Mayıs 21, 2021

A Better Life Ch. 1

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Penny had lived on the street for almost seven years. It wasn’t that she didn’t have anywhere else to go, but she simply preferred it to the difficult environment she’d had to put up with for eleven years living at home with her mom and step-dad. They were both strange people, she didn’t really enjoy their company, and they refused to let her stay with her Dad.

Eventually she had just decided to leave. Her real dad lived halfway across the country, and though she had some great and wonderful daydreams about re-uniting with him, maybe even be accepted into his home and heart, she couldn’t afford it and in a way, preferred the freedom which living on the streets gave her.

It was her eighteenth birthday. Her friends had put together some cash to buy her a new fleece-lined jacket and even a big shake’m’up meal from the local takeaway. She had grown accustomed to surviving by eating half-munched, discarded burgers, and a big greasy hot meal was heavenly in her stomach. Michael, a guy who could only be described as her boyfriend, hugged his arms around her and patted her tiny, usually-empty flat belly.

“You fill that belly of yours up, you don’t know when it’s going to get some real food in it again.”

“If you can call this real food.” She grinned.

“Tonight I’ll fill it up with something else.”

He bit her earlobe lightly. She nodded and sucked back a thick-shake. After a while her speed-freak friends raced out of the family restaurant and she and Michael grabbed what leftovers they could carry and followed. The air outside was cold, and she was thankful for the new jacket. She hugged herself into it and finished off a small burger and her drink, then tossed it all in the bin.

Michael grabbed her and pulled her back into the darkness of one of the familiar side streets. He looked her over. Her chest was almost disappearing in the new jacket, so he pulled it down over her shoulders and revealed her tight unclean body-shirt underneath bulging with her breasts and her swollen, full, hard belly. He ran his hands over her body, lifting her up off the ground a little bit, his huge palms pressing hard into her underarms. He groaned, already hot for her. He pressed his hands into her breasts, her nipples feeling the cold, and kissed her mouth hungrily, tasting the salt and grease on her lips. She kissed him back, albeit reluctantly.

Michael was a good guy, he was nice and all, but there was no attraction for her. He was barely a year older than her and could be extremely immature at times, especially during sex. She didn’t want to upset him by pushing him away – ever – as he was her only protector and everyone knew him to be a good fighter. So each time she grit her teeth to bare the brunt of his fucking.

“Mmmm baby your tits are aching for me.” He muttered, and massaged Penny’s sore chest heavily. She moaned and let him maul her body for a while.

“Grab my cock…” He whispered, and kissed her neck, his wet tongue sliding over her skin. She could feel his teeth grazing her flesh too, and it sent rivulets of panic through her. He bit her sometimes, leaving marks and scars, drawing blood. It was nothing too serious, but the pain was always unwanted.

She reached down between his legs and undid his trousers and he moaned approvingly. She pulled his cock out and started rubbing it hard. He was moaning and breathing on her neck and then against her mouth. He started speaking filthy words into her mouth.

“Ohh fuck! Your cunt is aching for me, isn’t it? For my huge fat cock to ram up into you so hard it hurts. Isn’t it?”

He grabbed her belt buckle and pulled her jeans down quickly, ripping them down to her ankles so he could lift her small body up against the wall and duck beneath them, then wrap her legs around his waist.

Michael shoved his hand deep between her legs, where it was warm and dry.

He prodded his inexpert fingers around her pussy, dipping two deep into her hole and fucking her dry for a while. She grit her teeth and closed her eyes, his mouth still breathing expletives and unrepeatable language into her throat.

“Mmmm,” He moaned and removed his hand, replacing it with his cock-head. He wiped his cock up and down over her pussy lips, then tried to push it up deeper. Her body betrayed how she was feeling – too uninterested. Penny tried to will her pussy muscles open, but it was obvious she wasn’t at all turned on by his display of speed. Not that it had stopped him before and she grit her teeth knowing that it wouldn’t stop him this time either. He forced his cock into her tight, dry hole and started pumping. His own juice lubricated her slightly and the aching subsided eventually. He shoved her up against the cold brick wall and ramming his cock into her pussy. She felt his thrusting grating her shoulders against the brick wall. He fucked her until he came. His seed spilled out on the alley way ground as he pulled out of her. She sighed and smiled at him. His skin was blotchy and she kissed his cheek.

