Ocak 30, 2021

A Big Reward

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I’d been doing errands and little favors for Ms.M, as everyone called her, short for Mackie, since she moved in next door five years ago. Over time I’d been earning myself a few dollars every now and then for my willing efforts, and we’d become friends, I’d say, despite the age difference. Having just finished Senior High and awaiting entrance to University, I had a lot of time on my hands, except for a few hours a day at a summer art school I’d enrolled in. I found myself always eagerly looking forward to the next errand so I could have some cash in my pocket and also get to be near her.

I liked her company, and suddenly, now legally an adult, began wondering what it must be like to have a woman like that as a lover — she was so very sweet and sexy and excited me more than any young girl or any woman, for that matter, that I knew. I found myself living for the moments when I was near her, looking into her shiny, big black eyes, and also the rare occasions, which were becoming more frequent, that she would gave me a friendly pat on the arm or back or simply rest her hand on me while talking. Best of all, when her lush, soft body accidently brushed against mine, my entire skin would tingle and my body become hot; of course, my young virgin cock would then quickly expand my pants front.

She was a nice looking, fleshy, dark-brown, almost black-skinned woman, as opposed to my light brown complexion. She had once jokingly remarked while standing close to me that our two strikingly different complexions looked good together. A ‘perfect match’ she had said, laughing sweetly as she gently stroked my arm. She had big, round, high standing boobs and a massive ass that always bounced delightfully when she walked. I often wondered if the bounce was natural or something she had practiced to perfection — whatever, it was sensually stimulating and I loved watching her walk away from me, despite liking it when she was near.

She was a stay at home mom with two kids, a boy and girl. Her husband had stopped her from working shortly after they got married; he held a high paying engineering job.

One day, while handing me some money as a reward after I’d gone into town and gotten some items for her from a couple of stores, she said:

“Ah like yuh willingness Frankie, you’re so kind and helpful … I think you deserve more than the few dollars I give you every now and then … yuh never complain or show a sour face, no matter what ah ask yuh to do for me … yuh deserve a big reward for yuh niceness”

She raised a hand and gently patted my cheek, making me blush and tingle all over.

“Is alright Ms. M, yuh don’t have to give me anything. I am happy to be of help to you … I don’t do it for reward … I just like doing things for you,” I said, through nervous lips.

And then to my surprise some unplanned words jumped right out my mouth.

“I enjoy yuh company … and … you are so beautiful.”

“Really! … That’s so sweet … thank you Frankie … I enjoy your company too darling,” she said, blushing just as much as me.

She continued, “So I guess we should spend more time together then, eh?”

She smiled and looked at me questioningly, and I lost my voice, but she came to my rescue, probably sensing my predicament.

“Well honey, watch out, from now on I gon be finding a lot of things for you to do for me … yuh might get tired of me” she said laughing, all her sparkling, even, white teeth dazzling my eyes from between her full cherub-like lips.

“I could never get tired of you,” I said, just as she continued talking.

“Even though yuh say I don’t have to, I will find something very special for you, very soon … you deserve it,” she continued, simply killing me, the way she said it; it was so ripe with meaning, my imagination went wild and I got hard instantly.

That night I lay in bed for a long time just thinking about Ms. M, and finally admitting to myself that I was in love with the beautiful older woman. For the first time ever, I found myself digging up memories of times I’d seen her skimpily dressed or in a compromising position. And as if that wasn’t enough I began imagining her naked, and though feeling guilty about it and thinking she’s too sweet a woman for me to be disrespecting her in my thoughts, I grabbed my cock which had grown very hard in a few seconds and pumped it vigorously until I was shooting hot energetic sperm across my chest and head. I softly called out her first name, ‘Jean’ as my body jerked ecstatically.

The next day I didn’t have classes, so I decided to go into the yard and move some stuff that had been lying around waiting to be sorted and some of it disposed of. Ms. M and my mother were chatting over the fence, a regular pastime of theirs. The dark charmer called out to me and asked if I could chop off some low hanging branches of useless, wild bush that was overflowing from her neighbor’s yard. I told her I’d be over in a few minutes. I was inside the house when my mother came in and reminded me of the chore I’d promised to do for Ms. M.

