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402 Wallys edukashun 5

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402 Wallys edukashun 5
Tuesday and Wednesday had passed with a very vanilla screwing, both nights he had had a bundle of homework so it was late before they started, Tuesday had been a simple night because she was feeling sore still and Wednesday, basically to prove he was not tempted to just impose himself anally, he had just wanted to have her over the table again! On each occasion she explained another aspect of this hobby, cuckolding, hot wives, swinging, domination, bondage, pain, b********y, dogging, all was explained with care and a sensible approach. After both evenings they wandered away happy, and in his case even more enlightened!
It was on the Thursday after school that they sat at table beside the roses in the front garden under the parasol, it was too hot to have a hot meal, so she had prepared a salad. School holidays began next day, it was to be his last day at this school and they were looking forward to a few long lazy days together before his move to the collage. Naturally she was in a summer frock, as the front garden faced the lane, leading to the lake and popular with pick-nickers in the day and lovers later!
They discussed the new schooling and the different school bus times, he apologised for his thoughtlessness on Monday evening, but she waved it away, saying “I had to endure worse to feed us when your dad was a youngster, it’s was bit sore to crap, but I will survive and we were not doing much back there for that day or two, but I`m ok now and I will show you how to do it in a more pain-free way soon…” his grin at her forgiveness was wide, and he said “he had expected to be banned from there!” she smiled, then said, “well I did enjoy it, in the end” then they both laughed when she realised what she had said!
He looked at her seriously, “erm, look gran the other night… well you asked me to be Jimmy… my dad, would you really like to sleep with him, and play out some of those things in that diary?” She said, “well, I`ve had thoughts I will admit, he does a lot for us nowadays and that cab must be a lonely old place, but I must think about him finding out about us, he may be pretty put out if he ever finds out!”
He thought for a moment then said,” I don’t see why he should, I won`t tell him and you are not going too are you, so perhaps we can time share…!” he grinned, “either way this is my time, and after tea we have all evening as I told them to stuff the homework tonight I`m leaving tomorrow! And he laughed.
She smiled, then he said, “Tell me more about your adventures gran, it turns me on, and you were explaining about bondage and pain, do all women like it?” she regarded him with a long look then said, “I thought I caught that spark of interest in your eye when I explained about all that stuff,” She cut a slice of her homemade Victoria sponge , which he took eagerly, then cutting herself a piece she began to explain about Jerome and his `punters!’ “ look lad, I didn’t start as a whore, we were desperate, I had no job, no money and a small income, I had no working skills either so, I took a night or two with that farmer to start, Sid hated it at first but he came to quite enjoy the evenings that I spent in another mans bed, making it a ritual he washing me, dressing me and getting me ready for that greasy old bastard, then after when I came home he would clean me and use me as long as I gave him all the details.” She looked wistful, then began again “Anyway, realising how he enjoyed the whole thing, and thinking what the hell, its an income, I begged him to let me try it in town now and then, as the sooner we had some money the sooner we hoped to move away.”
Seeing he had scoffed the cake she cut him another slice, he grinned his thanks she was a wonderful cook…
“I fell foul of the other working girls, they are not keen to share trade, that’s when I met Jerome, he was a big fit Jamaican, and a pimp, he took me under his wing, gave me somewhere to work from and looked after me, in return he had a cut of my take and he had me too, occasionally,” She smiled, looked a bit distant then said, “he was a big lad, that first time I thought I would tear, and when I got home Sid was over the moon when I told him the tale” another distant smile! By now Wally was as hard as a rod her hand slid under the tablecloth and gently began opening the lads fly her touch hot and erotic. She went on “One afternoon, he asked me to introduce him to Sid, I think my Sid would have liked to watch me with him, but that never happened for some reason… Either way, he first asked Sid if he would illegal bahis let me deal with a punter who paid well, to piss in, on and up me! Sid loved the idea, then Jerome asked if he minded if I did a couple of dungeon scenes.” “now me I didn’t want to try that, well would you, but he said we should start off with a bit of easy spanking and work up.” His smile over the empty plate said this was what he wanted to hear about, her hand gripped him tightly and he was sorely put to save himself from coming instantly. She grinned at him, knowing he was near, “fair enough that did happen, and I got spanked by one or two of the desperately enthusiastic few over a few months. Strangely I found I liked it, and the cash was better.” She let go of him leant forward and kissed him, muttering “later!” he looked crestfallen, she smiled, and said that’s called `edging, in the trade’ then chuckling she went on “ one afternoon Jerome asked me if I was ready for more, I still wasn’t keen, but he was persuasive, and Sid had OK`ed it, so I had little choice. I was caned on the arse that time, and for some reason I don’t understand I came hard, as did Sid when back at home, he could see the welts!”
“A month or so later I was asked to do a proper dungeon scene, I again wasn’t keen, but the money and my Sid were persistent it being just before Christmas…! I was to be picked up after tea on that Friday, Sid as he always did got me ready bathed and track suited, both of us knowing I was not coming back unmarked, and I would be hung screaming during the evening, Jerome had told him that much.” She poured herself another drink of squash, then having wet her dry mouth and collected her thoughts she began again.