“Mmmm bahis firmaları baby.” He grinned, pleased with himself.

She cleaned herself up while he waited, then they continued on their way back to the building where they were squatting.

Penny was quiet for the rest of the night. She could still feel the ache in her groin from Michael’s light-hearted assault, and wanted to be alone. Her seventeenth birthday had been one of the better ones but she had decided that she didn’t want to spend her eighteenth on the street.

When everyone was sleeping, she got up and crept out of the building. The street outside was quieter, but still littered with street whores and crack-heads. It wasn’t a great site, and though she’d grown accustomed to it all, a professional street-kid, she wanted to go home.

Home to her Dad. Home to a warm bed and a hot meal every night.

She started walking.

It took her three weeks to cross the border, and once she was out of the state it was easier to hitch a ride across country. She had some money, not much, but enough to buy some clean, warm clothes. The hospitality from the truck-drivers was unbelievable, to say the very least. Some gave her a little bit of cash, some shouted her full meals in roadside diners, and some even paid for a room for her to sleep in for a night or two. In return she was pleased that only two of the guys out of about nine, asked for a blow-job, and after her years serving Michael, these guys were pretty easily pleased. The generosity of strangers raised her spirits and she made it across the country, a good four states, in just over two months.

Finally, Penny stood before the front door, her heart quickening when she saw a light on inside. It was nearly nine at night, and the moon gave off only a faint glow. But the porch light turned on as she moved to ring the doorbell. Two months of hitch-hiking and walking across country would now come to an end. It would either pay off, or she would have to get used to living on the streets of a new, unfamiliar city.

The doorbell gave a high-pitched shrill shriek and she could see someone moving around inside. The door opened, and her eyes fell upon the familiar body of her Daddy for the first time in almost six years.

“Oh my… God, Penny?” He gasped.

She started crying and he lunged forward to hug her in a giant embrace. A huge bear hug enfolded her small, tired body. She felt his arms around her, mammoth and warm, and she knew everything was going to be alright.

“Heaven!” She screamed.

He laughed.

“Absolute fucking heaven!”

“Feels good?

“Ohhh God, Daddy! Yes!”

He walked into the bathroom carrying a clean, fluffy towel as she luxuriated in the hot shower. She squealed again, jumping around in the warm water.

“I’ll leave this towel here for you, sweetie.” He said and walked out.

“Heaven I’m telling you!” She called after him and heard him chuckling again.

She screamed happily and bobbed her head under the heavily pressured stream, feeling it’s massaging water fingers doing great work on her skull. The hot water coursed over her face, down her neck, over her tired and aching shoulders.


She moaned, letting the glass of the shower screen support her weight as she fell against it. The water continued to flow over her naked body, down between her legs and washing away six year old dirt and shame. It was such a cleansing feeling. She let her hand slide down with the water, until her fingers rested on her own pussy. She had never touched her own pussy for the sake of pleasure, but now she couldn’t’ stop herself. The water swelled around her pubic hair, dripping and tickling like small water-nymph fingers. She gently teased herself until her body was thudding and pulsing with heat and desire.


She got out of the shower and towel-dried her body off, concentrating on her firm breasts. Penny couldn’t remember the last time she had seen a reflection of her naked body. She stared for a long time in the bathroom mirror and swallowed hard. Six years of living on the streets had left her very thin. She didn’t like it. But her breasts were large and full and her hips had a nice, rounded appearance. She ran her hands over her body. It felt clean and dry and warm. It was pure Heaven.

Penny’s Dad was downstairs, nervously cooking her some dinner. She stood by the door, quietly watching him. He had no idea she was there, and was muttering a hushed song to himself. She looked at his body, trying to soak all information about him into her mind so that she would never have to forget him, ever again. He poured some stock into a broth-like mixture, giving her the opportunity to study his hands. Long, slender hands, his fingers were creamy and soft-looking. She smiled as he wiped some pepper from his hand, wiping it on his ass cheek. Penny raced up behind him in her towel and hugged him from behind.


He laughed again, shocked by her kaçak iddaa affectionate attack.

“I have missed you!”

