows or at least get her on my side. I decide I’ll talk to her tomorrow. I spend the rest of the night thinking about what to say and how to approach it.

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