“Jerome`s van appeared, he came in and collected me, putting cuffs on and an eyeless hood over my head, and saying there is no mouthpiece so you can scream loud as you want, he loves that, and there`s no safe words either, so expect lots of pain, I was shaking with fear as my Sid kissed me and helped me into the back of that old van. With no idea where we went, though I did try and work out the route, we drove for a while.”
“I was in some state when we arrived, the hood covered my ears, so I was in limbo, I was unloaded and taken down some stairs, it was cool like a cellar, my cuffs were released and I was told to strip off I managed that easily enough, I couldn’t see don’t forget, the suit was taken from my hands , then they bent me over a table, took turns to hold me while all three men had me anally, it was my first time that way, and that hurt me bad, I suspect one was Jerome, but I couldn’t be sure , he was last they caned me a bit which hurt me and I screamed, though I was already in tears, then they hung me by my wrists and whipped me all over. god that hurt me, the leather striking my tits was bad, and the last few hit up between my legs had me out of it. I take it they screwed me while I was out, because I was full of cum when I got home. they plugged my cunt with tissue presumably for Sid`s benefit, dressed me put me in the van again and took me home my body red with welts and marks, Jerome carried me indoors and left with the hood and cuffs. He left Sid with a lot of money in a bag saying I was a good subject! My Sid, had found it exciting, and to my surprise so had my I he screwed me mercilessly on a sticky wicket before I could get bathed and off to bed!” she took another long drink, he still sat with his tool exposed, stiff and red.
A small car pulled up beside the hedge, a voice shouted, “I say, is this the way to the lake!”, she realised they couldn’t see his tool under the table cloth and putting a steadying hand on his leg to save him doing more than blush, she called “straight on you cant miss it” with a cry of thanks the little car moved on and relieved they exchanged grins.
He asked her, “if she had done it again?”, she said that she had but it wasn’t always so simple, but yes now and again it was a big money spinner, occasionally I still did a special job for Jerome, one even branded me, as you saw, when Jimmy was three, we moved to this village, and although I still did occasional speciality work I gave up the straight stuff, however other than that, Sid became my only real master he was my husband and, I was his slave, never having sex with anyone else except as I said Jerome`s special`s, right up until he died!” Wally asked was he a hard master? she said, “he loved me and gave me what I needed, all the time, whips, bondage, all that stuff, we both loved it, but it all stopped of course mobilbahis güvenilir mi when he died … and till you, I never have had another screw… but now I find I`m missing it all… you have stirred me up!” she stood hauled him to his feet by his dick and leaving the dishes took him indoors. He was as stiff as a ramrod, she told him to undress, which he did then regarding him with a steady gaze she said, “If you, totally naked go and fetch those things in, without getting seen by anyone who knows us. I will let you tie me up and use me, I know your itching to do that, I could see that in your eyes as I told you my tale. Are you game…?” he quickly went to the door, glanced up and down the lane, then rushed out and scooped up some of the plates, he was back in the kitchen in a flash, her smiling as he dumped the things and quickly ran back again. A second glance and a dash had the jug of squash indoors as well as the cake, just leaving the cutlery, just as he got to the door she called for him not to forget the cloth, distracted he failed to notice the returning little white car, the occupants of which, a young courting couple, with the girl driving, they were so distracted by the obviously erect naked youth stripping the table that the she lost control and bumped up the fortunately wide grass verge opposite. Confusion reigned and by the time they were sorted Wally was long gone the table empty and the door closed, much to his grandmothers mirth.
When they had settled down, he said, “Can I save the bondage till I`ve got all day please, your `edging,’ was that what you called it? has got me so wound up I need to empty my balls and soon.” She nodded “OK I needed to pee anyway,” she said “all that squash…” He nodded, smiled, took her hand, and they set off into the bathroom where she undressed, naked now, he looked deep into her eyes and said, “teach me, I want to enjoy every drop!”
She grinned, had him lay on his back on the cold tiles, she lowered herself onto him and then began to let her bladder go, just a shot burst, for him the feeling was something else, as pee dripped over his balls and ran under him. She stopped mid-stream then moved and straddled his face, kneeling each side of his head, her legs holding his shoulders down, his tongue found her sex touching and licking at the wet salty lips, the flavour was strange, but not as unpleasant as he had expected, she looked deep into his eyes, “Ready?”
He nodded as well as he could from his trapped and dominated position, the short stream quickly filled his mouth, she held his nose, he had to swallow, she allowed him to breath then nipped the nose once more and released a second squirt, she repeated the pattern time and again, he felt half drowned, bloated, full, her smiling face looking down at him, loving his discomfort. She ran out of ammunition, rose from him and helped him up. “and how was that?” He answered without much thought, “strange, different, I thought I was going to drown or be sick, or something… exciting though,” she smiled, “I knew you would enjoy that, what would you like to do now?” his answer was, “to get his own back!” she grinned, “OK, that’s if you can, you might be too stiff, but secure my hands first or” she explained “I shan`t be able to keep my hands from you as you do it as it is my personal thing, to feel I am going to die during any sexual act it gives me a high you wouldn’t believe!