After I’d chopped bahis firmaları off the offending branches, I went to the back door to return the machete I’d used. My dark beauty was standing just inside the kitchen in tight, soft stretchy, pink pants that nicely creased her crotch and a peach tank top that I could tell had nothing else under it but her big peaches — thirty-eights at least — I could tell, because of the slight drooping of the big boobs that usually stood high in brassieres, and the imprint of long, stout nipples trying to get away. I was in a daze; I just stood still looking her all over, undecided on where to let my eyes linger; she just looked good in all places. Her voice snapped me out of dreamland.

“I’m going into town to get some things, how do I look in this outfit, Frankie?”

She turned all the way round slowly, treating my eyes to thick thighs, fat ass and a glimpse of sunken belly button on smooth fleshy stomach when she raised her hands above her head as she turned around.

“You look good Ms. M … beautiful.”

“What about sexy?” she asked, with a little wink followed by pouting lips as she stared at me with head leaned to the side.

“That too,” I said, blushing red and smiling with trembling lips.

“Thanks, dear … my husband says I getting too fat … and losing mih sexiness. I look too fat?”

“Don’t worry wid him Ms. M, he don’t know anything … he stupid … you’re beautiful,” I burst out boldly.

She threw back her head and laughed. “I think yuh right about him … he is stupid. And I believe yuh when yuh say I’m beautiful. I could tell by de way yuh look at me.”

I dropped my eyes to her breasts, thrilled by the nipples that had grown bigger than they were a couple of minutes before. I suddenly thought that I didn’t want other guys looking at them like that. They were my private beauties

“Yuh like them,” she said, smiling.

“Yes, they nice … but I think if yuh goin into town yuh should wear a bra,” I said nervously.

“I know dear, I wouldn’t go on the street like this. The bra I want to wear is on de clothes line. I was just going to get it when you come to de door. Yuh mind getting it fuh me, honey?”

I quickly spun around and walked away before she changed her mind. I took my time unpinning the black bra from the line. There was also a red lace thong panties. Holding the bra in my hand and looking at the panties made my already aroused cock stretch out to the max. I walked off slowly, deliberately letting my face brush aside the panties, inhaling deeply as my nose made contact with the woman cloth.

“Thanks, you’re a dear,” she said, softly as I handed her the bra.

She handed me some money, and I deliberately let my fingers clutch hers briefly. She looked down at her hand and smiled, then looked up at me. Her eyes were wet and she looked like she was about to cry.

“Yuh can call me Jean, whenever we alone.”

She turned around and quickly walked away, out of the kitchen, her ass dipping and rolling.

Two days later, Saturday morning, I was alone at home, mom and my two younger sisters having gone into town to shop and see a movie, and my dad off to his usual Saturday visit to the betting shop to play the horses. I was moving about the yard pretending to be looking at this and that, but really hoping that I would get a look at my Jean. She soon answered my prayer, coming out the back door and walking over to the fence.

“Morning Frankie dear. Wanna come over and have a little snack with me? I’m all alone with a dish of baked custard. I remember yuh mother telling me how much you like it. My family gone out until afternoon.”

“Thanks, Jean.”

She smiled, turned and began walking away, and I was over the chest-high fence like I was fleeing a barking dog. She led me into the kitchen and pointed to a little table on which there were two plates with creamy custard. Jean was wearing a pink, silk kimono wrap that stopped about ten inches short of her knees.

After we’d been eating and chatting lightly for a few minutes, she suddenly put down her spoon and fixed her big, shiny black eyes on my face. She gazed steadily into my eyes for about twenty seconds, then reached out and covered the back of my hand with hers.

“I like you Frankie. You’re a nice and handsome young man … and I like de way you look at me with such loving eyes … de way a boy would look at he girlfriend. It makes me feel special, and wanted … but I too old to be your girlfriend, though.”

Her eyes suddenly took on the watery look I’d seen the last time I was in her kitchen. I reached out and held the hand that was on mine.

“No Jean, yuh not too old … and you not even old at all” I blurted out anxiously.

“I’m forty … and you, near nineteen,” She said extremely low, as if afraid to let the words out.

“That don’t mean nutten … I like you … I love you. I don’t care bout age.”

“You’re sweet … ok, Frankie, I gon be yuh girlfriend.” She said.

She got up and walked around the table to come and kaçak iddaa stand close to me, her hip leaning against my shoulder, her hand on my head, fingers rubbing through the woolly mat to my skull. She stepped back slightly.

