Mart 6, 2021

50th Birthday Present Ch. 02

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We get to the restaurant and realize we need to eat to regain some energy for later. They sit us in the corner at a table with a dark green tablecloth that covers us from the waist down. I slide over on the bench seats so I right next to you. We order a bottle of wine and some appetizers. We make small talk, and flirt. After a bit we order dinner. I have a hand under the table cloth and I run it up and down your leg. We chose to share a dessert and get something with chocolate and whip cream. I ask you to feed me as my hands are going to occupied. You put a forkful of dessert to my mouth and my tongue licks the whip cream from the top of it. When I am finished I tell you that your cream tastes much, much better. My hand has moved up to your thigh and I lightly rub a finger across your balls. I can feel you twitch. I love the effect I have on you. Another button opens on my top and you stare down at the swell of my breast. You realize that I have on the pale pink bra, with a holes out that lets my nipples pop through.

You can feel yourself beginning to get turned on again and you are ready for more. I lean over and kiss you; pushing my tongue deep in your mouth while my hand cups your cock through your pants. I love feeling you growing and feel your hardness. I want to taste you, to feel you in my mouth but I also want you buried deep inside of me. But where?

I reach into my escort cebeci purse and pull out a box wrapped in birthday paper. I tell you to open it. You rip open the paper and the box. Nestled inside is a bottle of lube and vibrator with straps and a remote control. You turn to me and ask how are we going to use this? I smile at you and tell you that it is for me so I can be ready for your huge cock. You look puzzled, as tight as my pussy is around your dick it has never been a problem for me to take you. I tell you that I will be right back and I take the box from your hands.

I return a few minutes later and hand you the remote control. I tell you that you are in control. You turn in on low and I jump a bit. I close my eyes and moan a bit. You turn it up a bit and I am soon squirming in my chair. I tell you that you are turning me on that I am sure I will soon have a huge wet spot on my dress from my sweet pussy juices and that I should have worn panties. You reach under my dress thinking you will feel the vibrator in my pussy but you realize that it is deep in my ass. You tell me that I am very, very wet and you lightly stroke my rock hard clit. You turn the vibrator on the highest setting and stroke my clit. I am dripping on your hand, on the bench below me and I am moaning. We are probably attracting attention but we don’t care.

We are however getting escort çukurambar to a point of no return and we realize that we knew it was time to get out of there. We do the mundane stuff; paying bills, collecting packaging and thanking the waitress. However our minds are on other things and our bodies needs other things.

We get back in the car and you turn to me and ask where are we headed. I smile and tell you where ever we will find a bed. You turn the vibrator on high before you pull out of the parking lot and head back to your place. I unbutton my blouse so you can see my breasts and my hard nipples peeking out of my bra. My legs part and I tug my skirt up. I wet my fingers in my sweet juices and stroke my clit. I shudder with intense pleasure and I am so ready to explode. But it is your birthday and you deserve a show. I reach down and pull the vibrator out of my tight ass. I love how my ass gaps open and I want your cock buried deep in me. I slowly twist the vibrator in and out of my ass while I finger my clit and finger fuck my dripping pussy. You are having a hard time keeping your eyes on the road.

I am moaning and arching up. I am begging you to fuck me, to fuck me ass and to shoot your cum deep in me or on me. I am going crazy with wanting to you. We pull into your driveway. You lean over and kiss me hard. Then you tell me to get escort demetevler out the car and get into your bedroom now. We get inside, pulling clothes off between deep, wet kisses. Your cock is hard and I love how it is jutting from your body; dripping with precum. How can I resist? I drop to my knees and take you into my mouth. My tongue tracing your shape. You let me suck your dick for a moment; enjoying the sensations.

You could almost cum in my mouth again but you want to fuck. You pull me up, kiss me hard and your mouth moves down to lick and suck on my nipples. Your fingers deftly find my skirt zipper, you undo the skirt and roughly push it down. You tell me to turn around and your bend me over on the bed. You reach down and slowly pull out the vibrator. You tell me to play with my wet pussy while you spit on your cock and stroke it as you watch. I start to cum and I am screaming out to you, – Fuck me Kelly, Fuck me. You lean forward and part my ass with your hands. You line your cock up with asshole and plunge your cock deep in me. I am ready for you filled with lube and open from the vibrator. You fuck so hard, your balls slapping against my pussy and your hands are pulling my hips back against you as you slam into me. I reach back to wet my fingers in my pussy and stroke your balls. This put your over the edge as your pull out of me and shoot your cum all over my ass. It is a huge load and I can feel it dripping down my ass and unto my pussy. The bed is soaked around with our juices. You love how I look.

You gently pull me up and ask if I am ready for shower. I smile, kiss you on the cheek and say – Happy Birthday and hope some of your dreams come true.

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