A pair of her nylons were drying on the towel rail, so he quickly lashed her willing hands behind her back using one of them, she knelt and sitting back on her heels, she opened her mouth ready to receive the tribute she knew would soon arrive. As she had prophesied it was not easy, his stiffness was just too much at first, but slowly he managed to overcome the block, be it perhaps physical or mental, and he began to dribble, and then squirt , before coming to full stream, she swallowed rapidly, gulp upon gulp, snatching small dabs of air between gulps, her face red from a lack of oxygen, his bladder bigger than she had anticipated. He dried, she leant forward taking his tool into her mouth, she began to suck him, caress him with her tongue, take his foreskin into her throat, choke on his bell end, it was all too much, he spewed his Jizz into her throat, with a long groan. She gagged, choked, then fell backwards, onto the wet smelly tiles with a thump that both disengaged her and allowed her to climax while choking and gasping for breath all in one go. They lay recovering, her still bound, he kissed her, asked youwin “if he had done that right?” to which she nodded and grinned, still taking in great lung-fulls of much needed air.
They lay wet and entwined till she suggested they had a shower and cleaned up, she was missing her TV programs…the nylon soon came loose, and they kissed, the flavour of their pee on their eager lips…
it had been a quiet start to the day, after cleaning up and sorting the hens, they had slept together in her bed all night, this morning she was obviously embarrassed about something, probably over her confession of loving the feeling of near dieing during the act, but by the time he came home from school she was back to her old self, he found within minutes of his arrival grilled chops and mash were being served by a smiling and unusually topless Beryl, who informed him his dad would be late, which explained her casual dress for a Friday…. He had homework which, after the meal and so on, he set off to do as usual. By the time he had finished, and those damned hens were reluctantly shut away the soaps were over on TV. though she had covered up by then and he knew it was to be a sexually `dead duck’ until Monday. Thus, the pair just sat on the sofa like gran and grandson, placidly awaiting dads return and somewhat reluctantly just watching TV.
They heard the unit roar up, then reverse into the drive at the end of the building, she jumped up and began warming through her sons meal, the weekend had begun once more.
It was tired Jim that sat to his own table for a serving of home cooked food, a treat after the bought food of the weekdays. Even in his tired state he sensed something was different, though he couldn’t put a finger on it, he had noticed it last weekend, tiny things, his mum had more of a twinkle in her eye, was brighter somehow…and the boy, more confident, more…well… he had thought he was imagining it but a week in a lonely cab mulling it over, analysing it, and even fantasising as he always did, about his mum , and the good times he had had with his wife before she had cheated and left, had brought him to the conclusion that something was afoot, he would be hyper-receptive to changes in the place now he was home , but first food, a shower and some much needed sleep, he would see what he would see…tomorrow.
While his dad was eating Wally noticed the vase had moved, realising its significance he casually turned it back, then saying he was off to his bed, he collected the exercise book as he passed the stand in the hall and went up to his room. He was soon in his bed, and by the light of the bedside lamp he read her first outpourings.
It said in her neat hand, I hope in this book you will be able to express yourself l know its difficult face to face!
I do understand. I began this adventure for you, or at least I thought it was for you, you know why but was it an excuse on my part, I knew a fair bit on the subject so it was obvious to me to share the knowledge, I now wonder if it was for you or myself, I loved sex when I was in my prime, and perhaps I wanted to see if I was still a whore underneath … who knows , I have proved I still want sex , and in all of its variations, as your coming to understand ,ok, I`m a kinky old cow,. I love you and the whole thing we have built. I told you last night I love the feeling of being near death when in the throes of a climax, that’s true …well you saw how massive it was for me. I also like to be choked and my breathing restricted, it was Jerome`s favourite,
I was surprised about the diary I didn’t know it existed, and I am turned on big time by its content, I would love to enjoy my big and energetic son, he has a lonely life, and I would love to make him happy at weekends, like a surrogate wife, but I won`t approach him, unless you want me too of course, but I can`t predict his reaction… I promised you I was yours, and I don’t want to jeopardise what we have , but I fantasize about what he wrote though, wanting to spank me, hang me up and whip me, and to have shared me with his friends though that is not going to happen now is it, it turns me on a lot, and our games too, what can we do,
He got out his pen and wrote ; I love you and thank you for what you have done for me , I too love the things we have done and the things I hope we will soon do, together, regarding dad, I want you to go for it, you and he both deserve it, and if we can keep it separate and a secret let`s do it, but if he finds out and gets mad well I will just have to live with it though I don’t think he will…I am looking forward to tying you and using you W. xxxx she smiled at the last sentence, Then she quietly tiptoed down-stairs and replaced the book in its hiding place, leaving turning his vase in the sitting room till it would be safer next day.

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