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379 woodlandinsest d

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379 woodlandinsest d
Part 4
They awoke to a wet Sunday, it being his weekend on duty, Alice fetched toast and tea and in bed they ate it, he, as is the way of gamekeepers knew he had to do a round as was usual every day, feeding the young birds in their pens, checking the fox had not got in, watching for signs of overnight poachers etc, etc. Thus, after the Tea and toast, and before his sister could ask him to spend all morning engaged in some sex game, (though in truth nothing would have pleased him more) he dressed, collected gun dog and a bag of feed, then set out on the patrol. He was away just an hour and a half, on alternate weekends they tended to have the Sunday roast as an evening meal, but on duty weekends like this, it was a light snack at midday rather than something heavy that would make him sleepy and sluggish. Old Jake and he taking turns, weekend and weekend about, it fitted in with his day better in case he was called out in the afternoon, walkers or k**s tended to be more prominent after dinner on Sundays, even on wet days like this. The munched in silence, both conscious of their desperate need to experiment sexually. Alice decided to have a wander with Wally on his patrol, so after the light meal, they locked up and gun under arm and dog at heal they had a slow walk, round the woods, arm in arm.
The walk was through wet woodlands, the rain had ceased now, raindrops still dripped from trees, soggy puddles squelched underfoot and only a lone Twitcher did they meet, he was a regular, Keith by name watching woodpeckers his speciality. They wandered on, the copse with its breeding pens first, then through long-wood, down through Dingle wood, before stepping out onto the fire break. Wally casino siteleri knew she really wanted to see the clearing, the one the film- group had used, so he lead her through the long grass, showed her the fallen tree, pointed out the branch the older woman had hung from and the tree he had watched from, she looked around for the missing pages of the script, but found just one, soggy and unreadably blurred. Then they went home.
The old dog seen to, and wet clothes shed, his damp gun dried and oiled, they sat to drink tea once more. By mutual agreement they decided to have beans on toast rather than the as yet un-started roast, that could wait till tomorrow.
They ate in silence, both knowing without words, what was to come. Silently, the food over, she cleared the table, the big old six-legged farmhouse table, centre of the family for years, big and solid, in fact, way too big to get out of the kitchen now the rebuild was finished. Without a word she began undressing, Wally in turn first fetching from the outhouse some cords, then locking up, and stripped himself in the porch. Naked he went into the warm kitchen, where he found her laying, face down, bent over the table end, arms outstretched awaiting him and the bindings she knew would soon secure her.
Still in silence he looped the cord`s round her wrists tying the loose ends to the centre legs, looking at her and asking, “ankles?” she nodded, and he secured her legs to the end of the table at the foot of the table legs, he asked “ok?… Not too tight?” she grinned and said, “get on with you, I would have told you if it was painful!” then she added, “the Vaseline is on the shelf.” he had forgotten the grease, he rose, collected the canlı casino tub, dipped his finger into the soft goo, then gently slid his finger into, and round her brown star. She groaned, the feelings unusual, as he left copious quantities of the lubricant in and around the tender ring. He stood back, the asked,” how… Gently and slowly or a single quick thrust? I suspect they will both be painful but it`s up to you my sweet, your choice but it`s going to happen now, we`ve gone too far?” Then he took his place, gently dipping the tip of rampant cock- head just into the well-greased virgin ring.
She groaned, then as if making up her mind said, “one hard thrust, let`s get the pain over quickly, just do it!” he hesitated, then with a lunge thrust himself deep into her bowels. It was spectacular, her body rose at the shoulders, till the cord stopped her progress, her head snapped back and a cry from her lips that roused the old dog outside, echoed round the room.
He remained still as her body adjusted to the stiff invader, shaking her head in wonder at the pain. He was in till his pubic bone was against her body, he called to the dog “SAM” it went quiet, she told him it had been “painful but fantastic” and now he was “to begin but to take it gently at least at first, as it feels huge in there” slowly oh so slowly he began to ease himself outwards, her sphincter muscles gripping him firmly as things moved, the feeling amazing him, as he began to push once more, she groaned, he immediately ceased to move, she gasped “No, don’t stop” and that “the feelings were amazing but oh so wonderfully painful,” she begged him “don’t stop, please, oh please, you`re not to stop till you finish yourself in me, fill kaçak casino me regardless please!”
It was like pushing the on button, Wally reached to her shoulders, pulling her against her bindings, and forcing himself deep into her in a massive thrust that had her crying out once more. He began to strike home in short but savage thrusts, spurred on by her cry`s, knowing he was not going to last many strokes. Suddenly she felt him begin to fill her, it was beyond anything she had ever experienced, mind blowing, a new fantasy fulfilled, her senses over-loaded and she slumped from his grasp in a moments u*********sness.
He withdrew, seed dribbled from her ravaged body, as he released first her ankles, then her wrists as she returned to our world. Her wrists were marked from the strain against her bonds and she was slumped on the table, tiredly exhausted.
Smiling at his worried looks, she said, “did you enjoy that, brother dear, I did like I would never have believed?” he said that he had, but was worried he had hurt her, to which she smiled, and said “you did and it was fantastically beyond anything I have ever enjoyed before, wonderfully painful, but a sexual high I wouldn’t have missed for a gold bar”
He helped her stand, and on wobbly legs, they kissed, ”I loved it Wally”, she assured him, “I loved being used, the effect of being under your control, unable to stop you, and I loved the pain, loved the finish, the cum, it was perfect, and I want more, I want to be used, fetched to that fantastic peak, again and again and I don’t care how you do it, I want more…”
She sat on his lap slowly draining her-self onto his legs as they made love on that old sofa, gentle kisses, strokes of her nipples, more kisses, stroking of her hair the whole lovers evening to the sound of soft music from the radio, time slipped past.
They had another conventional session of sex before the slept, entwined, now they knew it was to be a fine life together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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