“Yuh can’t let anyone know about us, yuh can’t tell anyone, not even yuh best friend, or I would be in big trouble … yuh hear, babe?”

“I know Jean, I ain’t stupid. I wouldn’t do or say anything to get you in trouble with yuh husband, or make people talk bad about you, I promise.” I said with conviction.

“I believe you.”

She drew closer, and holding my head, brought it toward her soft stomach. Her body smelled real sweet … like perfume plus some other sweet thing. I pressed my nose into the soft belly and inhaled her body’s mesmerizing fragrance. I wrapped my hand around her, above the big butt cheeks, wanting to sink my fingers into the ample mounds of flesh, but not knowing if it was allowed so soon.

“De present I promised yuh, I gat it heah,” she said unwrapping my hands from her waist and stepping back.

She loosened the cord of the silk wrap and using both hands at the same time, pulled the two sides apart and smoothly flipped the garment off her shoulders to the ground behind her. Holy fuck! It was a revelation. She wasn’t wearing any bra. Her big black bubbies with their long nipples hung before my eyes, glistening. I could see signs of little blue-black veins that only made them look more alluring. They rose and dropped with her heavy breathing. They were the most beautiful and exciting things I’d seen to date in my young life. But I wanted to see more. I lowered my eyes along the fleshy belly that was less rounded or bloated than I would have expected because of her size. I fell in love with the deep navel cleft, and felt like sticking my tongue into it to feed on whatever sweetness was buried in there.

My eyes next fastened onto the amazing feminine mound held snugly by what looked like the red lace panties I’d seen on her clothes line. The mound was so beautifully hugged, with a slight cleft splitting it. My mouth watered and it was at that moment in life before I’d even tried it, I knew I was gonna be a gluttonous pussy eater. There was something intoxicating and mouthwatering about that fat pussy. There were also some little stretch marks that somehow made her body look so real and absolutely sexy.

“Take yuh present,” she said.

I looked up into her smiling face. There was nothing in her hands. Then I understood.

“Yuh like it?” I heard her ask.

I nodded and looked down to the amazing mound.

“I thought yuh’d like it. I see how yuh look at it de other day when it was on the line, and how yuh sniff it,” she said and giggled, which shook the big black hanging globes.

I smiled shyly, realizing that she’d been looking at me through the windows which were mirrored on the outside, so I couldn’t see her looking out.

“Go ahead, take it, it’s all yours.” She urged.

I raised my hands and putting fingers under the waistband, slowly uncovered my lover’s big, black, juicy looking, slightly hairy pussy. I could have fainted from the sight and strange, aroused-woman aroma. I pulled them all the way down to her smooth, fleshy, well-manicured feet with red painted toe nails. She stepped out of the panties and I stood up with it in my hand. I glanced down at the lovely big boobs that in spite of their thirty-eight or more size, hung without really hanging loose. I looked long and hard at them.

“Go ahead, baby do whatever you want.” She spoke assuring.

I dropped the panties, raised both hands and hefted a big boob, gently massaging the damp hot flesh. I lowered my head and took a long nipple into my inexperienced mouth. I bit into the stiff knob.

“Ouch! … Not so hard baby,” she cried and I felt her hand on my head as if guiding it.

I sucked gently, but loud and sloppy. Saliva rolled away, down the wide, black prickly areolas. I felt her lifting my t shirt and I unwillingly detached my mouth from the breast so she could lift the shirt over and off me. She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, then suddenly slipped to her knees. I slipped my feet out the shorts and she threw them aside.

“My, you’re a big boy Frankie … give mommy a kiss.”

I looked down and watched her purse her lips and gave the shiny bulbous head a kiss, then she was licking it all over, and running her tongue in the groove. She took the entire head and a bit of hard shaft into her mouth. I gazed at her bobbing head and heard the distinct gagging sounds as she, that big, black and beautiful woman sucked my young, virgin cock. Her hands gripped my clenched buttocks tight, fingers in the cleft. After a while she lowered her hands and used them to wrap both bubbies around my leg and rubbed them in a massaging manner around my slightly hairy leg.

I was anxious to be a man. My six foot, one hundred and seventy pounds athletic body needed some backup experience to truly make me a man. I held her head and lifted it up. She came up with it and stepped back, kaçak bahis knocking into the table. She took the two plates and dropped them onto the seat of a chair, and quickly hoisted her thick ass onto the edge of the table top, spreading the thick thighs wide and pulling her bent knees back, while she leaned back on her hands.