He turned around to hug her back. She could feel his soft gentle hands on her bare shoulder, and once again, his strong arms around her body. He stroked her shoulder blade in a light caress and kissed her neck, just a little peck, but it tingled and sent shivers down her spine.

“I have missed you too, my darling baby girl. I didn’t know what had happened to you! God, your mother was so damn vague when she said you’d left home. The last six years have been hell for me.”

“Oh Daddy, I wanted to come live with you but they wouldn’t let me. They’re fucked in the head, I’m telling you. He used to fuck her in the lounge room while I was watching.”


“He did!” She insisted, and fiddled distractedly with his hands.


“Yeah. I didn’t mind, really. It was kind of erotic. Until he started acting weird with his mates. I reckon he’s cheating on her. Anyway!” She changed the subject and reached up around his neck to hug him again. “It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m where I have wanted to be for years and years.

I’m back in your arms, Daddy. My fantastic Daddy!”

Penny reached up and kissed his lips.

There was a shocked silence. She kept her kiss stroking lightly on his mouth for a while then gently opened her lips against his. Her kiss became even softer, sweeter. He didn’t move, just stood there in absolute shock as his sexy, sweet daughter kissed him into bliss.

Finally she pulled away and turned back to run upstairs and get dressed.

Penny’s Dad stared after her, blinked a couple of times and turned back to the dinner he was cooking, his body rocked and shaking from the depth of her touch.

That night Penny slept in a clean, warm, double bed. She stretched out in a star-shape, her legs parted, her arms outstretched, and took up the entire bed. She fell asleep immediately, her belly full of hot food and her body tired and deliciously exhausted. She slept so soundly there were no dreams, and she woke twelve hours later, thoroughly rejuvenated and excited to face the day ahead.

Her Dad was in the bathroom so she walked in, the way he had done when she had been in there. He was in the bath, and quickly covered himself up when she walked in. She pulled her small blue nightie down and sat down on the toilet lid.

“Hi baby.” He blushed, “How did you sleep?”

“I slept so well. Like a baby, I guess.”

He chuckled and she smiled.

“Are you just going to sit there and watch me?” he asked.



“Come on, Daddy, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen already.”

“Yes, but..”

“Shush. Want me to wash your back for you?”

“No, thanks, honey.”

“Then you want me to wash anything else for you?”

Penny jumped up and went over to the bath. She giggled and sat on the side of the bath in her nightie. She grabbed the sponge from him and started to rub it over her Dad’s shoulders and back, up around the back of his neck, then down near the base of his spine. Her hand dipped into the warm water and she rubbed the sponge around his hips and waist, trying to move around to the front of his body. He quickly pulled away.

“Perhaps you could go and make me some nice breakfast!” He suggested.

“‘Kay.” She handed him back the sponge with a loud sigh, and walked out of the bathroom, leaving him alone to bathe.

Penny’s Dad watched her leave as she shut the bathroom door behind her. He moaned and laid back in the bath with an aching sensation in his groin. His cock immediately sprang up from beneath the water, and stood to attention.

He looked at it. The head was hard and a deep red colour. There was a growing ache in the base of his groin. His balls began to tighten as his cock hardened. He moaned and began to stroke himself.

He closed his eyes and imagined his daughter leaning over the bath, her soft hand stroking his cock. He could see her so clear in his mind as she rubbed her eager hand up and down his hard, bursting cock. He fancied he could feel the touch of her other hand on his chest, stroking and rubbing his stomach and nipples while her feverish grip on his cock pumped him faster and faster until he exploded.

His cock began to cum as he pumped it hard. Jism spurted out of the top, flying upwards then landing back in the bath-water with a plop! and a splash! He jerked himself off until his balls stopped pumping and even then his hand kept stroking, the pleasure of orgasm spreading over his entire body. He closed his eyes again with a deep sigh and drifted off into a light nap.

Penny opened the door of the bathroom, a little frustrated that he had sent her off so soon. Her Dad was laying in the bath still, his hand wrapped around his exposed cock. He’d been masturbating in the bath! She stopped and fell silent so as not to disturb him. She stared for a long time, her eyes wrapping themselves kaçak bahis around the sight of her Daddy’s spent cock, laying still and limp in his own hand. There was cum on the bathroom tiles and some also on the floor by the bath. She walked in quietly and knelt down by the bath.

Penny stared at her Dad’s cock while he slept. She looked at it very closely, studied the veins and the silky skin of his long, soft shaft. His balls were submerged and she couldn’t see them beneath his hand. There was a matting of dark hair around his groin, though, and she reached in under the water to stroke it lightly. She looked nervously up into his face but her Daddy remained still and resting, breathing lightly as he napped.

Ohh she wanted so much to touch his cock! To just slide her hand over the head of it, run her fingers along the tip and under the shaft where she knew it was so sensitive. Her heart pounded in fear that he would wake up. She barely breathed as she let her fingers swim in the water around the base of his fat, wide prick.

She stroked the base just a little bit harder, and began to move her hand up and down the length of it, trying to get it hard. It began to shudder in her hands, and lift itself up out of the water. Again she glanced at Daddy’s face, trying to see if he was still sleeping. He breathed a little deeper and harder, but he still seemed to be asleep.

She swapped hands. With her other hand Penny reached down under the water, between his legs to play with and fondle his balls. They were warm and soft in her hand. She massaged them, stroking and feeling them in her fingers.

Her other hand held the base of his cock straight as she leaned in and took the head in her mouth.

Her heart pounded with delight and excitement as she began to suck and roll her heavy, wet tongue over his prick head. Just the idea that she was about to taste her Daddy’s cum! She heard his breathing get thicker and harder in his throat. He snored a little, then woke himself up. She licked his cock thirstily. She kept sucking his cock into her mouth. With each kiss, she opened her mouth wider, pressed her tongue back into her throat as she took his prick in deeper.

He woke up slowly and looked down at her. He stared, unsure if what he was seeing and feeling was a dream or reality. His lovely daughter wore the same nightie and as she leaned forward he saw it ride up over her thighs and her ass. If it was a dream, he was going to take advantage of it. He reached down to stroke her hair. She was real!

Her hair was soft and he entwined his fingers through it. He moaned and said her name out loud. The sight of his daughter’s head bobbing up and down on his old man cock was enough to make the cum pump into his balls again, hardening them, making everything hard as he grew horny again.

She moved her ass around to face him deliberately and he quickly pulled her panties down, eager to get a full view of her exposed pussy lips. Even her thighs were wet and glistening. With two fingers, he stroked over her swollen cunt. He dipped his finger into her hole and began to fuck her pussy with his index finger lightly. She grew wetter as he touched her. He wanted to lean in further and take that delicious cunt into his mouth, taste her exotic honey dew but he couldn’t reach.

“Baby…” he breathed.

She moaned at the sound of his voice through the silence.

“Get up on the bath…” He instructed.

She climbed up on the corner of the bath, shoving her pussy in his face and quickly took his rod into her mouth again, pumping it with her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue was rolling around his cock, and he could feel every sensation, every movement. He could feel the hardness of the back of her throat against the head as she took him in deeper.

Penny’s Dad separated the lips of her sweet, wet cunt and licked her. His tongue lapped up thick and fat against her. He felt every ridge of her lips, her saturated hole, her hard clit. He felt her body shudder and press back into his mouth. He couldn’t believe it was happening, but he couldn’t stop. He licked her again, and again, faster, eating her out. With his tongue he circled her sugary hole and began to fuck her in and out with it.

Penny began moaning and moving her body back and forth against her Daddy’s mouth. Her knees hurt against the side of the bath, but the pleasure rippled through her cunt and she felt it all the way up into her breasts and chest, as if his tongue could reach up inside her and lick inside her womb and belly from down deep in her pussy. He rubbed her clit as he made love to her cunt with his tongue, then licked and sucked on her pussy lips.

The sensation of Penny’s mouth around his cock and the sweet tang of her cum on his mouth drove him mad. His hips began pushing up and bucking in the bath as she suckled his cock like a woman insane.

Her nose sometimes pressed down into the bath-water between his legs, and she felt his swelling balls slapping up into her face. She circled his prick with her tongue and began to milk him, sucking him back and forth harder and faster. She could feel her Daddy’s mouth on her pussy and she was too close to cumming, she knew she would cum before he would.

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