“Put it in me, Frankie sweetie … fuck yuh big mammy girlfriend.”

I moved my hips forward and her hand guided me between big floppy lips to her pulsating entrance. I saw dewy pink, and I pushed forward into it. And such was my excitement at fucking my first pussy, I began banging away rapidly inside the hot, wet, slushy pokey. I banged away at Jean’s willing fat pokey at a tremendous pace, hearing it go sloosh, sloosh, sloosh, and suddenly in less than three minutes of vigorous banging I erupted, ecstatically into her chute. I howled loudly as pleasure spread all over me and my jerking cock shot cum into her. She grabbed my buttocks and held me tight inside her as I made my virgin shoot into pussy.

“Oooohh, baby, that was so nice … my darling … was this your first time?”

“Yes,” I said, nodding and smiling.

She reached up and stroked my face, and then I felt her pussy walls contracting against my pleased but not yet satisfied wood.

“You’re still hard, keep moving in me baby … make quick short strokes and yuh gon remain hard,” she tutored me.

I followed her instructions and started moving my hips in rapid, short strokes, watching her fleshy stomach and big boobs shake and bounce. I kept it up for a good while hearing her moan and hiss continuously. She was even wriggling and rolling her fat ass on the now wet table top. She rested her legs on my shoulder and I pressed forward. Looking into my eyes she lifted a big bubby as if in offering, and I accepted. Leaning over I began sucking on the nipple as my hips worked away, sending cock into her cunt, a little deeper now.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried.

She lifted the other sweat drenched breast and I latched onto the nipple, while using one hand to roughly massage the other one that I’d just moved away from.

“Go deep now honey, fuck mih hard.”

I did as she commanded, sending full lengths of cock muscle in and out of her as she went uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh, then aiiiiiiiee, aiiiiiiiieeeee!

She dropped her legs away from my shoulders and dragged her body backward to get more of herself flush onto the table. I followed her, throwing one leg over hers, while the other hung off the floor, all the while still jabbing away, and not breaking contact. She went backward until her head was now on the edge of the table. I brought my other leg up and was now on my knees between the legs of my big, black sweetie. I gripped her around the heavy thighs and spread my legs while still on my knees which had gone to the soft sides of her thighs.

Leaning backward I continued to pound her, feeling my knees, not accustomed to that kind of friction, begin to bruise. I let go of her thighs and she placed the soles of her feet flat on the wood and began to move. I leaned back on my hands and let her wriggle her hips as I looked on at the beautiful sight of the big thick mature woman sprawled out and gurgling loudly as my young cock worked in her. She began moving faster, then I saw her hand flittering rapidly over her engorged clit as her eyes rolled back in her head, showing whites. Her mouth suddenly made an o shape which she held for about a minute before making three muted successive screams as her body shook mightily under the pressure of orgasm.

When she had settled, I resumed hitting into her. Her entire face, neck and chest was wet with perspiration, her belly too, some of which was mine. Mid-morning sun coming through open windows was hot on our skins

“Let me get up an’ change position, baby,” I heard her whisper.

I pulled out of her and stepped back. I looked down at my cock; it was almost pointing to the roof, eager to get back into pussy action. Backing me, Jean hoisted one thick leg and threw it up on top of the table, then leaned over in a slanted position on elbows and her big bubbies as cushion, back arched in, her big, slightly dimpled, but firm-fleshed ass high, and one side of her face flat on the table. I got behind her, positioned myself and drove hard cock into the fine mature woman, slicing past floppy pussy lips and into her depths.

“Aaaaaah!” She cried and gave one mighty buck as if pushing back defiantly against the cock buried in her. I pulled back and grabbing her fleshy hips just where it joined waist, I held tight and began hammering her, looking on in amazement at the movement of her puckered ass hole as my cock slaughtered the nearby pussy. I eventually lifted one of my legs and threw it onto hers that was on the table. I leaned right over and lay as flat as I could get on her wet fleshy back as I plugged away, jabbing her pokey hole rabbit-like, until I shook as the first shot of cum pellet left my cock. Jean surprised me by violently wrenching her body away and quickly slipping to her knees, took my jerking cock into her mouth, folding her full pouty lips around it as I tremblingly drained into her throat. After I was finished trembling, I fucked her mouth for about a minute till my cock started going soft.

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